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Chapter 4.

He smiled at the Doctor and glanced over to the far corner of the room where a group of men stood at a table. "Dibber, come see who's here."

Dibber was stood with his back to the Doctor, his tight leather trousers squeaked as he straitened up and turned to face the central table. His face cracked into a broad smile and he started over toward the Doctor with his hand held out in greeting. "Hello Doctor, how's it been?"

"What are you two doing here?" The Doctor asked, he had met both these men before, long ago but his memory of them was still clear, they were con-men and thieves.

"Sabalom Glitz, it's been ages." Ace put her arm round Sabaloms' shoulders and gave him a quick hug. "How's things been?" She could remember how he had helped both her and the Doctor, it seemed like and eternity since they had last met. She looked into those cool brown eyes and was glad to see a face she knew, his friend, Dibber however, was a stranger. Obviously he knew the Doctor, but this wasn't the first time she had come across someone who knew the Doctor from past experience and most ran screaming, or tried to kill him.

The Doctor eyed both men with mild suspicion, he had met Sabalom on Ice World but, since his regeneration, had not encountered Dibber. How could this young man know who he was? The Doctor assumed, after a moment of thought, that Sabalom must have told him of the transformation. "The last time I saw you, you were aiding Sabalom in stealing secrets. What are you up to now?"

"Doctor, that was a long time ago." With a nod to the room he continued. "We've got a sweet racket going on here, you see..."

"I don't think the Doctor wants to know all the ins and outs of what we're doing Dibber, now go and get that casket of darlekainum, there's a good boy." Sabalom felt flustered, he asked himself, again, why he kept Dibber around, he would spill his mind to anyone who asked nicely. He could see the look he was getting from the Doctor, he knew it meant more questions but for now, he would be asking the questions.

"That thing must weigh a tone." Dibber protested. He was getting a back ache from all the hauling he had been doing since they arrived here, he was being paid nicely, well, he would be when the job was finished.

"It's what I employ you for, how many times do I have to tell you, now go and get it." Giving Dibber a shove he watched him totter toward the office that made up half of the shorter part of the 'L' shaped room. Turning back to the Doctor and Ace. "So, what are you two doing here?"

"I'm not sure, yet." The Doctor watched Dibber wander off to collect the darlekainum. "Darlekainum's a rather powerful explosive." Watching, he saw Dibber pick up a large casket, no less than a foot across and a foot deep. He could hear Ace chatting away to Sabalom as he watched Dibber catch his balance.

Sabalom pretended not to hear the Doctors' comment about darlekainum, he wasn't about to say what he was using it for. "So, you still with him then?" He wanted to know how they got here and, more importantly, could they leave? "He still go round in that TARDIS?"

"Yeah, we've been all over." Ace, by personality, was a loaner but even she enjoyed the company of others every once in a while. She thought she would have been happy when she went back to Perivale, but, the master had ended that idea. "We were on our way to Gallifrey when we landed here."

"Isn't that the Doctors home planet?" He knew full well it was, he just needed to get her taking. He'd known Ace for a few months before the Doctor had shown up on that frozen planet, he had come to know her and now, he would be able to use that acquittance to his advantage. His mind buzzed with ideas of finding a way to come and go from this little slab of rock, and once he had managed to leave, he could strip it bare.

"Yes, it is." The Doctor was still watching Dibber as he attempted not to fall on his face with the casket. "That will blast a whole in this rock the size of Belgium, if he drops it."

Sabalom turned to see Dibber teetering on the verge of falling backwards. "Dibber." Rushing toward the young man, he held out his arms. Catching hold of the casket and keeping Dibber upright, just in time. "I wish you would be more careful."

"Sorry Glitz." Dibber felt ashamed, he was always letting Sabalom down, he was always messing up. Making a note to start acting more like an apprentice and less like an idiot, he carried the casket to the central table and placed it down in front of Glitz and the Doctor.

Ace saw the bombs and jumped at them, picking one up and tossing it from hand to hand. "Cool bombs, hey Professor." She didn't notice the look of horror on the faces of the Doctor or Sabalom, Dibber was smiling along with her.

Sabalom reached forward, taking the bomb from Ace. He knew he had to be careful, he also knew how lucky he was it hadn't gone off in her hands. "It's highly unstable." He heard the main door open and turned to greet Takan. He notice the look of perplexed worry on the big mans face and then saw Tamin walking in beside him. Tamin was glancing round the room and then Sabalom saw him lay his eyes on the Doctor and Ace. Sabalom sighed as Tarmin pointed at the Doctor.

"That's them."

The air purification unit had stared up moments after he had entered the control room. He could sense the air being circulated now, the old, stagnant air was being replaced by fresh, living air from the refinery up above.

The rows of lights had blinked on and the sensors were now giving readouts of the area above him. He was still in the time vortex but the surface of the rock had changed and from what he was getting from the readouts, the rock had moved from its' original location. He had suspected as much when they had come up with the idea, they had been so sure of their own superiority, so sure they had given themselves over to the ultimate sin.

A panel behind him blinked, the automated alarm sounded, the ticker tape spilled out onto the floor, the series of dots and dashes a simple code. Reading it down he was surprised to see that only one TARDIS had landed, only one TARDIS with two occupants. Turing to the monitor, he accessed the external surveillance systems. Timing them back he watched as the blue box materialized in the back street and the two occupants stepped out.

"One of you is a Gallifreyan, the other..." He tapped a row of buttons and flicked down a set of four switches on the top of the console. Scanning a locked screen display into the system he analyzed the womans molecular composition. "DNA based, 219 million base pairs, hydrogen, oxygen mix, Outer layer is composed of keratinocytes, melanocytes, Langerhans cells and Merkels cells... skin... She's human." The clear voice filled the room as the realisation struck. "This Gallifreyan travels with a human?"

As far as he knew, they had never deemed the human race as having any true importance when it came to the grand scheme, unless something had changed in his time of stasis? Turing he accessed a column of switches that started up the main reactor, soon his base would be fully operational he would be free. Looking back at the monitor, the cold silver eyes fell on the youthful face of the female leaving the TARDIS. He wondered if the guard had been alerted yet, had their sensors picked up the minor atmospheric changed in the cavern? Choosing to opt for the safer, he moved to the large silver lever, some what stiffened with age, that protruded form the rock face on the left of the doors and, after a small amount of resistance, pulled the lever from it's upright position, 180 degrees. Almost immediately, the large doors closed and the thick Adamantium barrier closed over the security access door, sealing him into the control room.

His neck stiffened, the polymer casing had worn slightly, turning his head he could hear the servos and actuators fire. Moving to the reactor control port he pulled the safely guard from the coolant control valve and turned the dial almost a full rotation clockwise, a run of lights, ranging from green to bright red lit up as he turned.

"Soon the reactors will be up to full power and then, then I can vent the exhausted into the atmosphere."

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