The Battle of Tollana, Epilogue

10 July 2015

Ship's Log: The Arcadia is heading home for repairs today. The Tollans had offered to repair the damages, but I had to decline. The generals and politicians and politicians back home would have had kittens if I let anyone, even our nominal allies, have an up close examination of some of our more advanced technologies. When I explained this to Narim, I got the impression that he thought it was fair payback given his people's prior treatment of our requests for advanced technology.

In any case, we're not leaving Tollana undefended. For a start, while we did a number on the dreadnaught's point defense system, its main guns are completely intact. Both my engineers and the Tollans tell me that those guns were more powerful than we thought they were, capable of one-shotting any known ship in existence short of an Atlantis class city-ship.

In addition, a relief force of three ships arrived from home yesterday: Arcadia's sister ships the El Dorado and the Shangri La as well as the battlecruiser Apollo. The small task force was headed by General Samantha Carter. Of course, I met with General Carter after they arrived and briefed her on the local situation. For what it's worth, she approved my giving the dreadnaught to the Tollans whatever the bean counters and bureaucrats back home might say.

I also learned that the Free Jaffa Nation had dispatched a ship with a Stargate to pick up the Jaffa who surrendered. I suppose it comes as no surprise that most of the Jaffa and their families decided to join the FJN once they heard about it. Some of the Tollan collaborators – mostly widows of the battle – have elected to emigrate to Earth. What's really surprising is that a number of Jaffa – Breetai being one - seemed to have gone native and elected to stay on Tollana. Narim accepted that last one grudgingly. I think he realizes that his people still have a lot to learn about how to properly defend themselves.

With the damages we took, it'll take us about five days to get back to Earth. I'm assured that this should be a long, boring trip. Maybe I'll get around to reading the Jessica Fletcher mystery novel that my husband bought for me. I've heard they became all the rage after the author was convicted of mass murder.

8 July 2015

Commanding Officer's Quarters

U.S.S. Arcadia

"Oh, God, what a day," Joan muttered exhaustedly as she entered her quarters.

"For what it's worth, Joan," God replied. He was seated at Joan's desk. "You did good today." He glanced at a clock. "Well, yesterday now."

Joan was too tired to be surprised by His presence. In any case, God had a habit of showing up out of the blue since she had been in high school, and as Joan aged, so had His avatars. His current form was the one that Joan had first met Him in. This was the face God used when Joan was in need of a friend, a shoulder to lean on, or just general comfort. Somewhere along the way, Joan had privately tagged this avatar as "Cute Guy God."

"Did I?" Joan asked as she threw herself onto her bunk. "I can't help thinking I might have been able to do better."

"You did as good a job as any other officer in your place could have," God assured her. "Better in fact if you consider the history of boarding Goa'uld ships. Most of those had a tendency to wind up destroyed with all hands."

"I know. I came this close," Joan held her thumb and forefinger less than an inch apart, "to doing just that. I was one decision away from massacring thousands of Jaffa and their families. And You know what? I would have done it too. That scares me. It really scares me."

"But you didn't," God said gently. "You didn't have to. Breetai chose to trust you and surrender."

"I was praying he would," Joan told him. She scrutinized God. "But You know that, don't you? You didn't by chance happen to influence his decision?"

"Of course not, Joan," God said easily. "As you know, I never interfere with free will. If I influenced Breetai, I would have been taking away his free will. Although I will say that Breetai doesn't trust easily. Had he been speaking to any one of Earth's other starship commanders, I dare say that Breetai probably would have gone the other way."

"Huh," Joan grunted thoughtfully. That wasn't something she had thought of before. She filed that away in the back of her mind for later consideration. "What about the collision that started this mess? Two starships running into each other entirely by accident... Don't tell me You had nothing to do with it."

"Okay, I won't tell you," God said cheerfully. "Although, I will say that I happen to know a guy named Murphy, and he doesn't play favorites."

Before Joan could formulate a reply to that outrageous statement, God stood up and went to the door to leave.

"By the way, your brother has spun up the MiniGate," God added as He paused at the door. A light blinked on the wall monitor. "You have a call, Joan. You should take it."

God left as Joan scrambled into the seat He had just vacated. She tapped a control to activate the screen. A familiar and welcome face appeared.

"Adam," Joan said, relieved. "You called."

"You sound surprised, Joan," her husband replied. "It's not like we didn't schedule this whole thing ahead of time."

"Sorry, I've had a busy day," Joan apologized.

"I've heard," Adam said sympathetically. "All the families got informed in advanced. The military's gonna tell the news in a couple days. You can probably expect a three ring circus when you get back."

Joan groaned piteously.

"On the brighter side of things," Adam continued. "I've been seeing someone."

"Oh, really?" Joan said dubiously.

"Oh, yeah," Adam said blithely. "She's younger than I am, most beautiful girl you ever saw. We've been spending all our time together. In fact, she's here right now." Adam reached off screen with both hands and brought the girl into view. "Say, hello, Chrissie."

"Hi, Mommy!"

"Hi, sweetie," Joan replied, a smile blossoming on her face. For the first time in hours, all seemed right in the universe.



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Cast by Source Material

Joan of Arcadia

Joan Rove nee Girardi, LTC – Commanding Officer of the Arcadia, talks to God

Luke Girardi – Arcadia's exotic physics expert, Joan's younger brother

Grace Girardi nee Polk – Arcadia's security consultant, Luke's wife, Slayer

God – Joan's advisor of sorts, appears in various forms that many see but only Joan recognizes

Adam Rove – Joan's husband

Kevin Girardi – Joan's older brother

Stargate SG-1

Samantha Carter, General – Earth relief force commander

Narim – Leader of Tollan Resistance

Seaquest DSV

Jonathan Ford, Cmdr – Arcadia's XO

Hitchcock, LtCmdr – Arcadia's Chief engineer

Tim O'Neill, LT – Arcadia's Communications officer, "no relation to Jack"

Kristin Westphalen, Dr – Arcadia's Science Dept head

Lucas Wolenczak – Arcadia's computer systems expert, network admin


Gorman, LT – Arcadia's Marine OIC

Apone, Gunnery SGT – Arcadia's Marine NCOIC

Dwayne Hicks, CPL – Marine

William Hudson, PFC – Marine

Vasquez, PVT - Marine

Space: Above and Beyond

Shane Vansen, CPL – Marine squad leader

Nathan West, PFC – Marine

Cooper Hawkes, PVT - Marine

Wing Commander

Jeanette Devereaux, CPT – pilot, callsign Angel

Todd Marshall, LT – pilot, callsign Maniac

Christopher Blair, LT – pilot, callsign Maverick

Robotech (names only)

Zor – Goa'uld in charge of Tollana occupation

Breetai – Zor's First Prime

Khyron – Jaffa guard

Exedor – Jaffa gunner

Dolza – Jaffa Ha'tak commander

Gloval – Tollan Resistance

Fokker – Tollan Resistance, pilot

Miriya – Tollan Collaborator

Indiana Jones series

Jones, Dr. – Arcadia's archaeologist

Original Character (!)

Christine Rove – Daughter of Adam and Joan