Short drabble that begged for its own story. I present to thee-


They had been a birthday gift, a long-standing joke between Brennan and Angela. She wasn't quite sure what she'd do with thirty-six cupcakes, but the two of them had always found a way to do something.

This year was different though. Booth was here now, in their lives, and he didn't know about tradition.

So when he saw her go for the unmarked box of cupcakes, he got overprotective. Fast.

"Bones! You don't know where those came from!" he said, snatching the box away. "There could be another psycho out there who's trying to poison you!"

"With sweet, innocent cupcakes?" she teased. "Besides, they're from Angela. We do this every year."

"Do what?"

"Send each other cupcakes," she answered, pulling one of the confections out of the box and sitting on the couch. She started to lick the frosting of, darting her tongue out in little swipes. Booth's pants started to tighten immediately.

God, I want to be that cupcake.

He moved closer, and sat next to her, watching her clean the sweet icing off with her tongue. A bit of it landed on her lip, and before she could lick it off, Booth did for her. He slipped his tongue out to clean her up, and she ended up catching it between her lips. She shifted to open up more, letting him slide his tongue all the way in. They danced in time, while their hands roamed in freestyle. Brennan shifted upwards to rest on her knees and Booth took the opportunity to kiss her neck, letting her moans shift his goals. He grabbed a cupcake from the box and smeared it on her neck. He began to lick it off slowly. She tasted so sweet.

Brennan smiled wryly in the midst of it. She had finally found something to do with those cupcakes.

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The Girl Trying To Make Cupcakes Sexy, a.k.a. Pirate.