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Chapter 2 – When you're struck in your heart.

Gaara gasped as he heard what the girl said. She claimed that she was his friend. His first real friend, Uzumaki Naruto. Well but he believed her. How couldn't he. She had those whisker marks, same blue eyes, and the Shiki Fuujin seal, and Gaara's own inner demon could feel the presence of the one and only Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine Tailed Fox. It was impossible to reseal a demon into another person, which was, at the time at least seventeen. It all seemed real. Well he hoped that she would give him clear explanation asap.

After few minutes of deep silence, Gaara opened his mouth to speak. "So...Nar.. Nasake care to explain what happened...?" He focused his sight on the redhead.

She sighed, and looked at him with eyes filled with sadness. Even though Gaara was denser that the old Naruto, and he was emotionally dysfunctional, he understood. She was heartbroken. Something shook the deep foundations of her ability to feel and trust. Something truly horrible happened.

A lone tear escaped her eye, as she prepared herself to talk. "It all began with defeating the Uchiha..."


( Here Naruto already knows about her true nature, but it wasn't revealed to anyone yet, and she's in the normal form... so I'll refer to her as to male and Naruto... )

There were several bodies lying in the grass. They could be identified as Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu. Yeah, the famed team Hebi. They were finally defeated. They resisted, but at last, they were terminated, for the greater good of the entire shinobi world.

Bruised and bloodied Naruto stood over the body of the now unconscious Uchiha. He stood there with pride. At last, he was able to do it. He was strong enough. He made it. He saved his best friend. His brother, from the clutches of vengeance and broken past.

Now, he would be able to bring him home. Fulfill his promise to Haruno girl, and make everyone happy.

Naruto lowered himself, even though it was truly painful. He took the unconscious 'Last Uchiha' on his back, and started to walk towards the village. Even though he was bleeding heavily, and the village was far away, he was determined to do it.

"I will save you. Nothing will stop me now..." He whispered, to nobody in particular, and continued going towards Konoha at considerable pace.

End Flashback

"... Yeah, I was able to retrieve him... Sure, it was hard, but y'a know how far I go for friends... well after few days of walk, Kyuu healed me enough to walk painlessly, but even after that, my condition was still critical, and Sasuke was still unconscious. Well but at last, I arrived at the gates of the village, and hoped for some warm welcome..."


Naruto entered the gates of Konohagakure no Sato, with the famed Last Uchiha on his back. Several people were already waiting nearby.

Naruto was totally exhausted. Exhausted like never before. Gently, he put the Uchiha on the solid ground, and tried to relax his hurting muscles a bit. He noticed some of his friends, who were running towards him.

He stood up a bit, to say at least something like hello to his friends. "Ohayoo, Sakura-chan! I made, I finally brought him back!" He tried to cheer a bit.

Instead of any help, or something warm, the thing he received was rather unexpected. It was a full-power punch ( yeah, super-strength... ), which actually sent him flying about twenty meters, until he crashed into the village wall...

End Flashback

Now she started crying.

"... A-and then the-y al-l as-sembled a-a-arround mme, an-d atta-cked mmmme several times. I-i didn'tt under-stand-d whatt-s goin-gg onnn... Then... a-acrowd of vil...villagers assemble-d... my...'friends' retr-reated a b-bit, an-d the-y let the mm-mob b-beat mm-e..."

At this Gaara clenched his fist hard. Nearly hard enough to draw blood.

"They...they al-l wa-tched, an-dd sm...smil-ed an-d-d smir-ked... Every-o-one, ex-except Tsu-tsunade... Ji-iraiya a a and Ir-ruka... e-ever-ybody just w-w-atched...a-and en-enjoyed i-it."

Gaara's eyes widened a bit more at this.

"A-after f-f-ew mminut-es i...i-wa-s sti-ll con-scious... b-but t-the s-sseal w-whi-ch h-held th-e t-t-trans-format-t-tion b-b-r-oke, an-d whe-n th-th-they r-r-real-is-ised, t-tha-t I'm a a gir-l, the...the...they..."





"Go back to your fox lair you piece of shit"


"Finally, YOU DIE!"







End Flashback

At this, she was openly crying, and hugging her knees furiously.

Gaara gulped at this. He fumed with anger. He understood what she tried to say. Her best friends attacked her, beat her up, let others beat her up, and then, they let her to be raped. Raped.

How could somebody do such a thing? How could somebody let their long time friend to be abused like this? They were the demons.

For bringing their long lost friend back, all she got was pain and a broken heart.

It actually made Gaara cry. ( like not totally, but he shed a tear. GAARA SHED A TEAR! DAMN THAT'S FUCKING SERIOUS! )

He walked towards the heartbroken girl, and embraced her. She continued to cry on his chest. Oh, how emotional it was! Nasake actually cried for the third time in her life.

"T-t-thank...y-you..." She managed to whisper.

Gaara knew what he had to do. Nobody made his friends cry, nobody harmed his BEST friend and got away with it. They would pay. He would make sure of it. After he was done with them, they would be on wheelchairs riding around the village for the rest of their lives...

Oh yeah, he would once again show his brutal nature... At this he clenched his fist and gave a chibi cry xD ( Imagine Gaara looking like Lee, crying about flames of youth or something, rofl, and yelling "Love will prevail"... yar, that's crazy, right? ).

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