It was a couple of weeks later, Dean was walking down town when he saw a sign in the window of the garage his father use to own and work at he smirked. Dean walked in the door and smiled he walked up to the counter and put on his best smiled. Dean asked for the owner an elder man walked in he looked about John's age. Dean smiled "Hello, I am Dean Winchester I want to apply for your job opening."

"Winchester you say?" The man asked.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" Dean smiled his best smile.

"I knew a man named John Winchester he had a boy with the same name." the man said.

"Well I do not know a man named John." Dean kept his smile up, "So can I apply for the job?"

"Sure, seeing as I am the owner why don't you come back and we can talk." The man smiled.

The two went in the back room and talked for about an hour, they talked cars, sports, everything by the time they came out Dean had a job. His first real job and it was working at his father's old shop not to mention he would work on cars his passion his one and only real passion besides his family and fire arms.

Dean whistled on his way back to Missouri's he was about to open the door when he heard a voice, "Dean Winchester, hay wait for me."

"Slow poke." Dean smiled as Sahara jogged up the stairs and greeted him with a hug.

"Sorry I ain't as spacial as a Winchester." Sahara crossed her arms.

"So why are you in such a good mood." Dean looked at his best and really only friend she was more than family to him she was everything his father and brother never were his confident his person he could brake in front of and know they wouldn't care not to mention he could be himself with her.

"I got a job." Sahara smirked, "You are looking at the newest bar tender at Mick's tavern." Sahara smiled.

"Always thought you would look good behind a bar." Dean smiled, "By the by I have job too I am a mechanic at my dad's old shop."

"Then we celebrate tonight with a good dinner." Sahara smiled as she walked past Dean. Dean tilted his head to the side as he watched her walk into the house. Dean smirked he was going to be spending a lot of time at Mick's. Dean followed into the house.

Missouri came home to find a full spread on the table she looked over the table and then looked into the kitchen to see Dean and Sahara working together making what looked like dessert. Missouri walked into the kitchen, "Okay is there a reason for all this?"

"We both got jobs." Dean turned around beaming.

"Really is that wise." Missouri asked the two, "I mean you just got here are you sure you are up to it?"

"Yeah I think so I want to be normal for just a little while Missouri." Dean looked to her his eye's slightly clouded.

"Same here, normal sound good right now." Sahara smiled.

"So where are you working and what names are you using." Missouri looked to Dean first.

"Dad's old shop and my own name just saying I don't know John Winchester." Dean looked to Missouri who actually smiled.

"My real name too and Mick's tavern." Sahara smiled as Missouri nodded and smiled.

"Then what are we waiting for lets eat." Missouri looked at them both, then to the table there was t-bones with a salad, and French peas.

The three ate dinner then Sahara brought out dessert it was a French cream pie with chocolate shavings on it. Missouri smiled and took a bite, "Um Sahara this is wonderful."

"Don't thank me Dean made it." Sahara smiled as Missouri looked to Dean, "Wow this is good Dean."

"Thanks I tend to keep that particular talent a secret." Dean shoved a piece in his mouth as he smirked.

"Don't know why women love a man that can cook and what you did here oh my boy you would have them lined up around the block not that they already aren't." Missouri smiled winking to Dean.

Dinner was great the three sat and talked Sahara stood and cleared her plate then headed out of the room, "Hay where you think you are going."

"Work sunshine not all of us have a 9-5 job." Sahara smirked as Dean looked at her.

"Then I will be getting ready I have to check this place out can't have you working in a dump." Dean stood and cleared his place and went to grab some more dishes. When Missouri stopped him.

"Go you two cooked I will clean up." Missouri laughed as the Dean ran up the stairs two at a time.

Dean walked into Mick's tavern he was in a pair of faded jean's and a t-shirt with a button up shirt over and a biker jacket. Dean looked around most were the younger crowd that Dean didn't like they were her to drink and well take home the hired help. Dean walked up the pool table decided that hustling pool didn't go away as easily as he hoped. Dean leaned over the table he eyed the shot and smiled as he banked the five off rail and into the side pocket. Dean smiled as he started to line up shot after shot he was trying to make a note that he was not the man to challenge on the pool tables. Dean leaned on his pool cue as Sahara leaned over the bar to serve a customer. Dean smirked as the guy tried to slip her his number she of course took it then promptly threw it out.

Dean swaggered up the the bar, "Whiskey on the rocks with a splash of coke."

"Here you go Winchester." Sahara winked.

"Oh dear me I think I am flirting with the best woman here." Dean laughed as he turned and began to look around scope out the chicks in the bar. Sahara was behind him and he would cock block all night if he had too but he wasn't going to not have any fun himself.

Dean had found a girl to go home with, so when Dean stumbled up the stairs at about three forty five am and when Sahara laughed from the top of said stairs. "So Winchester she any good?"

Dean wasn't surprised "Not really but hay it has been awhile." Dean chuckled.

"Really, get some sleep you have a few hours before you head to work." Sahara smirked as she went to her own room. Dean walked to his own room his blankets and pillow on the floor he stripped and laid down in the blankets and passed out.

The next morning found Dean sipping his coffee as Sahara came in from her run. Sahara's hair was pulled back sweat running down her body defining every muscle and curve. Dean found himself nearly drooling over her. He shook his head he couldn't think about her that way. Dean stood and went to walk out, "Dean Winchester. How dare you leave with out a goodbye." Sahara smirked

"What, sorry Sahara just got my mind wrapped up in something." your hot body Dean figured that wasn't an option, "First day and all."

Dean arrived at work when a guy came up to him he was about his height maybe a hair shorter, "Hay you know the new bartender at Mick's."

"Yes what is it too you." Dean figured this was his best option to head the issue off.

"She is cute wondering if she had a boyfriend." the guy said, "By the way I am Tom I will be working with you this is my dad's shop he bought it from John Winchester when he took of to hunt "demons". He showed up a few weeks ago with his son Sam I wonder what ever happened to Dean we use to hang out I mean we were only four but he would have been cool I could tell Sam struck me as a geek."

"What do you mean you saw John Winchester?" Dean questioned.

"Yeah said he had to take a trip but came back to find Sam alone with out his brother, so I assume that he is out doing his own thing always was a bit of a loner even at four but that was because he was already a good fighter even then that was saying something for him to only be four." Tom kept talking Dean listened in he never thought that he was that way before the demon.

"Wow, sounds like some type of kid." Dean looked away.

"Hell yeah he punched out a kid that use to pick on us, the kid has yet to even look at me wrong for fear it would bring Dean down on him, and again Dean was only four." Tom smiled the two worked all day together Tom told Dean about John and Sam's visit along with memories of growing up with Dean. It was finally quiting time when Tom looked at Dean. "Where did you grow up."

"Here and there mostly there." Dean turned away not wanting Tom to put two and two together.

"Hay your Dean Winchester John's kid why did you tell my dad that you didn't know him." Tom looked oddly at Dean.

"Because I know what you all think of him." Dean growled.

"Hell no when him and Sammy showed up they fought this evil thing it was a demon saved us all, then we asked about you and they both paled and walked away and were gone the next day." Tom looked as his father walked in, "Dad Dean lied he is John's."

"Dean, oh what happened to you?" Mike asked Dean's eyes dimmed as he stepped back.

"Promise not to call my dad or anyone, about me?" Dean asked.

"I promise Dean." Mike looked to Tom who nodded.

"I...look I can't tell you right now but just please let me work here." Dean pleaded.

"I talked to your dad while he was here he told me how good you are with mechanics told me you kept the 67 running and his truck, in fact come with me." Dean followed Mike to the back where there was a car shape lump, "He sold it to me said he couldn't look at your baby everyday knowing your weren't coming back, Dean did you die?"

"Sort of." Dean watched as Mike took the cover off and there was his baby Dean ran to her and ran his hands over her. The high gloss black shining in the lights, Mike tossed him the keys. Dean went to the trunk and popped it he open the fake bottom it was cleaned out but Dad and Sam had no clue about the third compartment, Dean ran his hands over it and then popped it open, Mike and Tom came over as he pulled out a second set of colt 1911's nickel plated with his pearl grips and a back pack.

Mike smirked as Tom laughed, "We will not tell them but your father does miss you a lot and I figure there is more there then even I know but it's your life."

Dean jumped into the drivers seat smiling as he drove off back to Missouri's.

A/N: okay I brought John back couldn't leave Sammy by himself we all know Sammy would need someone other then Bella or Ruby so enter John (Will explain later) just go with it...and what would Dean be with out his babies.