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Child parenting books were strewn all across the kitchen table in the Gilmore house, the dust and cobwebs still marking their covers.

It had taken Rory a few minutes to calm her mother down and explain what was going on since Lorelai, after seeing the small child in her daughter's arms, promptly turned around and started pacing around the house, mumbling to herself that there was no way Rory had kept that a secret and she had to be insane to not notice. In the end though Rory finally got Lorelai to listen and explained how she found the baby in the gazebo by it's self and how she had brought it home, knowing that it couldn't be out in that cold for much longer.

She added how she had tried to call the Stars Hollow police dept. but it was closed so she didn't know what else to do but wait for her mother to arrive and offer advice. Lorelai, after calming down, directed Rory to go and retrieve the basket and she would call for help from the Hartford Police.

"She's so much more peaceful now," Rory commented, her eyes trained on the small baby in the basket, its reddened face now much lighter and tear tracks gone. The small basket was situated on the table among the baby books, looking out of place.

Lorelai, emerging from the living room, held the cordless phone in her hand.

"What did they say?" Rory asked, looking up from the dark eyes that had transfixed her every since the tears had stopped coming.

"It'll be about an hour or two – the roads are really icy from the storm."

Rory nodded and turned back to the baby. "How could someone just leave her out there like that?" she questioned, voicing the concern that had been troubling her ever since finding the small bundle.

"I don't know, Kiddo," Lorelai told her honestly, coming over to stare down at the baby from her daughters shoulder. "She's adorable," she whispered.

Rory nodded, agreeing with her mother. The little girl could only be maybe 5 or 6 months old at the most, according to the baby books by her weight – which Lorelai checked by holding her while standing on a scale – and she had a head of curly dark hair and large dark eyes to match.

"We should name her," Rory said suddenly, looking up at her mother.

"What?" Lorelai questioned, giving her daughter a look. "She's not puppy, Rory."

"We should have something to call her while she's here," she explained. When Lorelai continued to just look at her, Rory added, "I mean, she was just abandoned by her parents…she shouldn't have to go without a name too." Giving her mother a look, she also tossed out, "besides, we name everything."

Seeing the blind-innocence in her daughter's eyes, Lorelai leaned down and placed a kiss on her fore-head before sighing. "Ok…"

"Really?" When she nodded, Rory smiled and turned back to the baby. "We need something that suits her."

Sitting down beside her daughter and gazing at the baby also, Lorelai tried, "how about…Belinda?"

Rory, rolling her eyes, ignored that obvious nod to her mother's favorite band and said, "Samantha?"

"Uh-huh," Lorelai argued, shaking her head, "Too snotty. We could call her Madonna."

"Too controversial," Rory tossed back. "Jessica?"



"Ok, fine, let's just call her Lorelai and get it over with."

Smiling, Rory shook her head. "Not everyone can just name a child after themselves." Looking down at the small pink-enclosed bundle Rory tilted her head and pondered the name out loud that was running through her head. "Eliza."

"My Fair Lady," Lorelai said, nodding her head. "It fits."

Staring down at the angelic face as she slept, Rory couldn't help but agree, "Yeah…it does."

"With it being a Friday night the Child Services offices are closed," The Police officer named O'Hara informed the two ladies, watching them bundle the baby back up tightly. "My partner should be on her way soon with a carrier and we'll be out of your way."

"Oh, no, please, take your time," the older Gilmore assured him. "I, ah, I would offer you a drink but all we have is, well, nothing, but I could start a brew of coffee if you like?"

"That would be nice if it's not too much trouble."

"None at all, trust me – we practically keep a running tap going in this house," she added, going into the kitchen.

Rory, holding small Eliza in her arms, chanced a look back at the officer and asked, "Um, with the offices closed, where's she gonna go?" She carefully laid the baby down in the basket, making sure she was wrapped tightly and secure.

"Well," Officer O'Hara started, "There are a few options on where she could stay tonight, but more than likely she'll end up at the station for now then we'll get in contact with the services tomorrow and inform them we have an emergency."

"The police station?" Rory asked, her voice raising some. "I'll be back," she added, heading into the kitchen. "Mom – she has to stay at the station tonight!"

Lorelai, turning around from her coffee machine, asked, "The police station?"

"Yes – she can't stay there!"

"Rory, honey, calm down," she advised. "I'm sure she'll be perfectly fine."

"No – she'll be scared and cold and-and no!" Rory added, pleading with her mother.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Lorelai demanded, "Let her stay here?" When she saw the look her daughter was throwing at her then she backed away. "Uh-huh…"

"Mom, she can not spend the night in some run-down creepy police station," Rory added.

"We haven't had a baby in this house in years!" Lorelai protested, staring shockingly at her daughter. "And I'd like to keep it that way..." she stressed, eyeing her daughter.

"That's not true! We babysat Davie for Sookie and Jackson that night," Rory argued, ignoring the last statement.

"For 3 hours babe, not all night; I mean, we don't even have a crib or anything!"

"She has her basket to sleep in – come on mom…I can't just send her off like that – she's been through enough for one day."

Seeing the look of sadness in her daughters' eyes, Lorelai sighed and held her head in her hands. "Oh…I'm gonna regret this." Looking back up at Rory, she informed her to stay there and headed back into the living room, walking up to the officer.


"Ms. Gilmore."

Taking in a deep breath, Lorelai stated, "I know this is gonna sound weird, but my daughter is a little concerned about the baby having to stay at the Police Station over-night."

"Madam, I assure you, there will be plenty of people there who will be able to take care of her," Officer O'Hara explained.

"I-I know that," Lorelai added ignoring the 'madam' comment, "But see, Rory, my daughter, is still very worried. She's the one who found the baby and she feels that taking her to another place after all that's happened would be very traumatic for the child."

"So…you're suggestion is?"

"That maybe she could just stay here for the night," she offered. Figuring how that sounded, she quickly explained, "I know that must sound weird but you guys can come back bright and early tomorrow morning after you've talked to Child Services and pick her up, equipped with the car-seat and everything."

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