Quick Note: Michael and Janey have both moved out. Yes, I know that the timing of this as far as ages go is weird. Enjoy!

"Hi Susan!" Abi said as she cheerfully bounced into the kitchen.

"Oh, Hello Abi." Susan had gotten used to a cheerful Abi as she started almost every morning in a bright state. After all it had been nearly six months that Abi had been living with the Harper family. Abi had come at just the right time too. Janey was out at college and Susan was dreading the fast approaching departure of Michael. She had no wish to become an 'empty-nester' as she took this as a disgraceful sign of age upon which people of her naturally gifted sort were not to be affected by.

"Susan I have a question for you." Abi said with a mixed look of apprehension on her face.

"What is it that you need my assistance as a people-person on Abi?" Susan replied with a sort of I-just-got-my-way expression.

"Well, I was wondering if a few of my friends could come over this evening for a sort of …get-together thing."

"Ooh A Party! What is the momentous occasion?"

"Well there really isn't one. I just felt like watching some telly with my friends, that's all."

"Oh," Susan said with a slightly fallen face.

"And I was also wondering if it could maybe be a sort of sleepover thing." Abi said as she questioningly looked to Susan.

"Why of course Abi! I'd love to have all of your friends over for a girls' party!" Susan was overjoyed by this concept as Janey never wanted to bring any of her friends 'round as she was mortified of what her parents would do.

"So who's coming?"

"Uhm…well I haven't really asked anyone yet. I wanted to see if was okay with you first."

"Well, who were you thinking about inviting then?"

"Uh…Bridget, Jenna and Emma…I think."

"Snap to then! We have a party to plan! And you can't have a party if no one's coming!" Cried Susan as she clapped her hands together and pushed Abi towards the door where she narrowly missed a barely awake Ben.

"What's all this hustle and bustle? Has Nick finally deiced to get a job or something?" Ben grumpily questioned as he slumped down in his chair at the table.

"Abi has decided to have a party" Susan told Ben with a smug look on her face.

"Oh God…That's just what we need a whole bunch of Abi's running around mucking up my peace and quiet."

"How can you call it peace and quiet when all you ever do in the evening is watch the latest football match?" She said as she sat a plate of eggs and toast down in front of Ben.

"Susan its Football. It's a mans way of relaxation."

"I don't know how you can call it relaxation when you shout at the TV every five seconds."

"My team needs my support Susan."

"Then why do you deny ever liking them in the first place whenever they lose?"

Ben was saved from having to answer this complicated question by the arrival of Nick.

"So mum what's for breakfast?" Nick stated as he strode into the room plopping down at the table.

Susan ignored Nick's inquiry and set out making another set of toast and eggs for her ever-demanding family.

"Now, what about this party of Abi's?" Ben asked.

"Party?! Where?" Nick exclaimed with a wild look on his face.

"Abi has decided to have a party here with some of her friends tonight." Susan said over her shoulder.

"Hey cool, hot babes right in my living room."

Susan simply looked at Nick like she did every time he made a remark like that.

"So Why is she having a party again?"

"Ben, women have social needs. Abi feels lonely and wants to have her friends here so they can talk."

"She is having a party so they can…talk?"

"I wasn't expecting someone of your type to understand the emotional needs of a fragile young woman like Abi. It takes skill, Ben. The skills of a highly qualified people person such as myself are needed to be able to help and nurture Abi."

"Susan, If Abi ever needed help I doubt that she would ever need it from you."

At this remark Susan gave Ben a scornful look and grabbed his now empty plate from in front of him.

"Well I'm off." stated Nick as he stood up from the table.

"Where to dear?"

"To get ready for the party; What else?"

"Nick dear, the party isn't until this evening."

"I know mum."

"Then Why are you getting ready?

"Because there are many stages in the process of getting ready for a party." Nick told his mother as he disappeared past the doorway.

At this, Susan started to plan out her meals for the party. Ben took this opportunity to leave when. Susan wasn't watching.


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