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Chapter 1: Birthday Wishes


"Alice, we're going to be late. And you know how I hate to be late!" I screamed out from my side of the apartment.

Alice and I have been roommates since I graduated from college, but we've been best friends since my freshmen year in high school. We're complete opposites - like water and oil - but I love her so much. She's like the sister I never had. I grew up in Forks, Washington with my father Charlie, who was chief of police back home. Unfortunately, Charlie passed away two years ago.

"Alice, you've got three seconds to get your ass out here!1..2..3..." I was interrupted by Alice.

"I'm here! I heard you when you first called me. Sheesh!" Alice said while running out the door.

"Look, since I'm letting you throw me a birthday party, the least you can do is be the first one ready," I said, glaring at Alice.

I hated to celebrate my birthday almost as much as I hated surprises, but this year I made a few compromises with Alice. One of the few reasons I let this little party take place was that it was not only my birthday but also my other best friend - and Alice's soon to be Sister-In-Law - Rosalie's birthday. I was turning 23, and she was a year older. Alice's brother, Emmett, had suggested that, just in case this was her last party, it should go out with a 'bang'. Emmett was a huge teddy bear, but Alice also had another brother, Edward. I hadn't seen Edward since he graduated high school due to the fact that he moved to London a few months after he graduated. He and I weren't really friends and never really bothered to change that.

"Okay, the car will take us straight to the party, and we will meet Rosalie by the entrance to the hall. You will wait for me to announce both of you. Then you will both enter, and the party will start," Alice informed me with a wicked smirk plastered on her face.

I rolled me eyes and looked at her. There was a question I'd been dying to ask her but at the same time dreading the answer.

"Umm... Alice can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, sure. Anything," She replied, looking at me with concern.

"Yeah, well, I want you to be honest with me, okay? Who's going to be there?" I asked while bitting my nails, afraid of her answer.

"Basically, everyone you know and a few you don't. Why? Please don't tell me you're backing out now." Alice said with a pout.

"No.. No.. I was just making sure. Thats all." I gave her a smile to calm her nerves.

"Oh, and I'm so happy Edward is coming! I haven't seen him for about 8 years. I've missed him so much! It's not the same talking on the phone everyday." Alice said with a huge smile.

I rolled my eyes. "I didn't know Edward was coming."

"Yeah, he's moving back here to the States. I hope you don't mind, but I told him he can stay here for a while. He can stay in the guest room until he finds an apartment. He also said he'll help pay for the rent," she said with a worried look in her hazel eyes.

"Alice, you don't have to ask me. This is your apartment too. Plus, you know I have never had visitors stay in the guest room - other than my mom - and that's not happening anytime soon with her pregnancy," I reassured her with a smile.

"Well, it's settled then. Let's go before it gets any later." Alice bounced around happily.

As I sat in the car - well, the limo - I couldn't stop thinking of everything that had changed since I'd moved to New York. I owned a record company with Alice's fiancé, Jasper. At first we were really bad and about to give up. When - out of luck - I met this fantastic rock band called 'Eclipse'. Since we'd signed them, everything went crazy, and we've signed six new artists to our record label called 'Twilight Records'. My mom was pregnant and married to my step dad Phil. Alice was about to marry her high school sweetheart Jasper. Jasper was in Europe, at that moment, signing a new band. Jasper is Rosalie's twin brother. I've also known him since my younger years.

"We're here! Now please have fun, and no pouting tonight. All I want is for you to enjoy this. You deserve it, and you've been working so hard. I know that can be a bit stressful, so please make tonight about you," Alice told me while looking me in the eyes.

"Okay, but I will only do it because I know how much work you put into this. Have I thanked you today? Thank you. I love you so much," I said with tears riming my eyes.

"Aw, I love you, too. And you're very welcome. But like I said don't do it for me, do it for yourself." She said then hugged me.

As I stepped out the limo, I felt my stomach flipping. The closer I got to the door of the party hall, the more nervous I felt. After entering through the side doors, I saw Rosalie pacing around nervously. She looked stunning in a knee-length black dress that was tight to who off her curves (dresses in my web page). Rosalie and Alice were the most beautiful girls I'd ever known, inside and out. Rosalie was tall with a bit of a tan, blond, and had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Alice was short, but she still was pretty with her short jet black hair, hazel eyes, and a pale completion. I, on the other hand, was plain. I had really long brown hair to my waist, big brown eyes, was a bit taller than Alice, and pale. I also have the not-so-great habit of turning every shade of red in a Crayola box when even the slightest bit embarrassed.

"Rosalie, calm down! You're going to wear a hole on the ground. And I thought I was nervous." I sighed.

"Finally! I thought you backed out or something. What took you both so long? I would have bitten my nails if it weren't for my nice manicure," Rosalie said as she came over to us and started to examine my dress.

"That dress is to die for! You look so beautiful. Alice, you need to dress this girl everyday. Do you hear me? And blue looks so fabulous on you," she said, eying me.

"Well, thank you. But the ones that look astonishing are you both. That dress you have on, Rosalie, will have everyone - including Emmett - gasp once you enter that room. And you, Alice, look so cute! Jasper would've gone crazy if he was here. I'm sorry once again that he had to leave so quickly, but we had to sign that band before someone else beat us to it. I promise to give you a surprise tonight," I told them with a devious smirk on my face.

"Bella, why are you looking at me like that, and what surprise?" Alice said while pacing around.

"Oh, Alice, don't worry. You will love me forever after this!" I said while winking at Rosalie.

"Anyways, you get your butt out there and announce us already. I'm starting to get old out here, and I miss your big bear of a brother," said Rosalie.

Alice disappeared behind the doors of the hall we had rented for the party. While we waited, Rosalie and I put our plan to work.

"Ok, Rosalie. Jasper's is going to arrive in about an hour. I need you to tell Rosalie that the party planner is asking for her and that she has to come right back here where he's supposedly meeting her. While you do that I'll call Jasper and tell him that she's waiting, and that he needs to enter though the side entrance." Alice deserved this so much, and I saw how sad she was when she went with him to the airport. Thank god that band didn't need too much convincing, and he is able to come back early. "Now while they're back here together, I'll tell the party planner to add Jasper's name to the cake. Did you inform Emmett to tell the guest that this way Jasper's party, too?" I whispered.

"Yeah, he said everyone was in. And that he even spoke with the party planner about the cake so that's taken care off. They won't bring out the cake until after all the guests are here which gives us enough time." Rosalie said with a smirk.

We stood silent for a while, just pacing around the room until I finally heard Alice asking for everyone's attention.

"Can I have everyone's attention please? Thank you. As you all know, we're here to celebrate the birthday of two wonderful girls. I've known them almost all my life. They aren't only my best friends but also my sisters from another mother. Give a round of applause for Rosalie and Isabella." Alice ran off the stage.

"Okay, here we go," I said while holding my hand out for Rosalie.

We walked out hand in hand into the party hall while everyone applauded. I felt like a star at that moment - in accordance with the theme of the party - and it felt so good to hear my friends say my name and receive all that attention. Rosalie was used to this. She was a model and loved the attention, but I liked to stand behind the curtains. That's why I had Jasper do all the public appearances. Alice was a fashion designer who was becoming more recognized. They were all used to it, but to me this was all new.

Emmett came running up and gave Rosalie a huge hug and a passionate kiss. I looked away, feeling like I was watching a private moment between the two of them. That's when it happened. As I looked to the side giving them their moment, I saw that most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen. And that set of green eyes was the greenness of all green. My heart skipped a beat as he stared back. I felt my face flush and looked down. After a few moments, Emmett came rushing over to me and picked me up in a hug.

"Bella, you look like a girl!" Emmett said, surprised.

"Thanks, Emmett. That was the most flattering thing you've ever said to me." I replied, rolling me eyes at him.

"Sorry, that wasn't what I was trying to say. Really. What I meant to tell you was that you look beautiful. Happy birthday." He hugged me in one of his favorite bear hugs.

"E..Emme..tr, I... can't... breathe..." I said while I tried to wiggle out from his arms.

"Sorry, I got a bit excited." Emmett fortunately let me go.

While he walked back to Rosalie to greet our guests, I couldn't help but search for those beautiful green eyes. But I couldn't find them anywhere. I was about to give hope, when out of nowhere I saw their owner talking to Alice. Alice was bouncing around and hugging him. I wonder where she knew him from. I knew almost everyone that Alice knew, but those eyes were unfamiliar to me. He was tall and slim, but you could tell he visited the gym from his tight white button down shirt. And his slightly tight-fitted jeans. He had a bronze-colored hair that was shaggy and untidy but suited him well. I wanted so badly to go running to Alice to ask who her friend was, but knowing what a klutz I was, I decided to walk over and greet our guest.

"Hey, Alice, that was a great speech you gave up there. I almost cried. Do you really see me as a sister?" I asked her while ignoring the glare from her friend.

"Yes, silly. I've alway considered you my sister. Come on, Esme almost adopted you. If it wasn't for the fact that you have you own family, I think she would have." She smiled, remembering.

"Umm.. I am so sorry. I was so excited that I didn't seen that you were busy speaking to your friend here. I'll let you go so you both can continue with your conversation." I was about to turn away when Alice called my name.

"Bella, do you honestly not know who this is?" She asked while looking me in the eyes.

I was confused. Was I supposed to know this guy? I would have remembered such a face...those eyes. But nothing came to mind.

I gave Alice a confused look and then turned back to the mysterious guy in front of me.

"Sorry, but no, I don't remember ever seeing you. I would had remembered those eyes. Alice, are you sure I know him?" I ask, smiling at him.

Alice started laughing hysterically. I gave her a look, not understanding what was going on. But I didn't have to wait for Alice to tell me who he was because I heard Emmett shout out his name as he and Rosalie approached us. My world came crashing down around me. I felt my face turn every shade of red in under five seconds. I had just flirted with him, of all people.

"Edward, my man! I see you found Alice. And do you remember Bella? Look how she's grown. She has every guy here eating their heart out. Ha, Bella, this is the most red I've seen you get," Emmett said while Rosalie and I glared at him.

"Well, bro, I see you're still getting yourself into trouble among the ladies. Rosalie, by the way, you look beautiful. I've missed you so much. I let too much time pass, and now I regret it. And Bella, wow, you look stunning! I practically didn't recognize you. You have changed so much in eight years. Congratulations to you both on your special day. But may I ask where Jasper is?" Edward asked with a curious expression.

"Jasper's in Europe signing a band. You see, like I told a few time before, Jasper and Bella own a record company called 'Twilight Records'. They've both been working hard with the bands they have signed so far, and Jasper should be here in about two days. Right, Bella?" Alice asked with hope in her voice.

"Yeah, he'll be here as soon as possible. We just had to get this done before we lost the opportunity. I wouldn't have sent him out there if the band wasn't worth it. But I have an ear, and it tells me there going to be great." I said with a huge smile.

I felt me blackberry vibrate inside my clutch bag. I opened my bag and looked at the screen to see that it was Jasper calling me. I stepped away from the group to answer.

"Hello, Jasper. Where are you?

"I'm outside. My plane got in a bit early, so I came straight here. Oh, and that band was awesome! You were right for wanting to sign them. I'm so proud of you! This record label is going to be big if we continue like this. But, anyways, is Alice around?" Jasper asked excitedly.

"Yeah, she talking to the group and Edward. Did you know he was coming back to the States? Because I found out today and was completely shocked." I informed him.

"Yeah, she told me about a week ago that Edward got offered a job at NYU hospital. But Bella, give him a chance. He's not the same Edward we went to high school with. I think he's loosened up a bit. I think," he said.

"Well, we'll see. Anyways, I'll get Rosalie to do her part. Once Alice is in place, I'll call you to tell you where to go, okay?" I hung up the phone, starting to get excited again.

Living with Alice, it wasn't hard to start acting a bit like her. She was very outgoing with a very bouncing personality.

I walked over to the group and gave Rosalie a wink. Rosalie smiled and excused herself to the ladies' room. A few minutes later Rosalie came back.

"Alice, the party planner needs to speak to you about the music. He said that he'll meet you in the foyer where we entered," Rosalie informed her.

"Well, ladies and gents, duties are to be done. I'll be back in a few. The band that is playing tonight is so good. Right, Bella?" Alice walked towards the foyer.

When I saw that she was out of sight, I gave our plan the finishing touch. I removed my blackberry from my bag and began calling Jasper. As I was dialing, I saw Edward staring at me with a curious expression. I clued him in on the surprise we had for Alice while I waited for Jasper to answer.

"Hello, Jasper. She's waiting by the side entrance. Once you enter, you should see her. Okay. Good luck."