Disclaimer – I do not own Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean nor Harry Potter. This is for those fans of LotR and PotC who've noticed that there are many crossovers between LotR and PotC just because Orlando Bloom is in both movies. This will come in three parts.

Sequel to 'Mary Sues in A Barrel', 'Be Careful What You Say', and 'Mary Sues in a Manor'.

Mary Sues Ahoy!

Two Ships a Sailing

Jack Sparrow was quite happy to be sailing around the sea. The reason for that was he was a pirate. The only other place he would rather be would be hunting for buried treasure or drinking a nice pint of ale in a pub. That, or squirmishing with the navy and winning.

Today was a good day to be sailing. The wind was firm and blew at a rate that meant that they could get where they wanted to. Will Turner was standing in the crows nest, keeping an eye out for things askew.

"Ahoy, Captain Sparrow, there is a pink cloud approaching us." Will responded. Jack went and perched on the railing, holding onto a rope. Will was right; a pink cloud was approaching them.

Elizabeth then came out and saw that the pink cloud was coming. "It looks to be a cloud of Sues."

"You must be kidding," Will stated from above her. "Our Sues come in from the water, not the air."

"No, this is a Sue of a different kind. Woman's instinct!" Elizabeth picked up something to swat them away.

"Well, I think that is alright." Jack retorted. I love the attention of the Sues.

"Yes, well, it's a known fact that you're crazy." Elizabeth said in turn. The pink cloud revealed itself to be pink Faerie creatures with the faces of girls and nice shimmering wings. She began to hit them away from the mast. "They're after Will again Jack."

"Nuts, not fair." Jack shook his head. He then called up to Jack. "Ahoy Jack, they don't seem to be able to fly as high as the mast, so you stay there."

"Gladly. Seems to be the only place I can stay with these Sues. The ones we have seem to be afraid of heights, or more of they can only go so high with their fish attributes." Will had full annoyance in his voice.

"I think it's that the so called dears are afraid of rope burn!" Elizabeth formed him, hitting one of the Faeries so it went bamph, and then disappeared. She glared at Sparrow who was just staring over the railing. "You oaf, come and help me."

Jack just smiled. "Females do the job best dearie."


Meanwhile, two friends themselves were sailing the sea. They were enjoying the nice cool breeze of the sea and the lack of war. These two friends were Legolas the Elf and Gimli the Dwarf. Legolas suddenly startled as he noticed a blue cloud appear to approach them from under water. Both backed off and looked at each other. "Sues!"

"After you matey. I am so glad it isn't me. Only a lunatic would want those things after him." Gimli watched as blue creatures with wavy tissue thin fins that comprised most of their body, the rest was the face of a girl with a dazed, excited look on her face. Legolas quickly climbed up part way on the mast, glaring at the things.

Gimli couldn't do anything to help. It was too bad that Arwen and Galadriel were not there to help. So he just stared dejectedly out into the water.


"Ahoy!" Jack suddenly yelled. "There is another ship out there."

"Maybe they can help me here!" Elizabeth snapped.

"I don't think so. See, they have our Sues over there and we have ours over here." Jack responded. He then saw Gimli. "Ahoy matey! Looks like you have a Sue problem too."

"You could say that. I am glad it is my friend and not me. But after they're gone, he'll be mad at me for saying that."

"Well, I wish it was me!" Jack spoke up. "What kind of pirate are you."

Gimli could only open his eyes wide and stare at Jack. He waved his hand at him. Jack waved enthusiastically back.

Author's note – There is part one. Why exactly are the Sue's attacking?

1/2/2014 - The original name of Irumi Hikari was Yemi Hikari. The character was created back when parody writers still named their accounts after their main parody characters. The reason for changing her name though is because there is no "ye" in the Japanese alphabet and her having a Japanese name is actually an important part of her back story.