Nana: Okay, this has the same general theme as the last one, since the other one I had waiting that was different kind of suck

Nana: This was sparked by a conversation with Serria about Light's incredible manipulation skills. I figure he'd have to start somewhere, right?


Title: Early Attempts At Manipulation

Prompt: 044. Circle

Rating: PG

Light creeps over to his mother, little hands sneaking towards the Tupperware full of chocolate chip cookies. He's had one, but one is never enough for a child. Sachiko slaps his hand away, tells him that it isn't healthy to eat so much sugar at once. Light pouts at her, says, "but Mommy, I didn't eat the cookies that Mrs. Matsuyama gave everyone today because I was saving room for your cookies—they're lots better. Can I have one more?"

Sachiko knows she shouldn't give in, but the kid's so cute she can't help it. She hands him another cookie.