"This better be important if you and calling me at 6 am on my day off

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"This better be important, to be calling me at six in the morning on my day off!" Jake said into the phone while giving the clock a dirty look.

"So the workaholic finally took a day off?" A big smile broke across Hamilton's face at the sound of Jakes' voice.

"Hamilton, is that you?" Jake sits up in bed. It had been months since she had talked to her old friend.

"Who else would it be?" Hamilton's smile just kept getting bigger, "how have you been, Jake? Are you really taking the day off? Are you sick or something?"

"Well actually I have my own business now; I work when I want to. I got tired of working for someone else all the time." Jake couldn't help smiling every time she even thought about Hamilton, let alone talked to him. "I'm even better now that I'm talking to you. How are you doing Ham? How is… what was her name, Amber?"

"Amber is gone; she left me because I wouldn't stop working. No big lose, though. I can't even remember why we were dating in the first place."

"I think I remember you saying you were horny one night and she just happened to be there," Jake laughed. She never really liked hearing about who Hamilton was dating, even thought they were still friends. She still loved him, and it was bad enough that they were half a world away from each other; she didn't need the added misery of hearing him talk about his girlfriends, too.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Well, you know, if you were here, I would never have been with Amber." Hamilton waited for Jake to start arguing about how it was for the best, that they were not together, like she always did when he told her that but when it never came he started to hope that they still might have a chance for a future together. "So, are you seeing anyone right now?"

"No, I'm single. I can't seem to get over this one guy. He was the love of my life and I just let him go. I can't remember why, but I did." Jake said jokingly. It was completely true; she just was hoping the Hamilton would think she was only joking.

Hamilton was shock, have Jake just told him he had been the love of her life. She was doing it again, trying to cover up the truth by joking about it. "I really miss you Jacqueline. You know, I never stopped loving you, nor will I ever stop." He gave up trying to tell himself that he didn't love Jake or that she was the love of his life.

Jake loved the way that Hamilton said her full name. It always sounded so right coming from him. "I love you too Hamilton. I just wish that we lived closer together. Where are you living this month?"

"In Kansas, I just finished my project so I'll be moving soon. I was thinking; it might be time to take a break from work and maybe visit you in London. What do you think?" They had not seen each other in two years, and that had only been for a weekend. They met in New York as Jake came to the USA to support her mother.

"I'd love that. One of the perks of having my own business is that you can set your own schedule; we could really spend time together unlike last time. What do you think about checking out the Tower of London?"

"I always wanted to check the Tower of London out. Maybe we can see some of the old castles as well. I wonder if I can find a job over there. That way I would be able to stay for a while."

"If you want to work you can, but you are always welcome to just come stay with me and hang out. I will not make you pay rent and you don't always have to work, you know." Hamilton was always joking that she was the workaholic, when really he was the workaholic of the two.

"I'll talk to my boss; see what I can find out." Hamilton was excited just thinking about seeing Jake again. Every time they talked, it was like falling in love with her all over again. Maybe it was time to give up his loner ways and settle down. He had never wanted to give up everything just to be with someone before, but with Jake it just felt right.

"How is work going? Are you still doing all those jobs for the National Geographic's'?" Jake was a big fan of Hamilton's work, and has been the one who talked him in to applying for the job in the first place. He had had extraordinary talent in photography, so she knew he would get the job, furthermore he would get to see the world. It was good for their friendship too, because whenever he was in Europe they would met to spend time together even, if only for the weekend. Over the last few years he had mainly been in the United State working on projects.

"I just finished a big project on the farmlands of America. It was a good project to work on, because I got to go to almost every state, and see the kind of farming going on. I stayed in a lot of small towns."

"That sounds like a good project, so why do you sound so down?" Jake could tell that something was bothering him. He had always been an open book with his emotions.

"I guess I have been thinking a lot about the future, do I really want to do this for the rest of my life." Hamilton knew Jake would pick up on him being unhappy; even before they had dated they shared a connection, unlike anything either had experienced before.

"I understand thinking about the future; I have been doing that a lot myself lately." Mainly thinking about a future with Hamilton, but he didn't need to know that. "I guess that is one reason I started my own business. That way I have more control of my future."

"So explain what sore of business you stated; I thought you mainly debugged programs, before they hit the market."

"That is exactly what I do. Before, I was working for just one software company, now I'm all freelancing. I made the change a month ago and I already have three smaller software companies that I'm debugging for. Hiring people outside of the company is easier for most companies, because they don't have to worry about all the normal benefits; like insurance, pension, and sick days. The best part is that I can work from home."

"Sounds good to me, I wish that I could have a job where I would get paid to lay around all day, playing with computers," Hamilton said laughing.

"I guess there are not many jobs that let their camera man just sit around taking pictures of whatever walks through his bedroom." Jake joined in the laugher "didn't you tell me that you saved enough money to live off for at least 10 years?"

"Yeah, that is one nice thing about my job. I get paid to work, plus I get free housing, and food. So yeah, I could probably live off my savings for at least 10 years, if not more." Hamilton knew what he wanted to ask Jake, but didn't know if he was ready for the answer. In the end, he decided that he could wait until see her to talk to her about his idea for the future. He had been thinking a lot about marriage, coming to the conclusion that the only person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with is Jake.

"Well it is late here, so I'm going to call it a night. I hate this time difference. I was hoping that I would catch you when you finished work, not at six in the morning," Hamilton yawned. He really hated to end this conversation, but he needed sleep. Tomorrow he would start to plan his trip to London, well mainly he needed to plan on how to show Jake how much he loved her and wanted to be with her. "Have a good day off. I love and miss you Jake."

"I guess I will let you get some sleep, even though you woke me up so early," Jake smiled. She loved to pick on him. "Have a good night. And don't worry about what time it is here, if you feel like calling please do. I would rather talk to you then sleep."

Hamilton started laughing. He knew Jake was telling the truth but he also knew that she was not a morning person. When they got off the phone she would probably go back to bed for a few more hours, before she finally got up. She would make coffee, and start working on whatever new program she had. There was no way that she would take the whole day off from work.

"I love you Hamilton, and miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again. Let me know when you will be coming my way, there are so many things to show you and tell you." Did she just say that out loud? Oh well. Even if she did, she had wanted to see him for a long time now. She planned to tell him that she didn't want to be apart anymore. It didn't matter what she had to do, but she would do anything, just to be with him. "Good night Hamilton."

"Good night Jake." With that, he put the phone down and went to take a cold shower. No matter what the distance, she still had the same effect on him. He loved her with all his being. They were meant to be together, and they would be together no matter what he had to do.

Jake listened to the dial tone for a few moments, before she put down the phone. She lay back down and thought about the only man she had ever loved. No matter what distance she still got butterflies in her stomach when she talked to him.

She was tried, and had planned to sleep in, even though there was work that could and should be done. She closed her eyes and with images of Hamilton running through her head she drifted off to sleep.