-1Title: Tony's Choice

Summary: Tony reads Jeanne's note and does exactly what she says he needs to do.

Pairing(s): That is revealed in due time. Just read.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS, unfortunately, but I do love it!

A/N: Okay, A: This is my first NCIS story, please be nice, and B: I know it's short but it would just be rambling to lengthen it. This is what I wish would've happened with the whole "You need to choose" note. I guess that's it, please review, and have a nice day!


Tony's Choice


Tony stared at the note. He read it over and over again in his head and kept coming to the same decision. He had to tell her.

He looked across the bullpen to his partner, Ziva David, then back at the pink piece of paper in his hands. Tony sighed and picked up a paperclip; he couldn't avoid this issue forever. He fiddled with the small piece of metal for a moment before chucking it at the woman across from him.

Ziva jumped when the office supply hit her forehead and looked up in the direction it came from. She narrowed her eyes at the NCIS agent who, at times, seemed more immature than a freshman in high school. She watched him get up and walk away, and a few seconds later, she followed him all the way to the men's restroom.

Tony knew Ziva wouldn't hesitate to go into the bathroom and was leaning against the wall waiting for her. She lived up to his expectations and was within inches of him, ready to speak. She was stopped by Tony holding up a pink envelope with his name on it. The Israeli took it and read its contents aloud.

"Dear Tony, I'm not coming back. You need to choose. Jeanne. Tony, what it this? Why are you showing it to me?"

The Italian shrugged and answered, "I've made my decision."

Ziva tried to tell what he was thinking but couldn't quite read him. "Well, what did you choose?" she asked, hoping against all hopes that it wasn't Jeanne.