Hey guys… Guess what?! I'm back!!

Okay, but I have to admit, I am back with a completely different story than my intended. This new one is called "Into the Ocean" and I have never seen one with this plot line before. It is similar to some others, but I haven't seen the beginning events played out before.

I know, I know… What happened to the sequel to Broken Dreams that you were telling us all about? Well I have been struggling with it since the release of Breaking Dawn. I was only able to write 2 chapters before BD came out and now I just don't know what I can do with it. I still plan on getting there, but for now I want to explore "Into the Ocean." This story idea has been with me since I read New Moon the first time (and that was a while ago). Anyways, check it out of you want to (and I hope you do!)

Much love,