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Dedicated to: All my Drama Peeps who did Aida with me last year.

"Max, how do you do all this leader stuff? Doesn't it get hard?" Nudge asked.

"Once in awhile… but then I think of this song and… oh, why don't I just sing it for you."

A microphone appeared out of nowhere, and Max began to sing.

"It's knowing what they want of me that scares me It's knowing having followed that I must lead It's knowing that each person there compares me To those in my past whom I now succeed But how can whatever I do for them now Be enough Be enough"

Five more microphones appeared and the rest of the Flock began to sing.

"MaaxMaaxAll we ask of you Is a lifetime of service, wisdom, courage To ask more would be selfish But nothing less will do MaaaxMaaax"

Fang began to sing a girl's solo.

"Your wings should be golden, your wings should be perfect Instead of this ragged concoction of feathers"

Fang pointed to Max's feathers. "Hey!" she said.

"But may you be moved by its desperate beauty To give us new life for we'd rather be dead Than live in the squalor and shame of the mutants To the dance! To the dance!"

The Flock started to sing again, doing a weirdly spastic jig.

"Max!Max!All we ask of you All we ask is a lifetime of Service, wisdom, courage To ask more would be selfish But nothing less will do Max!Max!"

They started to run around and flap their wings.


Max started to sing another solo, raising her hands above her head.

"I know expectations are wild and almost Beyond my fulfillment but they won't hear A word of a doubt or see signs of weakness My nigh on impossible duty is clear If I can rekindle my ancestors' dreams It's enough It's enough"

She belted out the next part.

"It's enough!"

"Max!Max! Max! Max! Max! Max!" sang the Flock.

"It's enough!" Max shouted.

"Ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah" sang the Flock.

At the end of the song, they gave Max a pair of golden wing earrings.

"You're Max. Our mutant princess." Fang said, and Max socked him.