Missouri was having a hard time sleeping when she saw it a slight flash of light. Missouri had, had enough experience in the supernatural to know better then to open a door with out some sort of weapon after some unexplained able happened and the flash of light was not explainable sure it was raining but it was just a heavy down pour no lighten or thunder. Missouri slowly cracked the door opened slowly she peered out the sight that she saw brought tears to her eyes and made her soul weep for what she saw. Missouri looked down the two bodies laying on her front porch one was a man the other a woman. Missouri grabbed two blankets and cover the two bodies she saw steam rising from their bodies as if the had been in an oven. Missouri said a small prayer and wondered how to move the two inside.

Missouri turned to open her door when she heard stirring from the two bodies Missouri turned around to see the male stand holding the blanket around his waist as he leaned over to check the female. Missouri watched as he checked her over and then picked her up she wasn't prepared for the sight she saw the man turned around Missouri took in his body it was burned and beaten, it had looked as if ever inch of him was covered with the wounds. Then it was the girl she seemed to be barely breathing Missouri looked to the man's face she gasped when she saw it.

Dean stirred from his sleep when he felt cold rain drops hit is back he slowly opened his eyes his body protesting every movement. Dean pushed up and felt something fall he gabbed it and tightened it around his waist. Dean breathed in the cool air wondering how he got here this wasn't hell this was "the middle world". Dean's eyes adjusted to the dark the true dark he notice Sahara struggling to breath her lung was collapsed she was having trouble he need to help her. Dean pulled the other blanket over her so he could pick her up with touching her skin. Dean picked her up and held her close trying to figure out what to do. Dean felt someone looking at him he pulled Sahara close to his chest as he turned she was injured it was his place to protect her like she would do for him.

Missouri gasped Dean tried to focus on her his mind trying to place two and two together. Dean's mind snapped out of his searching when Sahara inhaled again reminding him of her condition.

"We need help." Dean spoke clearly.

"I know Dean, come in I will help the best I can but I am afraid that hospitals are out of the question." Missouri looked to the woman in his arms.

"Thank you...Missouri." Dean smiled softly.

"You remember me?" Missouri asked wondering, "How is that possible."

"I am afraid I don't really know I know a lot of things but only in flashes, hell isn't the best vacation spot." Dean walked to the door, he entered the house again Missouri stood mouth on the ground.

"How did you walk in here you sold you soul. Which would make you a demon my house is bless and demon protected." Missouri asked as she watched Dean carefully removed the blanket pressing his hands on the girls abs and chest. Dean wondered how to fix it with out going to the hospital he closed his eyes he had no idea how to help her.

"I have my soul I never gave it up, I might have sold it but it was for another's life so in the fine print I have to give it up for a more selfish reason didn't get that far." Dean looked back to Sahara his hands shaking against the cold. The room was silent when a flash was seen. Missouri and Dean turned to the source of the light. There was a group in brown cloaks in the corner one walked up and pushed their way between Dean and Sahara and put their hand over her a light blue light emanated briefly then disappeared, another did the same to Dean and with another flash they were gone.

Missouri looked to Dean and Sahara, Dean looked as if he was never touched, and same with Sahara. Dean smiled he looked down to his left wrist the brand of the pitch fork and flames still stood out Dean cringed. Dean looked to Sahara who sat up keeping herself covered she looked down to her wrist it bore the brand as well. The two looked to each other as the covered their wrist with their other hands.

Missouri took them to their rooms and told them about breakfast in the morning. Sahara dressed in a borrowed t-shirt and shorts as Dean found a pair of mens PJ pants. The two had spent time sleeping in a cell together so this being in two separate rooms was different. Dean found himself grabbing the blankets and putting them on the floor in the corner closest to Sahara's room. Little did Dean know that Sahara had done the same thing that night.

The next morning Sahara and Dean were up at the crack of dawn Dean was showering as he decided to remove his necklace the one his mother had given him when he was born. Dean smirked as he began to wash up his back itched Dean reached out and grabbed his necklace with out thinking and put it back on with out a seconds thought. Dean wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom to Sahara in a sports bra and track pants.

"I know that is not what you wore last night where did you get that?" Dean looked at her.

"Well Missouri went shopping for us this morning if you had not taken your sweet time making yourself pretty you would have known about the clothes too." Sahara smirked slipping pass Dean, "You look cute in your towel."

"Oh thanks same to you. Want to go for a run later?" Dean smirked.

"If you can keep up." Sahara closed the door.

Dean walked into his room were there was three bags of clothes and a pair of running shoes and boots. Dean grabbed a pair of Nike track pants, a muscle shirt, socks, and the running shoes. Dean was out on the porch stretching when Sahara walked out her wet hair up in a pony tail she stretched then smirked and told Dean to see if he could catch him.

They ran laps for a awhile then came back to the house, "Damn girl you wings on those feet."

"Not that I know of." Sahara smirked over her shoulder as she walked into the house. Sahara walked into the kitchen and got out a bowl and cereal.

"Damn what to offer a starving man some food." Dean smirked from behind her.

The two ate quietly as they shot looks at one another when Missouri walked in to the room. Missouri smiled at the two then sat down. She looked at the two and breathed in, "How are you back with your souls."

"Don't know really by all accounts we should still be at casa de la Lucy." Dean shrugged.

"Okay then it has to do with the group that came in just not sure I called Caleb Reaves to have him come in see if he could help us." Missouri told them.

"No." Dean spoke his eyes flashing anger and fear.

"Why not Dean, Caleb is a good friend." Missouri looked worried.

"Ms. Mosey we were in Hell for real I think Dean isn't ready to face his past yet. I know that I wouldn't be able to if I had one that was worth facing like Dean does." Sahara stood.

"Alright I will tell him to wait but Dean news that you are back will spread I am sure the demons are going to head hunting you two and we need to figure out why both of you came back with souls intact." Missouri looked at the two in front of her.

"We know but we both need to heal first both physically and mentally." Sahara sighed as Dean relaxed a little.

"Okay, then how do we do this." Missouri asked.

"You got a hand book on helping people recoup from a trip to HELL." Dean smirked.

"No guess it is trial by fire." Missouri smiled at the two.

Dean and Sahara had a feeling this wasn't going to be easy, now they knew they had a bounty on their heads and they had no clue why they were sitting in Missouri's kitchen instead of in hell with Lucy and all his retards.