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Part two- Just To See You Smile

I waved goodbye to her after the day we spent just watching the clouds. I hate it. I hate how envious I am of that boy. Since taicho left, I've had lots of freetime on my hands. Our squad doesn't get too much paperwork anymore, and when I'm alone-which is most of the time- I think.

I slowly waste my life away, cursing my actions in the past, and dreaming about the future...wishing and hoping, yet doing nothing about it.

I often ask myself, 'If I cry, right now. Weep until dawn. Will that make me any less of a man than I already am?' I have no courage, not really any strength. Taicho took what little innocence and self confidence I had in me with him to Hueco Mundo. But he left me broken and empty and in hell.

It's now or never...and of course, it would never be never. I'm just going to ask him and be done with it, as much as it's eating away at my chest...I'd do it for Momo. For the precious smile I pray for whenever I get the chance, for her happiness.

I knocked on his door hesitantly, and my hand felt instant cold, thus I knew I had the right place.

The center of my pitiful envy opened the door slowly, obviously not expecting me of all people to be behind it.

"Kira, what the hell are you doing here."

Honestly, I don't know...

"I'm here to talk to you. It's important."

Sighing audibly, he let me inside, and I sat across from him at a table in the middle of the room. It was terribly cold! I don't know how Momo could stand next to him for so long, and so happily without putting on a coat.

"I'm here to talk to you about...uh...someone." I choked out. He looked at me with a cocked eyebrow, immediately thinking the wrong thing.

"Who is she?"

"N-no! I-it's not! It's not like that!" I panicked. For god's sake, I am a man! Grow up, just DO IT ALREADY! I found myself screaming into my own head.

"Please don't tell her I told you in this way, but Momo sent me." He was quiet for a moment. I could tell he was thinking of some logical reason I was here. The only reason I could think of was the angel of soul society. Well at least, that's what she is to me. She really is the purest person among us, definitely the brightest, maybe aside only from Yumichika, in his dreams.

"Why would Hinamori want you to come, when she could just come herself? She isn't sick is she?" He asked, already worried over nothing...and that's the moment that I realized everything. The reason why he is the best suitor for Momo.

It was apparent to me then more than ever before, that I didn't, and never will stand a chance with her.

He cares for her way more than words can say, trying to protect her whether she's in danger or not. Maybe he doesn't always succeed in protecting her, but he tries with his life.

He has the willpower to hold on tight to what he loves most, while I can only watch her walk away.

"Do you love Hinamori-san?" I asked him rather abruptly. His aqua eyes widened to no end, and I swear he even stopped breathing, if only for a moment. I caught him completely off guard, he and I both knew that.

"What are you talking about? I--"

"DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME!" I interrupted harshly, and he was surprised about that too.

"Hinamori really loves you, she told me. Plus I've been able to tell for such a long time that you love her just as much, maybe even more than she loves you...everyone can." I paused and took a sharp breath, preparing to do one of the hardest things possible for me.

"Go get her, tell her everything, and be there for her just like you have been for all your life."

He didn't say a word, but from the look in his eyes, I knew he took in the words contained in my outburst, and was most likely planning how to take care of it this minute.

Hinamori will not be alone anymore, and that is the thought that drives me to wake up each morning. If I could at least be with her, and make her smile and laugh, she will not be alone anymore. But by thinking this...I was being naïve.

If she is the stars in the night sky, she's always had the moon beside her. Hitsugaya taicho is and always will be that moon. I am just the water that reflects the moon back to the stars, so they can see how great the moon is, and see it more clearly.

I spent the next few days on my porch, watching the sky and pondering things like usual. Momo came to me, about a week after I had told Hitsugaya taicho. She had none other than said taicho next to her, grasping her hand as if... if he would ever let go, she might fly away. That's the kind of affection she deserves.

I'm a liar. A filthy, rotten, liar. I lied to Momo when when I told her that I was so happy for her and Hitsugaya taicho. I said it with a straight face, yet a phony smile, though neither of them suspected me of lying at all. Taicho always said I was a good liar, although I always hated the deed.

I'd do it over and over again, and everytime I'd do it, I know it wouldn't feel the same. It's bitter sweet, for it just doesn't cut it when I get the 'thank you' grin from Hitsugaya taicho. A small fragment of my heart is soothed only when Momo smiles her radiant smile that I'm sure will come around less and less often now. But that is okay, I at least have her friend ship which is enough for me, I guess.

The two of them have a great future ahead of them. I know it. My Purpose has been fulfilled, simply because when the moon goes away, and the sun is the only star left in the sky, I am the water, displaying an image for the sun to observe...causing an illusion that she isn't alone.

What will become of me, the rushing water? I am unsure, for as the moon comes back, and he and thestars over look the land below them, I am running downwards, out and around, to no where in particular...

To the place you go to, when you are forgotten.

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