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Coming Back To Everything I Knew

T W O- S H O T

Chapter 2: His Acceptance

This would be the year, the year she would come home. Back to her family, her friends and more importantly, back to him. He didn't quite understand how he knew this, but that didn't matter. What mattered now was that the love of his life would return to him, and they could finally live their happily ever after. That is if she was willing to take him back. He had tried not to think of it, but the thought continuously popped into his head whenever he thought of Miley. It had been seven years since they had last had any contact with one another, with her being as beautiful as she was, surely she must have moved on.

Nick Jonas groaned as he buried his face into his hands. He was sprawled on his leather sofa in his living room, watching a football game and thinking of Miley Stewart. Miley Stewart, the girl who had stole and broken his heart. The girl who had walked away from him so long ago, the girl he was still helplessly in love with. How could you still be in love with a girl who has broken you're heart like that? Was a question he had repeatedly been asked, mostly by his older brother Joe, and he wasn't quite sure how he still loved her so. There was something inside him that prevented him from moving on, something in him that told him she still cared, that she still thought if him, that she'd come back home.

Nick still remembered that day Miley had left. He remembered it like it'd happened yesterday. It was a memory that was engraved into his soul, one he couldn't rid. It haunted his dreams each night. Her tear stained face would come up in his mind; her sweet voice would trouble his ears. No matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn't let that memory go.

Now, you needed to understand that Nick Jonas was an exceptionally bright person. Through out his long hectic career he managed to achieve good academic grades, he graduated with scores that were above average. He also had managed to keep a healthy social life, keeping his friends from Wyckoff and making new celebrity friends as well. His music and acting career was currently at top, sales for Jonas Brother things sky-rocketing. Somewhere along the way he had managed to score the love of his life, Miley Stewart. Nick sighed loudly, she was amazing. She knew everything about him, and yet she still loved him. She loved everything about him, including his flaws. She understood him; she always knew what to say and when to say it. She never pried and hadn't ever expected much from him. She was perfect, in every way ever possible. She was the girl that he needed, that he wanted. The girl that had gotten away. He remembered when he first met her.

"Come on, Nick. Can you at least try and move a little faster?" Joe asked impatiently. "You're moving about as fast as a snail. You know you don't need to worry about finding Hannah, she said she wasn't coming!"

Hannah had said that. Earlier that day, when Nick was sitting in front of the television set watching a Cubs and Mets game and talking on the phone with his favourite pop-star, he had asked her to come to the party with him. She had politely declined saying she had promised to spend sometime with her father tonight.

Now, here he was, at a beach party Joe had forced him to come too. Nick rolled his eyes when he heard his older brother complain about his slow pace once again. It wasn't that Nick was moving slowly on purpose. The place was filled with people and it seemed impossible to move regularly through all the sweaty bodies that were pressed against each other.

"I'm aware of that thank you, Joe. But I wasn't even looking for Hannah in the first place." Nick lied and he heard his brother snort from ahead of him. Nick had been denying his feelings towards his famous friend, but his brothers saw right through his act. Luckily Hannah wasn't aware of his crush on her. Nick couldn't understand what there wasn't to love about the girl, she was perfect in practically every way. Her long flowing golden hair and how it fell into her shining blue eyes. She was without a doubt, one of the most talented artists to walk the earth. At only fourteen she sold millions of albums and singles world-wide and has been on several sold out tours. But what Nick didn't like about it all was the fact that they were just friends.

In a way he was glad that Hannah didn't understand his true feelings towards her because it could possibly ruin their friendship and make things forever awkward between them. But he also, in a sense wanted her to know how he truly felt. To see if she felt the same way in return, for him to know that he wasn't wasting his time. And if she maybe did return his feelings, he didn't want to miss out on what they could have, on what they could be.

But Nick Jonas wasn't that brave. He wasn't like his older brother, Joe, a major flirt. No, Nick kept to himself which is why he would probably never get a chance with Hannah Montana ever. Nick felt himself sigh as he struggled to move past two teenagers who were pressed up against him. After much trouble he emerged on the other side of the room, where his two brothers were waiting for him.

"Took you long enough, Nick," Kevin smiled as he handed Nick a can of diet coke. "What happened?"

Nick gratefully grabbed the cold drink from his brother's hands before turning to glare at Joe. "I got caught up in the crowd. There are too much people here anyways and this twerp here told me it was a 'small gathering'." Nick flicked his brother's forehead.

"Ouch!" Joe cried, clutching his forehead. "I'm sorry I said that Nick! You've been sitting at home the whole day and you needed to get out. I was doing you a favour, there's no need to get violent."

Nick rolled his eyes. "You shouldn't have lied. I would have come anyways."

Both Kevin and Joe looked at him, eyebrows raised at his blatant lie. "Uh, no you wouldn't have." Kevin pointed out. "You would have, however, told us to throw ourselves off a cliff."

"Then run ourselves over with a pick-up truck." Joe added. "But, seeing as we couldn't disappoint the world's female population like that, we simply lied to you."

"You are so lucky we're in public right now, Joe or I would have…" Nick trailed off not even bothering to complete his threat as he gazed out onto the dance floor, because right there, in the centre of the room was a girl. Not just any girl, this girl was probably the most gorgeous girl Nick might have ever seen next to Hannah Montana. No, she might have been even more beautiful. She was there, standing next to a blonde girl who seemed to babbling on about something and the gorgeous girl Nick noticed stood there, half-listening to what the girl was saying, nodding every now and then.

She had the most beautiful blue eyes Nick had ever seen. They were as blue as the sky on the clearest day, shining brightly as she laughed at what her friend was telling her. She had dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders reaching just past her elbows. Her hair framed her face setting off her light tan. She was slim and curved in all the right places. She looked stunning in her green dress that reached past her knees. Nick couldn't keep his eyes off her as they trailed down to her smooth legs and back up to her flawless face. A shiver ran through Nick's body as he heard her laugh again.

Her laugh sounded amazing as it rang through his ears, like bells at a wedding. Nick could hear his brothers calling him, but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She lifted her hand to brush a few stands of hair out of her face and she took a small sip of the Pepsi can that stood in her hands. Right then, she looked up and caught Nick's eye before he could look away. Butter flies tumbled around in his stomach as the two gazed into one another's eyes for a few moments and his heart lurched when she sent a small shy smile his way. Nick smiled back at her as the world dissolved around him everything becoming a blur. All he could see was the girl standing before him and he didn't mind one bit. At that moment he didn't mind if she was all he would be able to see for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, all Nick had ever felt for Hannah Montana went flying out the door. He couldn't believe that he had once assumed he loved Hannah because she hadn't ever given him the feelings that he was experiencing now and all it took from this girl was a simple smile. Slowly, she raised her hand and waved lightly at him. Nick felt a grin slip onto his face as he returned the wave. The two then continued to look at each other, with Joe calling Nick and the girl's blonde friend still babbling. Just then, Joe stepped in front of Nick, effectively blocking his view of the girl in front of him.

Nick glared at his brother. "Get out of the way, Joe." Nick growled pushing Joe out of his way, hoping that the girl hadn't turned away. But when Nick finally managed to see around Joe, the girl was no longer looking at him since she had turned back to her friend.

"Whoa now, chill out 'fro bro." Joe stepped back from Nick holding his hands out in front of him. "No need to get all aggressive. I've been calling you for a while now and you were just staring off into space."

Nick sighed. "Sorry Joe. I didn't mean to come off all angry…I was just looking at something."

"Oh, don't worry about it." Joe shrugged as a smirk fell onto his face. "But are you going to tell us which girl it is?"

Nick's tore his eyes from the dance floor to look at his brother. "What makes you think it's a girl?" Nick asked quickly.

Joe smiled. "I know it is. The only time you ever ignore someone is when you see a girl. Preferably Hannah. I didn't know she was coming tonight, didn't she say she wasn't?" Joe stood up straighter trying to catch a glimpse of his blond haired friend in the crowed.

Nick shook his head causing his brown curls to flop onto his forehead. "It's not Hannah. Actually, I'm not quite sure who it is but she's absolutely gorgeous."

"Even more gorgeous than Hannah Montana," Kevin teased as he glanced around the room. "I wasn't sure that was possible in you're book."

Nick turned to glare at his older brother. "Shut up, Kevin. But honestly, she's beautiful. She was looking over at us too and she smiled and waved. Man, she has a killer smile…"

"Is that her over there?" Joe called out as he pointed across the dance floor. Nick followed his brothers gaze and his eyes landed on the girl he had seen before, only this time she was standing next to the punch bowl with her blond friend and a dark haired boy.

"Yes," Nick hissed as he yanked Joe's hand down to his side. "Weren't you listening at all when Mom told you it's rude to point?"

"Aww is Nicky a little jealous that his Cinderella has a boyfriend." Joe cooed as he ruffled Nick's curls.

Nick jumped out of his brothers grasp, still glaring. "She doesn't have a boyfriend, I think. Even if she did why would I be jealous? I don't even know her!"

"But you wish you did." Kevin noted as he moved closer towards Nick.

Nick turned to his brother wondering how on earth he knew how he felt. "What? What are you talking about?"

Kevin smiled. "You're right, you don't know the girl but you wish you did know her."

"How did you know that?" Nick asked his eyes wide. He was hoping he wasn't that obvious.

"That's the same way I felt when I met Jess." Kevin shrugged, smirking slightly. "Besides, you had this look on your face that gave it away."

"Well, it seems like you're going to meet her right now, because she's coming over here." Joe interjected. "Her blond friend looks hot, is my hair okay?"

"Shut up," Nick muttered as he ran his fingers through his hair. His heart raced as the two girls and the boy approached them. The brown haired girl had the stunning smile back on her face and Nick's heart reeled in the butterflies. The blond girl was jumping slightly, an extra spring in her step. She had a crazy smile on her face as the excitement glowed off her. The boy walked behind the two calmly. He had shaggy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of dark washed jeans and a dark blue shirt with his sleeved rolled up. He eyed the several girls he walked passed, winking at the last one.

"Hi," Joe said when the three of them stopped in front of them.

"Hey," the brunette answered keeping her eyes on Nick as she extended her hand towards him. "My name is Miley"

Miley. The name alone was beautiful and sent a shiver through Nick's body, and it seemed to have suited her well, no doubt. She seemed like a Miley to him.

"I'm Nick." He replied taking her hand and shaking it. A spark of electricity bolted up his arm and spread over his body curling his toes. He felt his hand burn as she squeezed it lightly. Even after she pulled away his arm tingled and his head spun. She was going to be all he ever needed.

And she was, then and now. Before she left she was all he ever needed and now seven years after she still was. Something inside him told him she would always be no matter what. Not that bothered Nick—which it didn't.

Nick stretched across the couch as he yawned loudly. His feet slipped over onto the table next to the couch knocking over a bunch of magazines. Grumbling, Nick rose off the sofa and shuffled over to the table. Wedding magazines were scattered across his carpet. Books on bridal dresses to tuxes to flowers laid there. The night before, his family along with Lilly and Jessica had come over to work on the wedding. They had stayed over for the majority of the night, and Nick decided that they'd best leave everything at his house rather than drag it back to Kevin's. They would be back at his house soon enough anyway. However, he was now regretting his idea of allowing them keep their magazines at his house. He crouched down and began to stack the books up on one another. Soon enough he had all of them piled up neatly on each other and placed on his coffee table in the centre of his den. His eyes scanned the room and fell onto a book that sat on the loveseat in the corner of the room. Twilight, the cover read. Nick suddenly remembered Lilly and Jess gushing over the romantic vampire in the story. Nick's stomach dropped when he remembered that Miley had loved the vampire in that story as well. It seemed so long ago since the last time he heard her voice, or her laugh, since he felt her sweet lips on hers her small hands in his and her warm body against his.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head upward slightly, so he was facing the ceiling and began to make a silent prayer. Please, Lord, let Miley return home today. It would mean everything to me she did. I know that you are looking over her for me, but I need to see her. I can feel her in my heart but I need to actually feel her in my arms. I trust you will make the right decision for me and Miley but I hope you will chose to bring her home to her family.

After he was finished, Nick opened his eyes and began to make his way into his kitchen. It had been seven years since Miley had left, almost thirteen years ago that they had met; twelve years ago the two began to date. Four years ago he had moved out of his old apartment suite and into this house. His family wondered why he had done it, considering he had no one to live with. Nick hadn't bothered explaining it to them because he knew what there response would be. Truth was he bought this house because he knew it was the kind of house Miley always wanted. He remembered a while before she left the two of them had been out in a near by park seated next to an older tree gazing at the stars when she informed him that she always wanted to have kids and live in a homely house. One that was in a neighbourhood filled with kids, one with a front lawn and porch with a porch swing, one with a big fenced backyard.

This was the house that he wanted Miley to see when she returned—which she would no matter what Joe had told him he knew she's come back.

Don't ask him how he knew, because he wasn't quite sure of that. But he was sure she'd return. He could feel it in his heart; his Miley would come back to him this year.

He had missed her, more than anything. The past seven years had been nothing but complete hell for him, having to go through every single day without her. He hadn't expected things to end up the way they had with them. With the way things were before, Nick, or anyone else for that matter, hadn't expected her to pack her bags and leave with out a word. He had called her repeatedly after she left leaving messages and emailing her. He had been so worried when he arrived the next morning at her house only to find a note on the table waiting for him. She had left the night before, after she returned from his house after their little argument. For months after that Nick moped around unable to put up with himself. He was ashamed of himself, how could he have driven her away like that? How could he have not seen this coming?

Nick pushed the swinging door open and stepped onto the cool tiled floor, making his way past the refrigerator and toward the island counter. He moved a stool over and grabbed a muffin out of the basket Lilly had bough with her last night. It was a chocolate chip one, his favourite. Better yet, Miley's favourite. He remembered how she'd have one each morning with her coffee. His heart ached for her now, like it had since she'd left.

Nick turned too walk back into the den when the calendar that was pinned onto the refrigerator caught his eyes. It was September 16. Today was his birthday, he was 25 today. A small smile slid onto his face as he pictured what Lilly, Jess and his brothers might be doing right now. They were probably planning the party he had told them he didn't want. No doubt, they'd rented a night-club, perhaps Bedclash, which was the hottest club in town. Knowing Lilly, everyone he'd have ever met was going to be there tonight.

Nick finally tore his gaze from the calendar and began to walk back towards the den; he slipped past the door and walked toward the couch when the door bell rang. He let out a groan, he knew his brothers were going to come by today but he hadn't expected them this early. He was hoping to have some time by himself today. But, clearly that isn't what his brothers had in mind. Nick rolled his eyes when he heard the door bell ring again. He knew he was taking a while, but didn't they get that he needed time alone?

Grumbling with annoyance, Nick dragged his feet across the floor as he trudged off to answer the door. He had on nothing but sweats and a fitted t-shirt and he hoped that there weren't any paparazzi lurking behind the trees, he didn't need a picture of him in his pyjama's leaking out to America right now. Nibbling on the muffin in hand, Nick reached for the door knob and twisted it open and there standing before him was the love of his life.

Miley Stewart.

Suddenly, he grew limb and his world stopped. His breath hitched in his throat and everything began to spin. He felt the muffin in his hand drop to the floor as he looked, frozen in shock at the person in front of him. He found it difficult to breath and he couldn't move. Seven years worth of pain flooded his body as he stood there; hand still on the door knob, unmoving. He couldn't believe she was actually here. Memories flowed into his eyes and images of them in the past flashed before him. Was she really there? Was his mind playing tricks on him? Images of how he'd been after she left him reeled in from the back of his mind, where he thought he had safely tucked them away. This couldn't be it had to be some sort of sick joke.

"Miley," Nick croaked in a voice so unlike his own. His breaths were jagged. She looked beautiful, there was no denying it. Even in her jeans and fitted t-shirt she looked like a model. She looked a little different since he had last seen her. She was tanned, her darker skin setting off her eyes, which were brighter than the sky. Her hair was longer, flowing over shoulders and down to her mid-back. It was a lighter colour, not as dark as the last time he'd seen it. Still, the curls were present though they didn't show nearly as much as before. She'd grown a few inches taller and grown out in all the right places. She curves sculpted perfectly making it difficult to keep your eyes or hands off of her.

She nodded slightly. "Nick." She whispered his name, sounding breathless. He loved how she said his name, how it easily rolled off her tongue without much effort. She cocked her head to the side, her brown curls rolling to the other side and cascading down her shoulder. Her blue eyes shined brightly as she watched him.

"Miley, is that really you? Are you really here?" Nick asked feebly. He wasn't going to believe she was really here until she confirmed it herself. This must have been a trick some sick minded person decided to pull on him. But, who, besides his family knew about him and Miley? Sure, the press gotten a hold of their relationship but Joe and Kevin spread the word that Miley wanted to keep a low-profile which was why she wasn't seen with Nick anymore. Whoever was doing this must have known for a fact how much Miley meant to Nick, they must have known about everything that had happened with them over the past seven years. Nick squeezed his eyes shut; it hurt to think that it really wasn't her standing there.

"Yes, Nick, it's really me. I'm really here with you." Tears filled Miley's eyes as she watched the pain cloud over Nicks face. Knowing she had caused him all of this pain for all those years was enough to send her back running. But she couldn't move she couldn't run anymore. She didn't want to hurt Nick anymore; she didn't want to hurt herself anymore. She'd face her fears and let herself be happy again, because that was the only things left for her to try.

Nick's eyes fluttered open at the sound of her voice. It was like honey, smooth yet so sweet. If it was the only sound Nick ever heard for the rest of his life, he'd be content. He loved her voice, and the way it bought butterflies to his stomach.

"I…It's…Oh wow. I'm speechless." Nick stuttered, still in a state of shock. She's really here right now, she's really here. He couldn't believe it. "What are you doing here?"

Miley's smile vanished. She knew he would ask that, and she'd tried to prepare herself for the much-needed explanation but right now, she didn't think it mattered much. Of course, Nick thought otherwise. "I came back to apologize for leaving you seven years ago. I'm really sorry Nick, I was in shock and hurt and I didn't know what to do. Running away seemed simpler to me then and I just did it.

"But I realized a while ago, that running away hadn't solved anything. That I was still hurt and now you were too. Nothing changed from running away; I mean nothing good came of it. In the end we were both heart broken and without each other. I came back to fix my mistake and finish what was left incomplete all those years go. That is, if you're willing to listen. I understand if you wouldn't want to. Especially after what I've done and all…"

Nick's mouth dropped open. She wanted to talk about it? She was really here. She'd come home. What was she going to say to him? Better yet what was he to say in return? He wasn't ready for this. "Of course I'll listen, there's a lot that needs to be explained. Come on in."

Nick stepped to the side and opened the door wider, and motioned for her to come in. Hesitantly, Miley stepped in through the door. Her eyes scanned the door way, widening slightly. Nick smiled; he'd half expected her to squeal like she used too. Her eyes wandered the room and landed on him, still wide. Nick smirked at her and she looked away blushing. Good, he thought in relief. They still had the same connection that they did seven years ago. Nick shut the door gently behind her and moved to her side. He motioned for her to follow him, as he moved past her. She nodded following him as he led her though the hall way and into the living room.

Miley felt a small gasp escape her mouth as she looked around the room. It was gorgeous. The walls were painted a beige color and elegant old-English styled chairs were placed around the room. A glass-top coffee table stood in the middle of the room and a huge white shining piano stood off in the corner. Beige curtains hung to the side of the window, sunlight pouring into the room.

"I take it you like it?" Nick asked when he noticed the look on her face. He smiled when Miley nodded mutely. "Lilly and Jess designed it. Mom thought they should and I didn't know much about living rooms. It's one of my favourite rooms in the house."

"It's beautiful. It's the exact way I'd imagined my living room when I was younger." Miley replied.

"Which must have been why Lilly said you were her inspiration," Nick realized suddenly. "I didn't understand her when she told me. Anyways, take a seat."

Miley nodded again and walked across the room taking a seat on of the chairs. Nick followed her and sat down across from her. Miley felt a wave of disappointment wash over her when he didn't sit down next to her. She blinked, removing her purse from her arm and placing it next to her. Nick got himself comfortable then glanced up at Miley.

"Where do we start then?" Miley asked after a moment of silence. The sooner this was done the better.

"How about from the beginning," Nick offered. "Why did you leave in the first place?"

Miley took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "I was scared. That's why I left you and everyone else. It was a tough time in my life, Nick. My dad just passed away, and Jackson couldn't come home since he was at college and exams were starting. I thought you'd be there with me, but you come up the next day telling me you're going off on tour in two weeks. How was I supposed to react? I was upset with everything that was happening. I just lost my last parent. I was an orphan. My daddy the man who was supposed to always be there for me, the only things in my life that was supposed to remain a constant was taken from me.

"I was vulnerable, Nick. I was scared, the moment I found out my father died I felt like everything was ripped away from me. I felt so alone, like no one was there for me. When you came up to the hospital, when I first saw you, I felt a bit of what was taken from me restored. You promised you'd always be there for me; you said you wouldn't leave me anymore. Do you remember? When I was crying and you were holding me you whispered that into my ear. I believed you Nick; I believed that you'd be there for me. I knew I could count on you, I knew you'd be there for me when no one else could. Then, a week after my dad funeral you tell me you have to go on tour! After you promised you'd be there for me, right after you told me you'd never leave you tell me you've got to go. How was I supposed to feel?

"I was even more hurt then. I couldn't believe you'd do something like that. I was sick of having everything taken from me, I was sick of being hurt continuously. I wanted to get away from all those problems and I did the first thing that came into my mind. I ran away, away from you, from the pain, the anger, from my friends and from my family. I left everything behind."

Nick couldn't believe this. He hadn't known she felt this way. When she had tried to convince him not to leave on the tour, he'd thought she was just going to miss him. He hadn't known it was going to be this serious. It took him a moment to realize Miley had stopped talking. He cleared his throat, looking up at her. "Where'd you go?"

Miley barley looked up from her hands. "I didn't know where I was to go. I hadn't really thought everything through before I left. I was so caught up in just getting away that I didn't think of where I was to escape to. I decided to be spontaneous, to go wherever the wind blew. I hopped onto a random bus and I rode it for days. When it finally reached its stop, I ended up in Boston. I had only been to Boston on Hannah things, never on my own. I really didn't know much about it. I was just wandering around when I ran into two twins that were around my age. There names were Zack and Cody, and they asked me where I was staying. I'd told them I wasn't sure about that yet. They were such sweethearts; they'd led me to their place. They lived in a hotel that they're mother sang at.

"The boys had looked familiar to me; I knew I'd seen them before. It was when they led me to the hotel that I remembered. They lived at the Tipton, a five-star hotel, the same one Hannah always stayed at. They were friends of Hannah, and after I'd explained my story to them and a few of their friends they'd welcomed me to stay at the hotel with them. One girl who lived at the hotel, London Tipton, was the daughter of the hotel owner; she'd taken a liking towards me and allowed me to stay at the hotel for free. But of course, I'd gotten a job right away and began paying rent. I had a room-mate, Maddie Fitzpatrick. She was so sweet, she'd become my best friend during my stay.

"I had told her everything. She knows about you, and about me being Hannah, about my daddy. She knew everything. She was supportive of my decision. Such an adorable girl, she had become my sister over the seven years. We had fun together, along with Zack and Cody. We were inseparable for the most part. They became my family. To most people, it'd seem like I had everything, but I didn't. I didn't have everything that I needed, and I remembered that every morning when I woke up and each night before I went to bed.

"All that I had, it wasn't who I really was. The real Miley Stewart lived in Malibu; her best friends were Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. The real Miley Stewart was Nick Jonas' girlfriend. In Boston, I wasn't that Miley. But I tried to become her, I had tried to let go of my past. I wanted to start over new, a fresh beginning. I wanted to let everything go. I tried too, I had let my home and friends go and made new ones. So, now that I had a new home, new family and friends I tried to get a new heart. Maddie and London had tried to set me up with several men. A few of which they knew and some that they'd met. After much coaxing they always managed to get me to go on the date, I mean, how could I tell them no? After all they've done for me, it didn't seem right.

"Though it never did get to a second date. Never. That didn't stop them, no way. They'd continued to bring in boy after boy after boy. I was forced to go on date after date after date. Always, each and every time, it was only a first date, never a second. It had London and Maddie stumped, no man in Boston was good enough for me. It was then I'd realized that no matter where I went, no man would be good enough for me. It didn't matter wherever in the world I went; no man would be the one for me because I had already found my one true match."

Nick's throat tightened. She had found her one true match. She'd come over here to tell him she was through with him, she had another man now. Why hadn't he expected this? She was gone for seven years; surely she'd have found a man by then. One who wouldn't leave her during her time in need. He forced himself to listen to Miley as she continued

"It was then I'd realized why no man managed to get a second date from me. I found out that each guy I met, I always found myself comparing him to you. None of them seemed right because none of them were you. I happened with every guy every time. Either his hair wasn't curly enough or his voice wasn't sweet enough. He couldn't make me laugh like you could; he couldn't make me smile like you could. He didn't know me like you did. At first I thought it was just because I was homesick or something. But after time, it became clear that there was no other man for me in this world but you.

"I started receiving emails from Lilly about a year or so after I'd left. She kept telling me how hurt you were and how much pain I'd caused you. She kept asking me to come back home, but I just couldn't. Honestly, there were times were I had considered coming back. Were I'd gone as far as getting on the bus with my bags and everything, But I'd always change my mind last minute. I couldn't come home and face you all again. I'd hurt you all too much by leaving and I thought coming back would make everything worse. I'd thought you all hated me, although Lilly tried telling me otherwise in her emails. But I didn't believe her; I thought she was saying it to bring me back. I couldn't face seeing you, looking into your eyes and seeing all the pain and knowing I had caused it all."

Miley suddenly broke off, looking to the side. Nick, startled at her abrupt stop looked up. Concerned, Nick sat up straight. He reached over for her, "Miley? Miley are you alright?"

"No, I'm not alright Nick." She choked out. Slowly, she turned her head to look at him straight into the eyes. Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears. Nick felt his heart skip a beat. "Honestly, Nick tell me the truth. Did I hurt you real bad when I left?"

Nick tried to look away but he couldn't. He had to look away, she was watching him with such intensity it bothered him. She had hurt him bad when she left but he couldn't tell her that. That alone would hurt her more than anything. But he couldn't lie to her either, she'd find out in the end. Reluctantly, Nick nodded.

A nod, a simple nod was all it took. Tears fell from her eyes and down her face. Miley turned away from him, her eyes filled with agony. She buried her face in her hands and large sobs racked her body. Nick felt his heart break, as he sat there watching her cry. Her little body was shaking. All because she'd hurt him. She had hurt him like he had hurt her. Cautiously, Nick rose and moved towards her.

"Miley," He called softly as he dropped down next to her. Slowly, he reached his arms out and wrapped them around her. A part of him expected her to push him away but she didn't. She fell against his body, burying her face deep in his chest. He tightened his grasp on her then, smoothing out her hair and rubbing comforting circles on her back. "Shh, Miley, it's okay. Everything's just fine. I'm just fine. Don't cry, baby, don't cry."

Miley felt her heart stop when Nick's arms circled around her. She knew she should push him away, it would make the rejection simpler she but she couldn't. As soon as he touched her she felt all the walls she had built over the years cave down. She fell against him, burying her face into his shirt. She needed him. She could hear him calling her name, his velvet like voice, so smooth and soft. Her heart began to beat faster due to the close proximity. Her head began to spin; it had been seven years since she had been in his arms. Seven long years, seven years that didn't seem like it was worth it now. Nothing was worth hurting Nick. Nothing.

Her heart flipped when she heard him call her baby. He called her that before, when they'd first started going out. Back when everything was simple, when there were no problems. Tears continued to poor down Miley's face, hot tears that burned her skin. She had hurt Nick, the words replaying in her head. She had hurt him like he had hurt her. She had caused him pain, something she never imagined she'd do. She hurt him for seven years, broken his heart. She had broken him. She was a monster.

"Miley, come on. Stop crying now, please. It's not good for you. You're starting to scare me," Nick said as he held her close. He was worried about her, he hadn't seen her, this upset since… "Miley, baby, just calm down please. Relax, everything is fine. Everyone is fine. Don't worry. Just calm down."

"No," Miley wailed. "I hurt you Nick. The reason I ran away was to stop getting hurt and while trying to protect myself I hurt you. I'm so selfish Nick. I was told that you were hurting yet I ignored it, thinking of myself. I'm a monster Nick. I hurt other people so I could get what I want!"

"No, no, that's not it." Nick replied quickly. "It's not like that Miley. You were hurt; you had every reason to leave. I was being a jerk. I was more concerned about my career than you. I was wrong. I need you more than I need my career. I can't live without you Miley, yet I still put myself first. You were in time of need, you needed me yet I put myself first. I was the selfish one, Miles. You just reacted in a certain way. It's alright Miley. You're not selfish at all."

The sound of his voice seemed to have an effect on Miley, because after he'd finished talking she had calmed down considerably. A few tears still rolled down her cheeks but her breathing was almost regular with occasional hiccups. "I'm sorry Nick. I am so sorry I left. I was stupid to run, it didn't solve anything. I just wasted seven years for nothing. I'm sorry Nick, and I hope you can forgive me."

"There's no need to apologize Miley. You were forgiven the moment I opened that door. You may have run away but you returned to fix what was left unsolved Miley and that takes a lot of courage." Nick stroked her hair. "Now, I hope you can forgive me for what I've done to you. I'm sorry I drove you away. I should have listened to you; I shouldn't have put my career first. I'm sorry for hurting you."

Miley pulled away from Nick, looking up at him. "Don't be sorry. I overreacted. It's your life. I shouldn't control it."

Nick reached down and wiped a few stray tears with his thumb. He smiled softy at her. "You are my life Miley. I'm sorry I forgot that."

Miley smiled back at him her eyes glistening. "It's okay even though you have nothing to be sorry for. Now, are you sure you forgive me for what I've done?"

"I'm positive I forgive you, Miley, that's a no brainer." Nick replied.

"Are you sure you do?" Miley asked dubiously. "Because I totally understand if you don't forgive me for what I've done. I was rotten to you."

Nick shook his head, smirking at the girl in his arms. Even after seven years she was still as doubtful. Nick leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers. "I'm absolutely sure, Miley. Besides, love means not having to say you're sorry."

Miley's eyes widened and tears filled them once again. She gasped, raising one hand to cover her mouth. "Are you for real Nick?"

Nick nodded. "I'm for real. I love you Miley Stewart. I have for the whole while I've known you, I haven't stopped. And you know what? I don't think I ever will."

Tears fell out of Miley's eyes, and Nick reached forward to wipe them away. "Well then, I love you too Nick Jonas and I will forever and always."

Nick grinned at her, cupping her cheek in his warm hand. Miley's eyes fluttered shut as he leaned forward placing his lips on hers. The kiss was filled with passion. Nick felt fire burn through his body as Miley's lips moved against his. He couldn't believe it, after seven years of waiting he was kissing Miley Stewart, the love of his life. He tangled one hand in her hair while the other stayed firmly on her face, holding her head in place. He felt her run her smooth fingers through his hair and Nick shuddered. Even after spending seven years apart, she still had the same effect on him. He loved her then and he loved her now. She was all he needed. Ever.

Nick felt her world spin as soon as Nick's lips touched hers. She melted right there in his arms. She'd forgotten how amazing his kisses were. She wounded her hands around his neck and ran her fingers through his soft brown curls. Oh, how she had missed him. She'd forgotten how it felt to be around him, the sudden butterflies, the dizziness, and the haggard breaths. This is what it was like when she was around Nick; this was what it was like to be in love. She felt Nick's hand run through her hair and she shivered involuntarily. His hand stayed put on her face, holding her head on place. She couldn't believe she'd spent seven years away from him, how had she managed to go through each day without one of his kisses? He was all she wanted and all she needed. She couldn't leave him ever again no matter how hard she tried.

The two pulled apart due to the lack of air. Breathing heavily, Nick still had his hand on her face, preventing her to move her head to far from him. The two tried desperately to regain their breaths but Miley found it incredibly difficult, especially with Nick placing small kisses on her lips continuously.

Miley smiled shakily at him. "Oh wow. That was some kiss, wasn't it?"

Nick nodded. "Tell me about it. I honestly have no idea how I went seven years without kissing you."

"I know," Miley agreed grinning. "I love you Nick. You're so amazing. I had expected you to not want be back after what I've done."

Nick looked at her, surprised. "Miley I could ever not want you. I need you in my life. I'm much too selfish to let you go Miley."

"Well, I guess I'm glad you're selfish. I need you too, Nick. More than I think is possible. I don't know how I managed to survive those seven years without you, but I don't want to find out."

Nick kissed her once more. "Good. Because I don't think I could bear you leaving me again."

"You won't have to worry about that." Miley assured him pulling him close. "I'm here to stay. I've finally come home. Back to you, back to everything. One last thing Nick, happy birthday"


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