This story is about Dean and explanation why he is so selfless and why Mary gave her life for her son so we all think...

"John Winchester." a beautiful woman called from the garage door. John turned his grease stripped face turned to see his beautiful wife Mary standing just inside his open door.

"Mary, what are you doing here?" John laughed, as he signaled to his buddy that he was going to talk to Mary.

"I thought I would bring you the news." Mary smiled as John popped an eyebrow,

"We are going to have a boy." Mary smiled as John quickly made the gap between them nonexistence.

"Really oh honey I love you." John hugged her and kissed her.

9 months later

Mary cried she saw her baby boy born a he would have to bare a secret that she never wanted him to it was hard to keep and she was hoping that just maybe she could keep it from John. She loved John but she didn't want him drawn into that world. Mary walked over to Dean's bed she brought the glimmer spell down revealing his silver wings and emerald eyes his beautiful skin he was just that beautiful she cried she couldn't keep the spell on him forever hell she couldn't keep it up all night so she smiled as murmured a few words in Latin as the room flashed with a light.

"You call daughter." a deep voice asked abruptly.

"Yes father I need your help." she looked to her father.

"I told you when you chose John that we were to not talk again." her father looked at her.

"It isn't for me it is for my son Dean." Mary motioned to Dean's crib her father walked over then shot a looked to Mary.

"He looks like us, how can that be John is human not..." Her father looked to her, "I will help hide him he is strong and will be a warrior for our side. But my daughter I will only help this once do not have anymore children if you know what is good for you."

"Yes father." Mary nodded as she watched her father take out a neck less with the family's symbol and pricked it on his hand the took a piece of a feather and tucked it into the necklace and placed it in Mary's hand.

"Goodbye daughter you are on your own now, I will always watch out for Dean." Her father disappeared.

Mary looked one last time at her son's true appearance then put the necklace on but it only hid the silver wings other then that he still looked as heavenly as his linage was. Mary was scared she gasped she heard footsteps coming she got back in bed and fell asleep.

Four years later

Mary was sadden when had found out about Sam but when he was born he looked normal she only felt a small touch of power nothing like Dean she had felt herself relax. This was such a relief to her so she smiled as she walked into her baby boy's room to find him standing there, "Azazel get away from my son."

"Oh Mary you have hidden so much from everyone haven't you. Oh well this one got some of your powers and he will be mine just like the others like him but he is special because he is a son of an Angel." the man laughed.

"Like hell." Mary attacked him, thankful he didn't know about Dean. They fought Mary held him off but in doing so had given her life to her dismay John had seen her last ditch effort to banish Azazel from her family's life the only one of the four that had that power to stop it wasn't even aware that he had it. She caught a glimpse of her beautiful boy his jade green eyes searching for his brother who was hurtled into his arms and with speed like he had taken to the air he fled the house.

Mary whispered her last words in Latin before she brought the flames up to hide her escape back home to where she would wait for John and her boys.

"Be safe my angel protect your father and brother"

Present day

Dean walked down the hall damn if this fugly bitch was giving him and his brother problems this was suppose to be a simple salt and burn no it turned into an all out war which with Sam simple always got a little more difficult he was tired of fight hell he was tired of most everything in his life he really wanted a break and the sad part was that he would welcome hell as a break it was nothing if not just the ability to stop the fight he had mere hours before this long dragged out life would be over and he sighed a breath of relief. Dean had no intentions of having the hound come get him he was going to walking hell the same way he had done everything with this head held high and his trademark smirk he had made the deal to save his brother he wasn't ashamed of the deal or his final destination.

Finally Dean cornered her he finished the job a couple of scars and scraps across his face and arms. Sam stood from where he had ducked to hide during the heat of the battle. Dean rolled his neck to loosen it as he walked over to his brother he pulled out his keys and smirked.

"She is all yours have a great one, and take care of her if you wreck it I will come and haunt you." Dean smirked as he came up and cold cocked his brother effectively knocking him out.

Dean came to the crossroads and stood there as he lit a cigarette and let out a puff as he waited until a man appeared. "My boy I am so thrilled your brother killer the one that had your original contract so I could collect your soul myself." he laughed.

"So do I at least get to see your true form?" Dean inhaled another drag of the cigarette as the man transformed in a human with blacked wings and a red hue on his wings. "Damn and you are the fugliest of the fuglies out there."

"Good, now come with me Winchester." the man smiled as he grabbed him.

Unknown time later

Dean felt the claws dig into his flesh again and again the cuts, scarps, burns, on his body he would be damned if they got his soul easily he was a Winchester he wasn't going to give old Lucy the satisfaction of hearing him beg for his life hell no. Dean smirked at that thought as Lucy's pain bringers came for him again this time the had a branding iron and the put it to the inside of his wrist he felt it burn in he chuckled as he welcomed the pain, pain was something Dean Winchester knew well.

After his daily beating Dean was thrown into a cell he sat up in the corner with his head against the wall, thinking of Sammy hoping the kid did what Dean told him. Dean sighed and closed his eyes listen to the screams of the others being treaded to hell's VIP package, till the door squeaked open.

The guards threw in a woman's body Dean could tell from the rise and fall of her chest she was just simply knock the fuck out. Dean watched not sure how to proceed till he noticed the bleeding and took off what was left of his shirt and turned her over to put pressure on her head wound. He looked at her she was heavenly her long brown hair even wet with blood seemed to fram her face which with it's fair skin seemed to glow her thin frame felt like air its self Dean could see how something so beautiful could be down here. Dean kept the pressure on the wound begging her to wake so he could see her eyes.

Dean was rewarded with a groan as she woke her eyes snapped open Dean taken by the brown eyes they weren't normal brown they looked to have golden flakes in them making them shine like gems. Dean couldn't help but stare at her. She seemed to do the same to him, he knew he was a decent looking man but now he looked like he had gone threw a war and come out on the losing end. The woman reached up when her hand touched his face her eyes went wide.

"Why did you do this you have only ensured your death." She whispered.

"Lucy has been trying for years don't think I am giving in just yet." Dean smirked.

"You're only provoking him." she smirked, "Let me see those cuts." She tended to his cuts and other wounds Dean gasped when she hit a more tender wound on his inside thigh. She smirked as she finished up Dean looked at her.

"So you enjoy provoking Lucy's wrath too?" Dean smiled.

"Always, what fun would this trip be with out raising pardon the pun but raising a little hell." Sahara smiled as Dean laughed with her.

"Dean Winchester." Dean smirked.

"Sahara Ryan." Sahara smirked back, "So how is your trip going?"

"Oh you know nothing like a trip to hell to relax you beatings, stabbings, burning, then a head trip, for starters then today they branded me so, so far I rate this a 2 star could be more fun." Dean leaned against the bars.

"Sounds about right." Sahara laughed as a guard passed by she waved the Demon grunted and hurried out. The two talked through the night till they fell asleep.

The next morning the guards came in and grabbed Dean and Sahara. Sahara stood tall Dean watch the demons look her up and down like she was a t-bone stake it for some reason made him want to take them out and beat them with in an inch of their eternally damned lives. Sahara stood strong against the leers when one grabbed Dean and sent him reeling with a double punch to the kidneys she grit her teeth and stomped on the other's foot, then she came around with her own round house kick sending the one against the bars of the cell. Dean came up and caught the other with a left to the jaw sending him end over tea kettle. Dean smiled laughing as he couldn't help but get a kick out beating demons on their home field.

Dean was brought out of his gloating when Lucy came in to the room his true form making him dominate the room completely minus Dean and Sahara. The two were smirking as Lucy's eyes glanced over his two down guards. Lucy then looked to the two who stood staring him down. Lucy to Dean and now Sahara was known to other's with out such a strong fighting nature as Lucifer the king of hell. Lucy was not happy he knew these two would brake hard but he was determined they had so much potential they would bring order back to his kingdom. Dean and Sahara would stop the others from thinking they could take his place and disturb the carefully crafted war Lucy had planed out centuries ago when God kicked him out for not seeing why humans got all the gift they did, but part of him saw why with these two.

"Get up." Lucy commanded.

"Don't think they can." Sahara smirked as Lucy's eye twitched.

"You will pay for this both of you." Lucifer growled.

Dean grinned through out his beatings it he had a renewed effort to stay human with his soul intact. That night even though all his flesh burn, stabbed, and otherwise barely recognizable. Dean was thrown into the cell again waiting for Lucy's biggest joke which was to have his body heal so to repeat this daily abuse over but not with out a few hours of unbearable pain and loneliness. Dean closed his eyes waiting for the mind FUBAR that Lucy normally pulled on him but it was just dark nothing Dean felt his mind relax and his body's pain still made sleeping impossible but he could let his mind relax. Dean had his head against the wall again trying relax when the door opened and Sahara was thrown in. Sahara look worst for wear. Dean struggled to get near her his body protesting but his mind and soul telling him to moved to her.

Sahara moved to sit up as Dean got close he help what little he could she sucked in a gasp of breath Dean listened it sounded like a collapsed lung Sahara chuckled as Dean looked at her Sahara looked at him and then sucked in an other breath of air then forced out, "Why...why are you here?"

"Sold my soul." Dean looked away.

"Really well you still have it." Sahara looked with a harsh eye, "So try that again."

"I sold my soul to the crossroads demon to bring my brother back to the land of the living." Dean growled.

"Really now nice." Sahara tossed out her lungs still whistling with every breath she took in and out.

"Look yeah don't expect anyone to understand but I was doing my job I always did my job." Dean barked.

"Not saying you didn't but did you have a life outside of that job." Sahara responded breathlessly.

"No I didn't but then that wasn't how it was suppose to be it was Sammy that had a future I was just a soldier." Dean growl with anger on his tongue.

"That wasn't you job." Sahara closed her eyes.

"Let me check you out sounds like a lung." Dean said moving over to check Sahara.

"Only if you let me check your wounds and see if I can do anything for you after all that is what friends do right." Sahara winked and Dean smirked.

"I guess what a way to met a friend in the pits of hell." Dean joked. The two yet again checked each other over and tried to help in whatever way they could.

The two fell asleep next to each other the next Dean shifted and pulled Sahara in. The two were asleep till they felt something cool hit them in little drops.