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Max's POV

"McDonalds!" Iggy said, taking a huge bite of his Big Mac. He ate so fast that you would think he was starving. Oh, wait. He was.

"I'm lovin' it!" the Gasman said as he slurped down a quarter of his milkshake in a single gulp. The eight year old had two hamburgers and another milkshake waiting for him. I grinned at him.

Fang was managing to eat a HUGE chicken sandwich and give me one of his rare grins at the same time. It lit up our immediate area, and the areas around us for that matter.

I grinned back. Swallowing my gulp of soda, I said, "We love to see you smile!", causing Fang's smile to widen.

"Max?" Angel asked me, tapping me on the shoulder from the seat next to me. I turned to her and smiled. The six year old held a triple decker sandwich in her hands. And, if you think it's weird that a six year old is eating a triple decker sandwich, then you'll find it even more amusing that she had two more and an ice cream sundae piled next to that. And she'd already downed some chicken nuggets.

"Yea, sweetie?" I said.

She broke out into a huge smile. "You deserve a break today." Iggy slapped her a perfectly aimed high five, and I leaned back and smiled. Whether or not I deserved a break today, we were all getting one.

It was kind of nice. I looked around. No Erasers. No white coats. Just McDonalds, and my family sitting around me, calm and peacefull.

For once in our lives.

And we all know how often that comes around.

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