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John Nathan-Turner, producer of Doctor Who, seasons 26-27, had a long term plan for the Doctor and Ace. He gives a few clues and basic ideas as to season 28 in the 'Endgame' documenter found on disk 2 of Survival. So, I am en devouring to write a few stories following the Doctor and Ace through Season 28 and possibly ending at the start of the 1996 film. So this is my version of Season 28 of Doctor Who, and, using the original idea, I will explain what happened to ace.


All Alone In The Night.

Chapter 1

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning,

where the sea's asleep and the rivers dream,

people made of smoke and cities made of song,

somewhere there's danger,

somewhere there's injustice,

somewhere else the tea's getting cold.

Come on Ace, we've got work to do."

Sylvester McCoy – Survival.


Ace sat in the chair, the main room was quite and only the sound of the console could be heard as it moved up and down as they traveled through the time vortex. She was thinking back to Perivale. She was thinking about Midge and Karra, why did they have to die? It almost seemed unbelievable now, sat here in the safe light of the TARIDS console room, that she had felt the rush of the fight, the call of the wild, wanting to run with her sisters on that alien world and that she had not wanted it to end. That was probably the scariest part of it all, she had enjoyed letting primal instinct take over. Pushing her hair back over her shoulder her mind drifted to the Master, where was he now? Why did death follow the Doctor as if he were just another companion on this heltar-skeltar ride through time and space?

The door to the inner TARDIS opened and the Doctor strolled out, his question mark umbrella hung over his arm and his silk scarf hanging round his neck. Walking over to the console he flicked a row of switches on a panel on the opposite side. The central column juddered, the walls shuddered and Suddenly the TARDIS lurched, Ace slid from the chair and into the dotted wall.


"Sorry, the temporal wave indicator has detected a narrow disseminating particle stream of free radicals passing around the TARDIS."

Picking herself up, she walked towards the console, reaching it just in time to be thrown against it by another violent jerk. She could never understand why the doctor always came out with such technical jargon as if she was supposed to understand. And the way he looked at her when she didn't respond, he seemed so wrapped up in his own little world in here she really didn't think he noticed he was talking to anyone, not at least that he was talking to a human, not a time lord. She may have created a time storm in her bed room but she didn't know everything.

"Disseminating free radicals?"

The Doctor didn't look up, he continued adjusting dials and pressing buttons. "Free radicals are particles given off by any living creature, they disseminate quickly after effecting the course of events." He couldn't understand what they were doing in the time vortex. Nothing could survive out there, it made no sense. He pulled up a readout of the area surrounding the TARDIS. A stream of free radicals was passing the TARDIS, the formation and directional flow of the stream told the Doctor that he could track it back to it's sauce. He released the automated guidance circuit switch and set the flight parameters to the stream of particles.

The TARDIS jerked and Ace was once again sent, uncontrollably, to the floor. She had been through some bumpy rides since hitching up with the Doctor but she had never been this scared before, she was staring to regret leaving with him. Would her life have been so bad in Perivale? She honestly didn't know. The TARDIS swept right and sent her sliding across the floor to impact with the console.

"ACE!" The Doctor called out, he hoped Ace was alright, he knew she was thick skinned but not in the same way the TARDIS console was.

"I'm fine." Standing up she rubbed the back of her head. The impact had left her with a headache and her vision was a little blurred. She could make out the Doctor standing at the console, he was still flicking switches and turning dials. She could see he was frantic and from the look on his face he seemed worried. She pulled her bomber jacket back over her shoulders and grasped the rim of the console in case the TARDIS decided to try and send her on her backside again. She looked round and wondered if the Doctor had ever thought of redecorating, the dotted white walls and blank floor had started to feel a little old after two years. She had never understood her ability to think of the most mundane things at times when such fantastic things were happening. Just part of who she was.

"We're here." The central column had started to slow down, the TARDIS was materializing. The Doctor knew how unsure he sounded and a glance at Ace told him she had heard the waver in his voice.

"Where is here?" She knew that a surprise was always fun and most of the time it was a surprise when she stepped out of those doors on an alien world, or even her own world, just a different time, but the note in the Doctors voice told her that this wasn't the place to expect nice surprises.

"Well..." Checking the readout the Doctor looked over to Ace. "We are in a city."

"A city, is that all you're going to tell me? Come on, Professor, where are we really?"

The note of hesitation in his voice told her he wasn't sure where they were himself. She watched him as he walked round the console once, twice, three times to check his readouts. She had never seen him this worried and confused before, he was a time lord, to her she was the time lord. She wished she could meet the others, the high council he mentioned from time to time, the mountains on Gallifrey. Why wouldn't he take her there?

"Shall we go and find out where we are?" Picking up his hat from the stand near the door her pulled the doors open. Ace rushed into her room and picked up her rucksack. She still had a can of nitro nine that the doctor didn't know about and she wasn't about to tell him about it.

Passing over the temporal threshold they stepped out of the TARDIS, the city that surrounded them was odd, odd in so many ways. Ace looked round at buildings that seemed to have been built in different eras, Tudor houses next to large glass monuments. Here and there she could see small viking style cottages and the occasional sky scraper that reached into the swirling purple and blue atmosphere. This was the strangest sky she had ever seen, it looked like someone dropping colored ink into water and mixing it.

"At least the sky's nice."

"That's not the sky." He knew all too well what they were looking at, it should be impossible but they were there, looking up into it. "It's the time vortex." He couldn't understand it, it made no sense at all. To be outside the TARDIS in the time vortex was deadly. Neither he nor Ace should be stood there, but they were. He had to admit that she was right, it was nice, he might even go so far as to say it was beautiful. Glancing round he searched for something that may explain how they were there, how they were alive. He could hear no sound, no people talking or moving around and no animals. The buildings so miss matched the city looked more like an architects jumble sale than a city.

This was confusing, the Doctor had told her that nothing could survive inside the time vortex, if no other reason than it wasn't in time, as such, it was outside and so anything linear would cease to be. He had explained it such; 'If there is no time line to move along then nothing can move along it.' It had made sense at the time, but standing here, watching the walls of the vortex rotate past the spires of the unimaginably high towers the laws of the time lords seemed so far away.

"Dose that mean we should be..." She didn't really want to finish that sentence herself.

"Dead." His voice hollow and cold. A matter-of-fact statement not made to make either of them feel any better.

"And so you shall be!"

Ace turned quickly towards the voice behind her, the barrel of a gun was level with her eyes and pointed straight at her. The gun clicked as it was cocked, she was going to die...


Author's Notes:

I hope you liked chapter 1... to be honest this was meant to be a one-shot but I think it works better like this.

Yes, I've followed the Doctor Who rules, imminent death as a cliff hanger, I did say at the top I would explain what happened to Ace... but will she die.. you'll have to wait and find out.,

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