(A/N: Hey everyone! Well the messages I got about a sequel were positive so here is chapter one! It is set ten years after my first story. The gang found it tough coping with a five year old, what about now when she is fifteen, enrolled in university three years early and coping with her illness as well as the problems of being a teenage girl? I hope you enjoy and thanks to all that have read and reviewed my previous story as well as this one! TKAMB aka Becky)

Chapter 1:

September 2001

Roger sat on the couch in the loft plucking the strings on his guitar. He couldn't get the Fender guitar to tune which began to irritate him. He lowered the guitar and walked across the room to the window. He looked out to the street and saw the leaves on the trees were turning brown already, it being strange to him that everything had changed but he was still the same, even his hair cut had stayed the same. Amy once referred to Mark and Roger as the hedgehog and the lion's main due to their hair styles. Ten years was a long time and although he may not have changed that much, his illness was taking its toll as it was with Tom. He was thinner then he used to be and found he was tired more then he used to be. Tom was much worse than he was but they all still lived life as if it were their last as it was all they knew. Seeing the brown leaves made him feel suddenly depressed. "Fall already?" he muttered to himself. He had always hated the fall and couldn't think of it being so at the beginning of September

"You know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness?" he heard a familiar voice say and he turned around to see Amy who was now fifteen stood in her bedroom doorway dressed in her dressing gown smiling with her long hair down. She leant against the doorway with her arms folded. She had only changed slightly in appearance since she was young. Her eyes were still sparkling blue with pale skin. Her hair had changed to be dirty blonde and had grown to be down to half way down her back with soft ringlets Roger couldn't help smiling

"I'm turning forty soon and my fifteen year old daughter is starting university so I think that validates it!" he explained

"In your head not mine" Amy responded and strolled back into her room. Roger felt so proud of Amy. As soon as she had come back into his life after the custody battle she began to study at home and gained her high school diploma at the age of six. It was from that point that she began to go with Roger to his work and understand the world of the music industry. He had earned enough money for them to live comfortably and could have moved into a mansion if they wanted but the loft would forever be their home. Mark had moved out and married Tamsin so the loft now only housed the two of them. They no longer had to worry about rent or Benny as Roger had bought the building off him. The building had now become a place of refuge for people who attended Life Support and needed somewhere to go as Roger and Amy wanted to give back to the group that helped them so much. It was something Amy felt strongly about and helped him with constantly over the years. Now the need to have a real life and attend school like a normal person and meet people appealed to her. Although she was three years younger than the other students would be she wasn't going to let that get her down, she saw it as her form of a unique quality that would help her out. The phone rang and the machine picked it up

"SPEAK" echoed through the room

"Hey! It's Mark! You still haven't fixed the buzzer! Throw down the keys we're all here" Mark's voice filled the room

"Yeah and we are bloody freezing!" Maureen added and Roger headed for the balcony

"Oh great, as if I wasn't already nervous enough" Roger heard Amy say before standing on the balcony

"Hey!" Roger yelled and threw down the keys to the group

"Did you have to change your locks?" Mark yelled up

"Yeah to keep out the riff raff!" Roger called back making Tom laugh. Roger re – entered the loft and saw Amy had left her bedroom once more. She had left her hair down and was dressed in a pair of jeans, a pair of knee length three inch heeled pale pink suede boots, a white V neck blouse with a grey V neck jumper giving her extra insulation from the cold and a fitted brown jacket that stopped at her hips. She wore a simple silver necklace, her watch and a ring from her mother's jewellery she had kept. Her eyes sparkled as she spun around for him with a raised eyebrow

"Well? Is it too much?" she asked before biting her bottom lip

"Wow, you look wonderful. No strike that you look far too mature for your age; go change" Roger said to which Amy rolled her eyes

"Wrong answer! Daddy I'm not a child, you can trust me" she explained and Roger smiled

"I know ... you look beautiful" he muttered defeated

"Right answer" she giggled and the door to the loft opened

"And so the bohemia baby cake takes her first steps of future education. Now at the tender age of fifteen she is starting her first day of university and it will be the first time she will have been educated amongst others. A legendary day for anyone" Mark said filming her from the doorway making Amy laugh. It had been a week or so since she had seen the others so it was a welcomed reunion and she hugged them all

"Hasn't our baby grown up?" Maureen asked making Amy giggle

"How's Tamsin?" Roger asked

"Oh fine but she is starting to really hate me again" Mark explained rolling his eyes

"Well you did get her pregnant for the third time at the point when she was up for a promotion" Roger justified it

"Oh she's happy, she's just letting her anger out on you Marky, it'll fade" Amy said and gave a twirl for the camera. "Daddy wants me to change as I look too mature, what do you think?" Amy asked striking a few posses

"Ah! Is the daddy scared that baby cakes will attract a boy? That is so cute" Joanne asked in a baby voice as she put her arm around Roger

"No! ... not really" Roger muttered lowering his head. Maureen giggled and came to Roger's right side and kissed his cheek

"Daddy you can trust me" Amy said once more putting her bag on her shoulder

"So what is the deal today exactly?" Mark asked

"It's orientation day which us teachers like to call free week" Tom said sitting on one of the chairs in the kitchen. It had been ten years that he never thought he would see. He was a lot thinner and weaker then he used to be but he didn't let that stop him

"Basically today is when we register, sign up to groups and meet people. The lectures don't start until next week" Amy explained

"Thus free week for me!" Tom responded with a smile

"I guess I'll finish when I finish today but since it starts at 9am I'm sure I'll be done about 1pm" Amy explained

"Ok well I have to be in meetings this morning but I can meet you if you like for lunch?" Roger suggested

"Yeah, I'd like that ... well I had better go. Ok butterflies just filled my stomach!" Amy giggled before taking a breath to calm her stomach

"Well do you want me to drop you off? I can go if you're not feeling well, are you ok you look pale?" Roger said a little frazzled and very concerned

"I think it is called nerves. I'll be fine alone on the subway. I know this city like the back of my hand and I'm not a silly little girl anymore. I have to go or I'll be late, so give me a hug" she commanded and Roger did as he was told

"Have a blast today ok?" Roger said as they hugged and Amy nodded

"Come on group hug!" Maureen commanded and everyone complied

"Ok I really have to go or I'll be late!" Amy said grabbing her blue and white stripe scarf from the side

"You have all your documents? Your meds? Your beeper? Your ID? Wallet? Keys?" Roger asked all to which Amy nodded

"Yeah and a have my bottle of mace as well!" she giggled

"Good luck kiddo!" Tom said

"Yeah have a great day" Mark said

"You deserve it" Maureen said

"We're really proud of you" Roger said

"Yeah and kick some ass!" Joanne said making Amy giggle as she left the loft. Walking through the streets of New York Amy felt herself somehow strutting with a new found confidence. She entered the subway and put on her CD walkman with a collection of rock music to keep her company on the journey. It was only when she was sat on the subway alone that it really hit her that she was at a new level of life experience and although she was smiling inside she was terrified. She had never been around so many people except for when she was at Saint Josephs but she was shunned out and left alone so she didn't regard that as a proper school experience. This was the real deal. To keep her mind off it she opened her bag and pulled out a familiar book. It was the hard back note book that Mark had bought her when she was five and it was full of her writing, loose papers and sheet music. She always read it to calm her nerves and today it would be what George used to be to her as a child, a form of safety blanket


Amy nervously walked through the reception area of the university and was startled to see people juggling, on stilts, handing out balloons, anything they could to promote the various clubs they were promoting

"Hello, honey! Do you want as balloon?" a boy asked putting his arm around her

"No thanks, I'm not five anymore" she responded with a smile. Looking around she saw something that quickly made her smile fade. A camera crew and photographers were peering through the window. They must have followed her as she hadn't seen anyone but she knew they wouldn't be able to enter the building without being arrested. She instantly walked away into a deeper part of the building where they couldn't get to her as a security guard approached them. She had loved and loathed the press. Half the time they are interested in the update of her illness and her life since she was five and the other half they were interested on her private life as she was the daughter of a well known and wealthy songwriter. She pulled out her cell phone and dialled her home number as she leant up against a pillar

"SPEAK" she heard and let out a sigh

"Guys I know your there pick –"

"Amy, what is it what's wrong?" Rogers's panicked voice came to her ear

"Daddy I fine ... the press followed me here. They're outside waiting for me I don't know what to do!" she explained

"Have you told the staff at the campus?"

"No but a security guard approached them as I walked away. What do I do?" she asked confused

"Look, don't focus on it. Just carry on as usual. I'll contact the university and try and get rid of them. I'll still come and pick you up at midday out front ok?" Roger said

"Ok then, I'll see you soon" Amy hung up the phone and headed for the girls toilets. She stood in front of the mirror and took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. She heard someone flush one of the toilets and from a cubicle behind her came a girl. Amy was instantly struck by her beauty. She had smooth chocolate brown skin with long straight black hair and was tall and thin. She walked up to one of the basins and smiled at Amy

"Hi" she aid and begun to wash her hands

"H ... hi" Amy said nervously suddenly feeling scared meeting a stranger and not understanding why she felt so. Amy turned to look at the mirror and out of the corner of her eye she saw the girl look her up and down as she dried hands with paper towels

"I'm sorry if I sound rude but there is no way your 18 your skin is too perfect to be 18. God I wish I had your eyes too they are gorgeous!" Amy laughed and looked at her

"Thanks, I'm 15, I got my high school diploma early so now I'm here" Amy explained

"Early huh? Three years is a lot to cram into your mind isn't it?" she asked throwing away the wet paper towels

"Actually I got it when I was six" Amy explained and the girl raised an eyebrow

"Well I know who I'll be studying with for the next three years!" the girl laughed making Amy relax. "I'm Jane Simmons by the way" she held out her right hand which Amy shook

"Amy – Rose Davis, it's nice to meet you. You're the first person I've met here. Is life always this nerve wracking?"

"You haven't seen anything yet honey. Stick we me and I'll help you out. Have you registered yet because I haven't?" Jane asked and Amy shook her head. "Well let's go then" Jane headed for the door

"Do we have to walk through reception?"

"No we can go around the back if you like? You've seen someone you know?" Jane asked

"Something like that" Amy admitted picking up her stuff

"An ex – boyfriend?" Jane asked and Amy nodded as she knew Jane wouldn't believe the truth. "Poor baby, come on, we'll register, hit the bar and you can tell me all about the bastard!" Amy laughed and Jane linked her arm through Amy's before they walked through the door


"What do you want?" Jane asked as they entered the bar pulling out her wallet as a barman approached

"I'll have a bottle of still water please" she said to him and he walked off to get it

"Is that all? You're at university now girl. You have to drink it is the first law of being a student" Jane explained

"At 11:30am? I'm ok thanks, besides my dad is picking me up to go to lunch together so I think smelling of alcohol will not go down well" Amy explained and pulled out her wallet

"I'll get it honey, don't you worry. Make you feel better" Jane said

"You don't have it to it's only a dollar"

"A dollar which I can afford, besides I'm the eldest so I'll pay now do as your told and put that wallet away" Amy did as she was told and Jane ordered a beer. "So you live in New York then? I'll have to get you to show me the sights around here. I'm from Oklahoma and live on campus. I have to share a house with a bunch of other people which can be a drag but I love being away from home. See the world you know?" Jane explained and they headed for a free table

"I'd love to give you a tour. It is a great city once you get used to it. I'm not from New York originally, I moved here when I was four to live with my dad when my mum died" Amy admitted

"Oh I'm so sorry" Jane apologised

"No need to apologise, it was a long time ago. I don't really focus on it much anymore ... sometimes it just blindsides me. I'm sorry I shouldn't be unloading my burdens on you" Amy apologised looking at the table

"Hey, it's what I'm here for. I am a friend now after all" Jane said nudging Amy's arm making Amy smile

"Hey, as a friend, tell me the truth. Do you like my shoes?" Jane giggled and nodded

"I certainly do" Jane said

"I have this friend call Maureen and she said that if a girl is a real friend then she will tell you what she really thinks of your shoes"

"I think I like your friend" Jane laughed. At that moment their table was jolted by a boy but luckily they were able to grab their drinks in time

"I'm so sorry" the boy said and Amy shook her head

"Don't worry; if you got any of this on my suede boots then I'd make you sorry!" Amy said with a smile and the boy smiled back. He was tall with short light brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing blue jeans, a thick black polo neck jumper and a brown jacket. She instantly noticed the large professional camera hanging around his neck

"Oh hey Dolton, Amy Rose Davis this is Nicholas Dolton he's one of my housemates" Jane explained and Nicholas nodded. "You want to join us?" Jane asked

"Sure, if that's ok with you?" Nicholas asked turning to Amy

"Sure" she responded and moved her bag off the table so he had room to rest his bag on it as well as his camera. "What's the camera for?" Amy asked instantly and felt herself tensing up dreading his answer

"It's why I'm here! I'm studying photography and 2D art. What about you?" Amy felt somewhat better but still felt tense meeting a stranger

"English Literature and drama"

"No way! I'm doing English literature and drama as well; I'm so studying with you now! Amy here is quite the brain box, she's only fifteen and got her diploma at 6" Jane boosted

"Wow, I am impressed. Too bad you're not doing art as well then I'd be safe" he explained with a smile making Amy smile

"Do you want a drink man? I owe you from last night remember" Jane asked standing up

"Yeah, a beer thanks" Jane headed for the bar and Amy felt uncomfortable as Nicholas sat staring at Amy

"What?" she asked

"Sorry for staring but ... You look so familiar ... Do I know you?" Amy shook her head

"Sorry, no. I guess I just have one of those faces you know?" Amy lied mentally counting down when he would suddenly remember but to her surprise such a revelation never came

"You must do. Sorry, I have this thing about people. I guess it is because I prefer them as a subject for my photos" he explained. Amy was about to respond but her cell phone began to ring. She looked at the caller ID and saw it was Roger

"Could you excuse me for a moment?" she asked and walked across the room. "Hey, did you get rid of them?"

"I tried but they may have just moved down to the street so either way you're going to be pictured leaving. Look I'm on my way, I'm only down the road so I'll be there is a minute. I can meet you at the side entrance that way I can get through the gates into the campus. You may be photographed walking to the car and in the car seat max! What do you say to that?"

"Sounds great, see you soon" she hung up and when she returned to her seat Jane was there once more

"Everything ok?" she asked

"Yeah, dad just called to say he was on his way" Amy explained and sat back down

"So you're a New Yorker?" Nicholas asked

"Yep you?"

"Connecticut" he replied. "Well being a New Yorker maybe you could explain all those photographers outside" Nicholas asked being taking a sip of his beer

"What photographers?" Jane asked

"You didn't see them? You must have gotten into the building before they arrived. There is a whole load of them out there. The police thought I was one of them too because of the camera, it was only until I showed them my registration documents that they let me through the gates. The police had to make them move off the campus but they are still outside for some reason. Any clue Amy?"

"Nope ... I had better go my dad will be here soon" Amy said standing up

"I'll walk out with you" Jane said

"NO! ... No you stay here keep Nicholas company. It was nice to meet you Nicholas" Amy said picking up her stuff

"You too" he smiled

"So I've got your contact details so I'll give you a call about meeting up in a couple of days then?" Jane asked and Amy nodded. Jane gave Amy a hug which surprised her making her instantly stiffen but Amy soon loosened up and hugged Jane back. As Amy walked to the side entrance of the campus she could feel her heart racing. She heard the car horn of Rogers Land Rover and she smiled softly. The photographers went wild as she quickly climbed into the car. Roger quickly turned the car around and they left the campus surrounded by hundreds of camera flashes. Amy let out a sigh of relief that it was over, little did she know that Nicholas had witnessed it all clutching her scarf which she had left in the bar