Authors' note: The following fan fiction originally began as a roleplay among many people. Within this first part there were many authors contributing to the story. However, about a quarter of the way through, the number dwindled down to two main authors. The first half of this chapter is NOT the original roleplay, but a re-writing of the original beginning to the best of the author's memory. The second half of this chapter as well as the chapters after this one are all re-written from the exact roleplay, with the only changes being spelling, grammar, or to make a sentence flow more smoothly. In this chapter the style switches around when Heiji approaches Kazuha, which is where the word-for-word roleplay story begins. Anyway, enjoy this on-going story!

-Hela Kaede & Kazuha-chan

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--------------Chapter 1: The Incident--------------

It was a lovely afternoon in the Beika district of Tokyo. Downtown, Mouri Ran could be found browsing the shops, looking for nothing in particular. Conan was supposed to go with her, but he said that he had other plans already in place. These plans, however, were occurring only a block away.

"So. Did you find out anything new?" Conan asked, his hands in his pockets as he walked down the sidewalk.

"Not with us. Did you?" Hattori Heiji replied.

"Unfortunately, not yet. Maybe-"

"Hey! What are you doing here, Heiji?!"

The boys turned around to find Toyama Kazuha standing behind them, her hands full of shopping bags.

"I could ask you the same question!" responded Heiji, his hands on his hips as he leaned toward her accusingly.

"I told you already! A new shoe store opened up here and it looked really cute, so I just had to come by!" She lifted her hands, showing the no-less-than five bags she was carrying. "So how about you? What was so important that you couldn't come here with me, but instead decided to come here on your own, hmmm?" she asked with a flat expression.

"Heiji-kun? Kazuha-chan? What are you guys doing here?" Ran came around the block, spotting them from a distance. "Conan-kun, too? Hey, what's going on?"

"Well, I came here to check out the new shoe store that's been advertised in all the papers. I don't know why Heiji came here. He was just about to tell us that." She peered back at him.

"Heh, well, I came to see this kid!" He put his hand on Conan's head and made a cheesy smile. "He asked me to help him out with something, so I decided to come by and see what I could do!"

"Really?" answered Kazuha, not believing him for a moment. She leaned close to him, as if examining him, "And what exactly was it that you guys needed to work on so urgently?"

"Kazuha," Ran said softly, prompting her to turn around.

"What is it, Ran?"

Ran whispered, "It might be a guy thing. Maybe we shouldn't bother them anymore."

Kazuha reluctantly agreed. "All right, you're off the hook this time, guys." She waved a finger at them, before turning back around to Ran. "So yeah, Ran-chan! Did you get to go to that new store yet? Look at this adorable pair that I found!..."

The boys sighed and walked ahead while the girls carried on talking about their shopping experiences. "I guess we won't get to discuss any cases now, will we?" Heiji said, looking at Conan.

"I guess not," Conan quietly replied, turning back to the girls.

"Oh hey, I'm getting hungry, Ran. Let's go get some lunch!" Kazuha suggested.

"Better yet, there's a new recipe I'd like to try. Let's go to my house and you can help!" Ran smiled at her.

"Good idea! Hey, are you boys coming?" Kazuha called to their backs.

The boys stopped and turned around.

"Nah, go ahead. We'll meet you back there a little later," said Heiji, as he and Conan continued walking.

"Ahh, okay," responded Kazuha, seeming a little disappointed. Ran noted her expression.

"Forget about them, they'll bother us plenty later. How about we go get started on our meal, ne?"

Kazuha smiled. "You're right. Let's go." With that, the girls turned around and started heading toward the Mouri household.

The boys walked on. "But we have almost no leads. I don't think we can get very far at all, at this rate," admitted Heiji.

"Hopefully we'll find some new clues as time goes on," said Conan. His stomach suddenly rumbled. "I'm pretty hungry. Maybe we should have followed the girls."

Heiji thought for a moment, "Actually, I am too. Let's head back." Conan nodded in agreement. As they walked, the sun began to go down. Heiji stared into the glowing sky in a bit of a daze. "Oi.. Kudou?..."

Conan looked up at him curiously, "What is it?"

"I.. I've been thinking about Kazuha a lot lately..." he continued. "And the thing is... I've been thinking of telling her that I... that I..."

Conan blinked, then began a sly smile. "Hehe... I had no idea you could blush so much, Hattori."

Heiji suddenly snapped back into reality. "Eh?! I am not!" He glared at Conan momentarily, then quickly looked away. "Never mind anyway..."

"No, no, it's fine!" Conan tried to hold back a laugh. "Really! In all seriousness, go on." Heiji tossed Conan a sour look, before taking a breath and relaxing.

"Well, now I'd rather not," he declared, walking on in silence.

The girls hurried back to the apartment, eager to begin their meal. Ran rushed up the steps and opened the front door. "I'm home!" she announced. "Hm? That's odd." She stepped into the house a bit, Kazuha followed behind her.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Well.. It doesn't seem like Dad is home. Yet, the door was unlocked."

"Did you forget to lock it?" Kazuha walked across the room and hung up her jacket while Ran shut the door behind her.

"No, I never forget it. Anyway, I'm going to the bathroom. I'll meet you in the kitchen."

"All right!" called Kazuha, moving towards the kitchen as Ran walked down the hallway. As soon as she walked through the entrance, she was grabbed harshly from behind.

"Don't worry. You stay calm and I'll be gentle." A mysterious man covered Kazuha's mouth as she struggled to break his grip. He pulled out a switchblade and held it near her chin. She screeched, trying to yell out to Ran. The man slashed across her jawbone, shooting blood across the floor. "I SAID STAY CALM AND I'LL BE GENTLE!"

But Kazuha's efforts were too late. As soon as Ran entered the bathroom, she was pulled aside in a similar fashion. "Hey there pretty. Nice to meet ya." The man grabbed at her shirt.


"Shh shh shh..." He covered her mouth as well, "There's no point in screaming. Your little friend is quite occupied, herself." Ran's eyes widened in terror as she tried to kick the man away. "There's no point in fighting it, either. Just relax and everything will be over soon." She opened her mouth and bit his fingers enough to draw blood, causing him to let go briefly and shout a few expletives. Ran dived for the door, but the man blocked it. "Oh no you don't." He grabbed her waist and pulled her toward him, taking her arms and holding them behind her. He held them there with one hand, taking out a knife with the other. "You ain't going nowhere, little lady." He shined the blade in the light, before putting it in his mouth and going to open his jeans.

Back in the kitchen, Kazuha was having no better luck. The man towered over her, reaching for her skirt. She was paralyzed in fear, but she couldn't move anyway. The man held her down with such power that it hurt.

Heiji and Conan tried to discuss their latest news a little more, but as they got closer to the house, they decided to keep quiet. They suddenly heard a scream shoot through the street, freezing both of them to the spot.

"That's coming from Ran's house." Conan turned.

"KAZUHA!" Heiji yelled, identifying the scream. The two ran up the steps as fast as they could, barging the door open.

"Hei-!" Kazuha tried to yell out to him, but the man quickly slapped her. Luckily, it was enough to tell him where she was. The man heard the boys coming and quickly fixed himself up, ready to dash out in an instant. The boys hurried into the kitchen.

"NO!! KAZUHA!" Heiji screamed, seeing her blouse and hair all askew.

"HEIJI!" she cried, tears streaming down her face. Heiji jumped at the man, while Conan called the police. The man laughed cold-heartedly.

"Even if you caught me, at least my friend's still having some fun."

Conan froze. Ran!? He yelled to the police to get there immediately, then hurried down the hallway looking for her.


But the man in the bathroom got plenty of prior warning. He already straightened himself out and jumped out the window. Ran panicked, brushing through her hair with her hand and shivered, staring out the window at him. Conan pounded open the bathroom door. "RAN!" he called, running towards her, seeing bits of blood splattered on the floor. "Are you okay?! Was anyone here?!"

"He.. He went out the window!" she pointed.

"Shit!" Conan yelled, as he dashed from the bathroom to the street. The police quickly arrived, an ambulance in their wake. They caught the man in the street, as well as the man from the kitchen. As the man was dragged away, Heiji approached Kazuha.

"Kazuha, are you okay?..."

She looked away, then forced a smile. "Yeah.. I'll be all right." She stood up as the paramedics arrived. They then led her outside to the ambulance, leaving Heiji alone as she left.

Conan hurried back into the house, looking for Ran. She was sitting in the bathroom silently, facing the wall.

"Ran?..." He slowly stepped toward her. "Ran... He didn't do anything... Did he?..." He stepped closer to her. She turned around quietly.

She paused for a moment. "N-No. He didn't. I'm fine."

Conan looked down at her worriedly, "Seriously? Are you sure?"

"..Yes. Hey, Conan?"

He perked up, "Hmm?"

"Could you... Could you please leave me alone right now?"

His heart suddenly stung. "B-But, Ran-"

"I'd really rather be myself at the moment. Please?" She looked at him sincerely.

"All right..." Conan stepped aside and walked back into the living room, before following the police outside to the street. It was nighttime already, and the paramedics were discussing options with Kazuha.

"You should come with us. If you have any injuries, they will be taken care of."

"I-It's okay," she shivered, avoiding their gazes and covering her chin. "I don't have any physical injuries..." She sat in the back of the ambulance with a blanket over her shoulders. Nearby, Ran stepped outside and talked with the police, telling everything that she could remember.

Out on the sidewalk, Heiji and Conan waited. It was an awkward moment, and neither of them knew exactly what to do. Conan watched Ran from the distance, as she turned away from the police and stepped toward the street. "Ran says she's all right," he muttered. "I guess she got lucky with that." But Heiji didn't seem to pay much attention. He was literally shaking with rage.

"How DARE he attack Kazuha... Just who does he think he is?!" He wanted to destroy something, but had to hold back his anger for safety's sake.

"Calm down, she'll be all right..." Conan tried to reassure him.

"Yeah, you just say that. You wouldn't be acting so calmly if YOUR girl was attacked like that!" He yelled. He quickly got back to his senses, "No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I mean, at least Ran's okay. That's something, right?" He put his face in his hand, trying not to let Conan see the tears now pouring down his cheeks.

"Hattori..." Conan said calmly.

Heiji took a deep breath. I've gotta talk to her... He stood up and began walking toward her, past the police and the passers-by, as Conan stood by on the sidewalk by himself.

Heiji continued closer, until he stood right in front of Kazuha. The white light of the ambulance shone over them both, exposing the poorly-hidden tear streams tracing down their faces. He wasn't quite sure what to say, but the thick, silent wall between them had to be broken. "Kazuha..." he started. He quickly turned around to see if anyone else was near. To his surprise, Conan had conveniently turned back, and was waiting just around the wall, watching Ran as she went to the curb. Heiji let out a short smile, then looked back to the girl before him.

The street light was shining over Ran dimly as she watched them. She had looked up at the sky as she heard them talk. Kazuha looked up at Heiji, she snorted and began to laugh. "Were you crying?" she said, pointing out his tears. She smiled as she let all her laughter out. "But thank you for caring," she said, looking down and continuing to smile. "I really do appreciate it." She got up, looking down at the ground. Ran rolled her eyes over to Kazuha and Heiji. She began to blush, hearing what Kazuha was beginning to start. She quickly looked away.

Hearing Kazuha's laugh lifted Heiji's spirits more than anything in the world. He soon found himself laughing too. For a moment there was a pause, and Heiji's expression went back to seriousness. "Well, Kazuha, umm.." He looked away, beginning to blush. "You know... You can tell me anything.. right?..."

Kazuha rose a brow, "Everytime I do, you just- " She looked over his shoulder, noticing Ran saying, "Don't say it!" as she waved her arms out in the air. "Gah, what I mean is... Yeah." She looked up at Heiji, then looked away, smiling, "You're like a big brother to me. I know I can count on you." She looked up at him, still smiling. Ran sighed, also giving a smile in the background. She got up and walked down the sidewalk. Kazuha sat back down on the bumper.

Heiji took a moment to understand her words. "Like a big brother?... Oh! Yeah, totally!" He said, putting his arm behind his back with a laugh, still blushing all over. "That's... That's... Of course that's what I am to you..." He continued a nervous chuckle for a few seconds, before calming down and realizing that now was not a good time to admit anything to her.

Kazuha smiled and nodded, thinking that this was not a good time to tell him her real feelings about him. She sighed.

Conan watched curiously from the steps. After noticing that Ran was walking away, he got up and chased after her. "Are you going for a walk at this hour? Isn't it a little late?"

Ran continued to walk. She looked down at Conan, "Just needed some fresh air." She looked up at the sky and then scrolled her eyes over to Conan. "I just don't want to see those men again," she said with a smile on her face, as her eyes began to water.

Conan listened intently, unsure of what to say. "T-they were really bad men, weren't they? But at least Ran-neechan's all right!" He said, trying to smile, but finding it hard to do when Ran looked so upset.

Meanwhile, Heiji stood around for a moment. He looked up to the sky, seeing a few faint stars visible through the light. "Do you want to go back to Osaka already? Or would you rather stay here for a bit longer?"

"How about we stay here for a bit longer?" She clapped her hands together, "Please?" she asked like a child.

Heiji let out a soft smile. "Yeah, we can stay here longer if you'd like." She and Ran seemed like sisters. He couldn't dare tear them apart at a time like this. "Looks like I'm sleeping in Kudou and Mouri-san's room tonight," he thought to himself. "But," he thought, as he looked at Kazuha, "I'd do anything for her..."

Ran stopped, seeing a bakery. A fresh cream strawberry cake was advertised from the inside. She smiled brightly and looked down at Conan, "We should come here tomorrow, shouldn't we Conan?" She said, putting her hands behind her back. She sat down on a park bench, "Um, Conan?" She looked at him with a soft smile.

Conan looked up at Ran. "What is it, Ran-neechan?"

"Lets not tell my Dad about this night when he comes home, okay?" she said with a slight giggle under her breath. She got up. "We better start heading home." Conan nodded, indicating that this incident would be kept silent. Hopefully the police won't tell anything, and the blood from the room had been cleaned up enough so as not to be noticeable.

Kazuha looked up at the apartment, seeing that the officers were gone. She sighed, giving a smile, and headed up there. She jumped onto the couch and soon fell asleep. Heiji waited around outside. The idea of the criminal had popped into his head again, and he found himself pacing back and forth, kicking dirt here and there. "She's such a sweet girl.. How could anyone.. AGHH!" He kicked a rock across the street with all his might, just barely missing a window. Just then, he noticed Conan and Ran coming back up the street.

Ran saw Heiji standing outside of the house, she gave a smile and looked down at Conan, "I'll be inside." She walked upstairs, quietly closing the door behind her. She stepped into the bathroom and immediately froze up, thinking about what had happened inside of there. She fell to her knees trying to forget it. After a moment, she got up, washed her face, and walked out into the living room. She saw that Kazuha was sleeping. She sat beside her and covered her with a blanket, smiling.

Conan and Heiji looked at each other, as Ran continued into the building. With one last kick, Heiji let out a sigh. Conan stepped over to the door. "Oi, Hattori, I think it's best we relax a bit. The girls somehow are able to. There's no reason we can't." Heiji nodded.

"You're right, Kudou. This is just going to bug me more if I stay awake." They walked inside, passing the girls in the living room. After a brief pause, they continued up to Kogoro/Conan's room to stay for the night.

Although, Ran was still awake. She was thinking of when she was attacked, she remembered seeing a card on him. Of the business he either owned or worked for. After the boys went by, she walked around the living room, thinking about this deeply. She looked at the sleeping Kazuha, then up the stairs to where Heiji and Conan were. She thought about going there right now, but, who will be there? She wanted to know why those men just attacked her and Kazuha so viscously. She walked around, then suddenly jumped up, "How could they have have gotten into the house?" she quietly whispered to herself. She looked everywhere for clues.

Up in the room, neither Conan nor Heiji could quite get to sleep. Conan began to wonder the same things Ran did. Is it possible they found a spare key somewhere? Did Kogoro give a spare key to anyone? "Wait." said Conan, out loud.

Heiji snapped out of his sad day dream. He looked to the spare bed, then up to the boy. "Where's Ran's father?!"

"Yeah, don't you find it strange that he isn't here?" asked Conan, "I don't remember him saying that he would be going anywhere overnight..."

Ran was looking in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink until she heard a loud scream. She quickly got up, bumping her head. "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow," she said, holding her head. Kazuha quickly rolled off the couch and jumped to her feet, "I'm up!" She ran around looking for Ran. Ran turned a corner, bumping heads into Kazuha. They fell to the floor, both holding their heads.

"Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow," they both whispered loudly. They got up, looking at each other, then fell over again. "That was Heiji, wasn't it?" Kazuha muttered.

Ran glared, "Yeah."

--------------End Chapter 1--------------