A Story of Chestnuts and Mocha

The Beginning

What is perfection?

He looked at the mirror, smiling at his reflection. The grin was not too happy, not strained at all; just very relaxed. It was perfect.

How is perfection attained?
He proceeded to straighten the necktie of his school uniform as he inserted his feet into his leather shoes. He would have to practice hard on his laps later, he thought to himself. He wasn't able to break his usual record the week before and that was unacceptable. He would also have to study strictly until ten in the evening, the right time to sleep without having to risk any unsightly blemishes in the morning.

Why is perfection wanted?

He stepped into the school campus from the family's limousine, swinging his bag over his shoulder as he did so. A girl approached him, letter in hand. It would be another confession, but he delighted in the sweet, sweet words of praise that emitted from his new admirer's lips. He also found pleasure in rejecting them, as their bottom lip would quiver and his reputation of desirability would rise once more.

When is perfection at its limit?

'Never', he thought to himself as he entered the auditorium. Today would be the day they announced the person with the highest GPA. It had to be him. No exceptions.

He was so sure his name would be called.

But things wouldn't turn out the way he wanted them.

He waited for his name to be called, anticipating as the principal of the Seijou High held his breath and let go of it, uttering a name he would despise for a lifetime in his mind.

The name was very far from his.

"Sakura Kinomoto of class two, section one, please come up on stage!"

The announcement echoed throughout the amphitheater. Hushed whispers buzzed throughout the room. He felt like his heart was being chopped off into a million pieces. Of course, the thought that whoever that girl was would definitely be ugly comforted him for a while.

…And was he ever wrong.

A resounding gasp could be heard as the person mentioned stood up from her seat.

She was gorgeous. The rumors were true, to his dismay.

She had hair that was like silk spun out of gold and bronze that cascaded smoothly above her chest, skin lightly kissed by the sun, brilliant emerald eyes, a smile that genuinely showed an innocence that could spark a thousand men into battle just to protect it, and a small build that still spoke volumes of her being a girl about to break the wall between youth and womanhood.

He narrowed his eyes at the sight.

He let down his guard this time. A silent vow was muttered under his breath as he exited the auditorium.

She was now his competition when it came to the game of perfection.

And he was determined not to lose.

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