And here's another one of my dumb little stories. You guys must be getting pretty sick of them by now. But I can't help it….I love to write them. Hope some of you like this one.

Burial Ground

Dean walked into the motel room and handed Sam a beer. He then popped one open himself and sat on the bed behind his brother who was sitting at a table his computer opened in front of him.

"You still on that thing?" He asked Sam. His brother had been on and off the computer all day….mostly on.

"Yeah…I think I found something."


"It seems there's something weird going on in Yellowstone."


"Yeah." Sam glanced up at his brother then back down at the computer. "It says there's been a bunch of strange animal attacks…. bears, mountain lions, snakes….. It also says numerous people have been injured or killed from healthy trees that apparently fell over for no reason."

"So what does all that have to do with us? It's a wildlife park Sam ….these things happen."

"Yeah but I did some research on the area. It seems that there is an old Apache burial ground in the park near where these attacks occurred."


"There is an old legend that says if anything is removed from the burial grounds nature will rebel until the object is replaced."

"So you think that's what's happening?"

"Well it fits the legend."

"It could just be coincidence Sam."

"Or not….. Look, we're in the area Dean, what does it hurt to check it out?"

"Okay…guess you're right…..Let's get a good night's sleep and we'll head up there tomorrow."

The next day

They got up early the next morning and made it to the park in two hours.

"Looks like they might have closed the park." Dean said as he looked around the parking lot. There were a few cars there but not near as many as usual.

"The deaths must have kept people away, but the site said the park was open as usual." Sam looked over at the ranger's station. "We better go sign in."

They walked into the ranger's station and were greeted by a man in a brown uniform who was sitting at his desk.

"Welcome to Yellowstone ….How long you boys planning on staying?" The ranger asked as the brothers approached his desk.

"Probably a week or two." Sam said.

"You boys hear about the animal attacks we've been having?" He asked as he gave them papers to sign.

"Yeah….We thought maybe the park would be closed." Sam said as he signed a fake name then handed the paper to Dean.

"I think it should be but the state wants us to stay open. Guess they figure they'll lose a lot of money if they close down." The ranger then handed them two other papers. "I'll need you both to sign these just in case…"

"In case of what?" Dean asked.

"This is just in case you're injured …or worse in the park. This relinquishes the parks responsibility for any injuries that might occur while visiting here."

They signed the papers then handed them back to the man who in return handed them a map.

"You boys keep to the trails and stay away from the animals. … Follow the rules and you should be fine."

"Thanks." Dean said as he and Sam turned and headed back to the car.

Sam studied the map then pulled out a map he had pulled off of the internet and compared them.

"Looks like the area that's been hit the hardest is about ten miles from here."

Dean gathered a stash of weapons from the trunk then rolled them up in their backpacks.

"Well Daniel Boone let's go find the trail." Dean smiled over at Sam.

"You know we really don't even know what or who we're looking for." Sam said as they walked toward the woods. The best they could do was hope they ran into who ever took the Indian artifacts off the burial ground and try to replace them. If the person had already left the area they knew that the only thing, according to the legend, that would appease the spirits would be a human sacrifice.

"Hey, this was your idea buddy…You want to back out?" Dean was almost hoping Sam would say yes. The odds of finding the person who took the object would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, plus he would prefer sleeping in a nice soft bed tonight rather then on the hard forest ground.

"No. We're here; we might as well see if there is anything we can do."

"Then let's go." Dean readjusted his backpack then followed his brother into the woods.