Burial Ground

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Burial Ground

Chapter twenty three

"I'll kill you you bitch!" Dean didn't care if she was a female or not; if she had hurt his brother she was dead.

He ran toward the cabin and didn't even bother to see if the door was unlocked, with one hard kick the door shattered into pieces. He was horrified by the sight that greeted his eyes. Sam lay on the bed covered in blood, Andrea on top of him a growing red blood stain on her back.

"Sammy!" Dean rushed to his brother and pulled Andrea off of him and tossed her onto the floor. "Sammy?" Dean ran his hands over Sam's body looking for any bullet wounds. He saw the cuts on Sam's arm but no bullet holes. "Sam where were you hit?" He asked when he couldn't find any.

"Dean…." Sam breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his brother was okay. "I'm okay….she didn't shoot me."

Dean looked at Sam confused.

"She didn't shoot you?"

"No….Mike shot her before she could."

Dean knelt down next to Mike's body which was lying in a pool of blood; he was dead, his hand still firmly grasping his gun. He then went to Andrea and took Sam's gun out of her hand as she looked up at him.

"Help me…please help me…." She begged. "I …I don't want to die."

"Neither did your friends bitch!" Dean had no sympathy for her. She had left her friends die one by one and had almost killed his brother.

He walked back over to Sam and checked his pulse, it was racing.

"How're ya feeling?"

"Like I'm dead but too dumb to fall over." Sam gave his brother a little smile.

"You look like hell." Dean reached over and pushed Sam's sweat soaked hair out of his eyes. He was worried… Sam's breathing was labored and he was burning up, but he knew he couldn't let him rest, they had to go. "Sam….we got to leave here, we got to make it to the burial ground before sundown."

"Why sundown?"

"I'll tell you on the way."

"Dean…I don't think I can make it. Why don't you just go….do what you have to do…you can come back for me later."

"There's no way I'm leaving you here alone. We're both going …even if I have to carry you."

"What about her?" Sam looked down at Andrea.

"She stays."

"We can't just leave her Dean."

"Why not? She killed Mike and it looks like she was about to kill you."

"Yeah but she's hurt, we can't just leave her here to die."

"How 'bout if I put her out of her misery." Dean stood over to Andrea and pointed his gun at her.

"Dean!" Sam couldn't believe his brother would shoot an injured human, especially a woman.

"Sam she left four of her friends die out there, and she killed Mike. Who knows how many other people that we don't even know about have died because of this curse."


Dean looked down at Andrea and could see her eyes starting to glaze over so he knelt down next to her and placed two fingers against her neck….the decision had been made for him…she was dead. He then went over to her backpack and took out the piece of broken bow and put it in his backpack.

"She's gone Sam." He walked back to his brother and gently pulled him off the bed then put Sam's arm around his shoulder. "We got to go." Dean knew that Sam was weak and shouldn't be moved but he wasn't about to leave him behind, not by himself.


The walk was long with Sam growing weaker with each step. Sam knew he was holding Dean back and begged him to leave him but Dean ignored him and continued helping him toward the burial ground. Dean figured they'd either make it together or die together but at least they'd do it together. When Sam collapsed and couldn't go on any further Dean picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. His brother's weight made the going even slower. Dean could see the sun slowly going down on the horizon and he tried to quicken his pace. Sam had long ago stopped talking and even his occasional moans had grown quiet but Dean knew he couldn't stop to check on him, he had to reach the burial ground by sundown or they both were dead. Finally just as the sun began to set he saw the graveyard up ahead and slowly lowered Sam to the ground.

"Sam we made it." He told his brother as he gently stroked his face trying to get a response. When there wasn't any he began to panic. "Come on Sammy wake up, we're here." He began to shake his brother as tears filled his eyes. "Sam? Sammy!" He put his ear down next to his brother's mouth but couldn't detect any breath. "No…..Oh God no!" He began patting Sam's face. "Sammy wake up! Come on Sam you got to wake up for me!"

Tears were now streaming down his face as he left his brother and made his way over to the burial ground. He then placed the bow in a small hidden space between two rocks.

"You have your bow! Now bring my brother back!" Dean shouted at the sky, but there was no response. "I did what you asked! The bow has been returned to its rightful place!" Dean glanced over at Sam who lay as still as death. "Please! Please bring my brother back he had nothing to do with it being stolen!"

Suddenly the lone wolf appeared on a large boulder overlooking the graveyard and was soon surrounded by the other wolves. It once more slowly morphed into a figure.

"You have shown yourself to be worthy. The love between you and your brother is strong….stronger then the venom that tries to steal his life. He will awake and be well and you will leave these grounds in peace." The Indian closed his eyes and waved his hand over the area then slowly morphed back into the form of a wolf. The entire pack of wolves then turned as one and headed back into the woods.

Dean hurried back to Sam who slowly sat up then looked around confused, not quite sure what was going on.

"You okay?" Dean asked.

"Yeah….yeah I actually feel pretty good." Sam couldn't believe how well he felt. "What happened?"

"It's late…let's make camp for the night and I'll explain every thing to you then."

Dean reached down and took Sam's offered hand and pulled him up.

"It's over?" Sam asked as he looked toward the burial ground.

"Yeah …it's over." Dean patted Sam on his back as he led him away from the area, but he took a second to glance back and whisper a grateful thank you.

The End