Pairing: GinjixBan

Established relationship.

Warning: Indication to sex.

A random one-shot I made up during school. Enjoy.


The darkness was descending from the sky, slowly giving way to the light. Long shadows stretched along the room, and finally the sun shone onto the two still shapes on the bed. The bed sheets had long been shed from their bodies, letting them depend on their body warmth. The slightly smaller shape moved further into the larger one's arms. The larger form tightened the hold on its lover.

Blonde hair shone in the light, and big brown eyes opened. The man yawned a bit and moved. He dragged the brunette he was embracing with him. The slightly smaller man moved as well, slowly starting to be roused from the deep sleep he had been in. Amano Ginji looked down at his lover, Midou Ban and smiled.

A soft knock on the door made him look up, but it was only Paul. He smiled briefly and entered the room.

"Do you guys even sleep in clothes?" the older man asked as he covered their naked forms with a blanket.

"Usually", Ginji said, "but I wanted to feel Ban-chan tonight."

"Feel him?"

"His skin to mine, to make sure he's still alive."

"Akabane's attacks are not that bad", Paul reminded him.

"I don't like seeing Ban-chan hurt, that's all", the blonde responded with a pout.

The Jagan-user moved once more and this time sleepy blue eyes opened. Ginji smiled down at him and said:

"Good morning, Ban-chan."


The blonde slipped one hand from Ban's waist to absently caress the brunette's pale cheek. Paul raised one eyebrow and then moved outside.

"Where are we?" Ban asked.

"In Paul-san's apartment", Ginji answered. "He offered."

"We could have gone home."

"Too far", the blonde said. "You were asleep and injured, our car is still on the other side of the city and I was too tired to carry you home."

Ban huffed and began to get up. Ginji pulled him down again and said:

"Let me hold you for a little bit."

The brunette looked at the blonde, and then lay down again. Ginji pulled him close, and rubbed his belly a bit. The Jagan-user turned to him and said:

"Why do you always do that?"

"I like it", Ginji said.


"It's just nice", Ginji confessed and rubbed the smooth skin a bit more. "And it makes you blush a bit; that's even better."

"Ginji", Ban groaned. "You're weird."

The former emperor laughed a bit and snuggled down. He pressed a soft kiss to Ban's temple and the brunette turned his head. He gently began sucking a mark to Ginji's skin and the blonde moaned. He kneaded the bony hips gently and drew out a long sigh from Ban. The sigh turned into against Ginji's chest. He ran kisses along Ban's skin and murmured soft words as the brunette began to writhe against him.


The soft sigh, breathing Ginji's name was so nice to hear after all the worry Ginji had gone through. He kissed Ban's throat, aiming to mark the Jagan-user in every way he knew before breakfast. And the way Ban was acting, it would not take a long time.