A Change in Destiny

A/N: This is a bit of both Anime and Live action mixed together

It was pointed out to me that the other version lacked emotion and detail, so here is the rewrite. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter one: Hurt

Usagi Tsukino was at home when she recieved the call on her communicator. There was a youma at the local park, believed to be the work of Queen Beryl. Rei sounded frazzeled on the phone. Usagi transformed and ran as fast as she could towards the park. Half way there She was stopped by Emerald. The green haired beauty smirked at her and snapped her fingers. two youma appeared out of no where and attacked her.

"Moon Tiara Action" She shouted, hurling her tiara, but it didn't even dent the youma. One youma emitted blue smoke causing Usagi to gasp and choke. She didn't notice the youma behind her until it grabbed her by the throat. She tried to speak but she was slowly being choked. Emerald smirked again and watched in satisfaction. Usagi kicked the youma in the shin and it released her. She tried to run but was hit by an exploding fireball. The blast knocked her to the ground. She tried to move but the pain was too much. as her eyes closed her last thought was the Sailor Senshi.

"Where is she?" Rei bellowed, holding the youma off with her fire attacks. Ami tried to talk but there was smoke everywhere. Makoto ran forward.

"Supreme thunder" She cried, eliminating the last of the youma. When they regrouped, Rei was furious.

"I called her thirty minutes ago" She barked.

"Maybe something came up" Minako suggested. "I can't always get away"

"But you're famous" Rei snapped. "You have an excuse" Minako shrugged.

"Well, Artemis and I better head back. I have a demo CD to do tommorow." She detransformed and jogged away from the park. Rei turned to the others.

"This is the last straw" She said, "Usagi has been late a lot. She's a princess, she should start acting like it"

"I agree" Mamoru said. "She is clumsy and she is never on time. What kind of princess is she? I've been thinking about this for awhile, and I think we should eliminate her" Ami gasped.

"You mean, kill her?" She asked in disbelief. Mamoru looked at her in surprise.

"No" He said. "I mean from the group. If she can't be a team player, Than she can't be on the team" The girls looked at each other. The plan sounded good to them.

"Tommorow than" Makoto said. They nodded and left the park. Luna had heard the entire conversation, but she couldn't believe it. How could they do this to Usagi. She had to find Minako and Artemis.

Minako was in her hotel room when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" She said. the door opened and Luna entered the room.

"Minako, Artemis you have to do something. Tommorow Rei, Ami, Mako-chan, and Mamoru are going to kick Usagi out" She said in a rush. Minako stood up.

"What, but they can't. We have to fulfill the mission from the past life and protect Usagi. Don't they realize that she'll be an easy target if she's got no one protecting her?" Minako exclaimed. She grabbed her coat and rushed out of the room.

Usagi woke up in a hospital bed with an IV stuck in her arm.

"Where am I?" She asked. The nurse in the room answered her.

"Jubann Medical Center" She replied. "you were found lying in the street badly hurt. Do you remember what happened at all?"

"There was a youma attack." Usagi whispered. "Sailor Moon tried to help me but got wounded." The nurse nodded. She had expected a response like that. There had been more and more attacks recently. Infact, Usagi occupied the last available hospital bed.

"Do you have any family to call?" The nurse asked. Usagi didn't want her parents involved in this mess.

"No" She said quickly. "When can I be released?"

"We still have to run some tests, but this afternoon should be okay" The nurse replied leaving the room. Usagi reached for the phone next to her bed and dialed the shrine. Mamoru answered.

"Konichiwa" He said into the phone.

"Mamoru, Where are the girls?" Usagi asked. "I need to speak to them"

"They're here" He replied. "Listen Usagi, The girls and I have been talking and We don't think you are right for the team"

"What do you mean?" Usagi asked. Mamoru sighed.

"It's not that we don't like you, but you need to show up when we call you and frankly, you've been late a lot. We want you to take a break until you can act more like Princess Serenity. Also, I don't think we should date anymore. Goodbye Usagi" He hung up without letting her say anything. Usagi stared at the phone in disbelief.

"Nani" She whispered, not being able to believe what she just heard. Kicked out, just like that. They didn't even here what she had to say. A tear slid down her cheek, but she brushed it away angrily. Who cared what they thought. The tears fell more heavily and she tried to brush them away but the sting of his words still hurt. Maybe he was wrong, She'd go to the shrine when she was released and see what the girls had to say for themselves.