Safe at the Manor

Draco sighed as he walked into the manor. He was finally safe from everything. He was now regretting that he had released the Sues. There was no way that he would be able to live this down with the other Slytherins, if they found out. He was now having to follow the orders of an overgrown house elf and a Mudblood.

Draco had watched as Granger and Hikari had pulled that girl out of the water. When she had seen Draco, she had glomped him. That was what Hermione and Irumi called it. The girl, (he didn't care what her name was, he could care less), continued to hold onto him. He called her a Muggle freak, to which she commented she wasn't a Muggle, but the long lost child of Sirius Black.

Draco had to plead with Granger and Hikari to get her off, much to his dismay. Having to beg to a Mudblood and an overgrown house elf was beneath him. The only way that Gigi wouldn't have glomped anybody further was to tie her to the raft, to which she started crying, wanting to go home. Unfortunately for all three of them, she disappeared with their raft and they ended up in the water.

They were then pulled out by that funny pirate that had said hello to the girls. That was some payback to the girls, except that Hikari kicked him in the knee, to which the guy responded. "As if, you two are too young even for me. I was only being polite."

"Irumi is a tomboy." Granger responded to him, to which the pirate shuddered.

"I know of the type," he was still jumping up and down when a monkey came up and pointed to the Faerie Sues that had landed and were beginning to climb the ropes, only to slide back down. They went poof from the rope burn. The pirate shook his head. "Happens all the time. I'd love it if they would come after me for once, but not that slobbering crazy girl that took your raft away. Even I have standards. Too young and to blubbery. Not pirate material."

"You're a pirate," Draco turned pale at this.

"At most times a very incopetant one," The female stated, swatting at the Faerie Sues. "A little help here."

The girls went to work with the jar that had also been fished out of the brink by the pirate and began to use the lid, which had a special capture feature on it. The female pirate or lady or whatever she was approved. "Nice thanks for your help."

"I like the monkey. Can we keep him?" Hikari asked as the monkey jumped onto her shoulder.

"He is cute," Granger spoke up, tickling it's chin.

"Girls." The pirate said shaking his head. "What do they see in such a flee bag?"

Draco was about to agree with the guy, except the monkey suddenly attacked the pirate. He was glad to go over and capture the Sues on the other ship. Granger and Hikari made him hold the jar, much to his dismay. The only reason he had done this was for revenge on them, and it backfired. He now had to spend time with two people he hated beyond everything. Hopefully the rest of the golden trio wouldn't find out.

Revenge was supposed to taste sweet or so his father told him. Right now it didn't seem like it really did. To him, it tasted bitter, perhaps bittersweet. He sank down to the ground, his thoughts not wanting to go anywhere. At least the Sues were out of the manor, the ones that those two stupid girls had let loose. Well, except the one that was pretending to be his mother. Draco groaned.

At least she was locked up. Mother would also deal with her when she got home. He went into the kitchen to see if he could get a snack. It was likely that the house elves were still hiding from the Sues, so he would have to get it himself. He opened the door and his eyes went wide.

His mother was sitting drinking tea with a little girl. "Who is that?"

"She's your little sister," Mrs. Malfoy retorted.

"I don't have a little sister." Draco snapped. "That isn't canon!"

"No, she was pretending to be me originally, but changed her mind." His mother spoke up.

"You don't mean she's the Sue that I locked up!" Draco turned pale.

"I read the forth Harry Potter book and found out that you had a mom, so I decided to make you a sister instead. My writing has much matured and having a little sister means you have someone at home to annoy you." The little girl spoke up.

"I always wanted a daughter. So…, I decided she can stay." His mother said. Draco suddenly fainted. His mother sighed. "As much as I love your brother, he's always had a yellow streak to him."

Author's note.- I seriously enjoyed writing this, plus picking on Draco a bit. I couldn't resist giving him an OC that someone had created to be his little sister. Hope you guys like it. And yes, Hermione and Irumi are going to make him clean up the mess he's made. They're going to travel to different fandoms, eventually. Also, if you know of any fanfic crossovers between LotR/PotC that aren't because of a certain actor, please do let me know.