Just Like a Nightmare

"I swear to you David! Nothing happened!" Elizabeth yelled whilst David was constantly and angrily pacing around the flat, throwing plates and a new glass vase.

"Oh nothing happened! Nothing happened! I saw you kiss him!"

"I pushed him away! He caught me by surprise!" Elizabeth ducked as a plate was thrown almost directly at her. "David, stop it!"

"No! Why should I when you have just blatantly lied to me!"

"I told you! He caught me by surprise! I pushed him away I swear it David!"

"No! I saw you wrapping your arms around him! I saw you smiling! You were enjoying it!" Enraged he threw another plate, though this time he didn't miss. The plate flew right into her face, leaving a deep cut across her forehead. The blood dripped from her, onto her beautiful eyes and staining there new cream floor. The image of the blood filled his head with dread, his phobia had consumed him again. Although this time, he didn't faint; he didn't collapse. He just stopped and stared.

"Elizabeth! Oh bloody hell, umm are you alright?" She lay there, her eyes sealed shut. Her mind disappeared into an eternal darkness. A darkness that many have escaped from, but what if you never open your eyes?

David rushed to the phone for an ambulance; he dialled 9-1 then stopped in his tracks. They would ask questions, they would think that he had been abusing her. He could be arrested! He slammed the phone back down and raced to the first aid kit. He rushed through the box, throwing out plasters, a scalpel some scissors, sheets of paper; then he yanked out the old bandages from the box and raced back into the kitchen. The blood was gushing from her head; his throat was gagging. He needed to do this. He needed to save her life. But that fear, that fear of the blood red substance. It made his mind wander. Until his eyes saw another figure appear; a very familiar one. One which was lying in front of him, yet standing right in front of him.

"Not again, David!" Elizabeth had once again left her body, only now she wasn't on life support. "David, you call an ambulance right now!"

"I can't Elizabeth!"

"You must be joking! I could die and all you care about is you! Maybe I was right about you, David. When I first met you all those years ago I thought that you were a deranged, self indulged arsehole!"

"Look Elizabeth, I can fix this. All I need to do is bandage you up then you'll be fine." He suddenly bent down beside her body, about to bandage her wound. Yet his nerves got the better of him, his hands were shaking and he had no control of the motion of his arms.

"Ok, maybe I was wrong. You are not just a deranged, self indulged arsehole. You are now stupid as well. Look, David. If you bandage up my head it won't help, some of the plate has cut into my skull and it could have possibly reached the brain." There was a pause, a silence of realism. The seriousness of the situation was finally sinking in to David. His hands stopped shaking; he gained control of his arms. He quickly got grabbed some cotton wool from the cupboard, he washed it and gently dabbed it onto her forehead. Then he quickly wrapped the bandage round her head and smartly pinned it together with a safety pin. Then he dashed to the phone and finally completed dialling 9-1-1. Then he sat down on his favourite, comfortable sofa and waited. Waited for Elizabeth's soul to give him a lecture; a lecture on how to use plates safely, on how not to throw them at people; on how to forgive her for making a mistake. But when she sat down; he received words which he hoped would never be heard by his ears.