A/N:: AM BACK!!!! No really am back. I know I said the same thing before, but you try raising triplets. So anyways am happy to be back I also have a lot of time in my hand so I have sat down and written 4 chapters so far. Now theirs one small problem. Are you really...........I NEED A BETA. Yes I do, why you ask I suck with a capital S when it comes to proper English. Punctuation, grammar it just ain't me. So if you think you got it and can work with a crazy person like me let me know. Also a quick thanks to you all that have send a me emails asking to update sorry I took so long and thanks for waiting along.

Here's a small preview until then enjoy:


I had been afraid that either Alice or Emmett were going to ask me this question since I first decided it was time to return to the states after eight long years. I had left 1 week after graduating Forks High. I wanted to get away from everything and everyone. Everyone around me was so happy, Alice had Jasper, Emmett had Rosalie and Bella was going out with some guy from the Quileute Tribe named Embry.