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"How the fuck does this thing work" murmured Itachi as he read the directions. He was so into reading he didn't even hear his room door open.


Itachi nearly dropped his new camera.

'Little bastard!' he thought.

"What is it..Sasuke" he said through gritted teeth. He looked at his little brother who was staring at his feet.

"I was wandering if you were going to help me with my training today" he asked. Itachi sighed.

"I'm a little busy today" he said holding up the camera.

"Ooo what do plan to do with that?"

"I'm making a video autobiography about my life" said Itachi with a grin. "So future Uchiha's can come back and watch it and go "Wasn't Itachi the coolest" or be in complete amazment at my abilities"

"I think you think to much of yourself oniisan" said Sasuke. Itachi's eye's bugged out.

"Shut up" he said.

"HEY THE LIGHTS ON" yelled Sasuke pointing at the red light.

"No shit" said Itachi sarcastically and pressing the red button to turn it off.

"You never swear infront of our ryooshin, only me" said Sasuke questioningly "Why?"

Itachi sighed.

"I'm sure your mature enough to swear Sasuke. Your how old now?"


"Exactly. I've been swearing since I was like...5 maybe"

"WHAT WAS THAT" yelled their mother.

"Nothing okaasan" yelled Itachi nervously.

"That's what I thought!"

Itachi sighed again. He opened the camera and put in a tape. He pushed the side in but it popped back out. He tried again getting the same result. He tried again and again until he seethed with frustration. The definition of insanity flashed in his brain. He paused and cooled down. He took the tape out and turned it around. It went in and stayed in.

'Booya bitch' thought Itachi with a huge grin.

"Let's go test this baby out."


"Shisui-san set up the tripod over here" said Itachi as he called his friend over. Shisui Uchiha set up the tripod where Itachi was standing and Itachi put the camera on it.

"Ok we're going to tape ourselves sparing and see how good the camera keeps up" said Itachi smirking. Shisui nodded and backed up to where he was on the camera's border.

"Good stop" said Itachi when he got there. He hit the record button and ran to his place.

"Ready" asked Shisui "Go"

Shisui ran foward toward Itachi who was yawning. When Shisui was 5 feet way Itachi did a back kick super fast. It caught Shisui in the neck and hurled him into the Nakano river. Itachi ran over to help up his friend when he noticed Shisui wasn't moving or breathing. Itachi dragged him on an embankment and checked his pulse. That to was missing. Standing up very straight and stoicly, looking at the camera and back to the body. Itachi kicked it into the river and ran for the camera. When he was closer it caught him saying.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"

It was picked up and carried off then switched off as Itachi ran home.


Itachi sat in a chair in his room in the fetal position.

"I'm so fucked!"