Summary: She's freaking naked! Totally, deliciously naked. Just what was Jack thinking when he rescued Sam in Out Of Mind? SamJack

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my thoughts. And my soap dish.

Holy crap!

She's…well…you know…

She's freaking naked! Totally, deliciously naked.

Wait - not deliciously. Not at all. In fact, I've never seen anything less attractive in my life. Even my grandmother…

Ah crap! Who am I kidding? Samantha Carter is HOT!

Ok, O'Neill. Redirect those thoughts. Think of…Hammond…fireflies…naqquada generators…

That sheet is the only thing covering her….

Damn it!

Why the hell didn't they include 'Hot 2IC's 101' in training? Even 'Hot Clothed 2IC's 101' would have been helpful.

…oh crap. She's looking at me. And I'm looking at her…while she's naked.

Would squinting help? Is it too late to look away?

Colonels do not blush, Colonels do not blush

That woman has gotto put some clothes on.

"Trade clothes with that guy!"

Yes! Good thinking!

Wait! That means she has to get up.


Ah crap!