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Cassie's POV

Chapter 1: Having to Die

Hello, I'm Cassie. You know my story. You know about the Animorphs. If you hadn't this isn't the story you should be reading. You won't understand it and I don't feel like explaining.

The four of us were here, in my barn. The four of us being the four human Animorphs. Ax had no reason to be at this meeting and neither did Tobias. You see this meeting had nothing to do with the Yeerks. We were deciding how we were going to get rid of our lives. Fake our own deaths!

You might be wondering why we would do this. Well you see about a year ago Rachel and me realized something strange. We never got our first period. We never had a period. That was weird for one girl who was almost 16, let alone two girls. Right then I stop and count how long it's been since Prince Elfangor. Five full years and they hadn't come. We all knew they weren't coming. We were left alone. Anyway I got off track. My mind has been wondering lately. Just from an overflow of emotions. Too many to count and name.

The period thing wasn't the only weird thing. Marco's hair never grew back. In fact all of our hair never grew. Nothing ever grew again. Rachel broke a nail and it never grew back. She had to cut the rest of her nails. Also Jakes' and Marcos' voice never really chanced. Sometimes you could still hear the voices sound like they're changing.

There was one big thing though that made us seriously freaked out. We're 18. We're supposed to be pass the teenage drama. All our other classmates were, but we still lost our temper too easily. Rachel and Marco were still on their childish fights. I'm not saying we were supposed to change that much, but we were supposed to calm down once the teenage years were over.

We didn't know what happening at first. We were all so confused. Then we sat down calmly and thought. When did this all start? Then we realized we were growing until Prince Elfangor. It took a while for us to realize what fully happened. Ax explaining how the morphing power worked help.

We were still 13! Now you might say legally we were born 18 year ago. You might also add the fact that the war mentally made us older then we were. You couldn't do what we do without it affecting us someway. It was our physical bodies. They were stuck like they were when we touch the blue box. Something about morphing stopped humans from growing. It's not a surprise there is a side effect. I mean morphing was made for Andalites, not humans. We just never thought this would happen.

We found this all out a few years ago. We thought that maybe we could pretend to be older, but people were starting to notice. Something had to be done. You see Visser Three's body would one day die. Then the only yeerk with the ability to morph would be gone, but our bodies were something else. We'll never grow up so we can't die of old age. We can morph out of any injury or sickness. In a way we're immortal. Sure we can die. If it's a quick death we can't morph out of like being stabbed in the heart and our brains being blown out. Okay bad images. Well anyway unless something like that happened we were pretty safe. The thing is if yeerks notice and put one of them in our ear our bodies wouldn't die. We would probably be controllers forever. We had to do something.

"I just can't do it," Marco yelled causing most of the animals to act up. This was the problem. We were all a little unwilling to fake dying. "My dad just got over the lost of my mom. He's even thinking of starting dating. If I die who knows what will happen to him."

"You get we don't have a choice right?" Rachel asked looking at Marco. "When the yeerks realize we aren't growing up you'll be just like your mom and our world will be destroyed." Marco's mom isn't really dead. She's Visser One. The yeerk had faked Marco's mother's death.

Marco put his head in his hands and I thought for a minute he would cry. He didn't though. With a low voice he said, "It doesn't mean I have to like it."

We all sat there for a minute. I'm supposed to be the one who can know what other people are feeling, but I'm not even able to figure out my own feelings. How am I supposed to figure out other people's feelings? I guess I feel upset, angry, and so many others. I know Marco is upset. That was pretty clear.

Jake just sat there. He was upset too, but he was trying to keep cool. We were official boyfriend girlfriend now. That just meant that our classmates knew we were dating. Rachel on the other hand I was having a hard time understanding. I knew she was angry. She's always angry for some reason. As for being upset, I wasn't too sure. She's been more shut down lately. Being the strong hardcore Xena: Warrior Princess girl. It's because of the war.

"We're not here to decide weather we're doing it or not. We know we have to. We're here to decide how we're going to do it." Jake reminded us.

That's when I got the courage to speak. "The chee could help us. Give us a fake body that looks real for our parents. They know how to do it." I suggested and there was a silence agreement.

"So what we just turn up dead in bed one day?" Marco asked in a voice that said he was annoyed.

"No. That would cause doctors to look for a cause of death and they might figure out it was not real. We need to make why we died easily known." Rachel had a grin on her face. I didn't like where this was going "Jake's birthday is coming up. How about we all go out to celebrate?" That was a weird thought. It seemed completely out there. "I'll drive and you know how careless I am."

Now it was put together. Rachel wanted us to fake a car crash. Truthfully Rachel was a pretty good driver. Much better then Marco and Rachel had a car. We all got Rachel's plan. "We'd have to have more help from the chee, but it could work."

We started the planning. Pretty simple plan considering most things we do is likely to get us kill. This was pretty safe. Jake was going to put a call into the chee and tell them our plan. The only problem was the plan gave us only two days left with our families.

"Enjoy the next two days like it's the last days of your lives because it is." Jake told us as he got up and left. Marco was the next to leave. Probably to spend the next two days with his dad doing whatever fathers and sons do.

Rachel and me were the last ones in the barn. Rachel stood up and stood next to me. She put her hand on my shoulders. "Cassie, for the planet this has to be done. We can't stay the way we are. If Earth has any hope we have to go and destroy the blue box. Can't let anyone else suffer our fate." Rachel sometimes amazed me. She wasn't into the whole feelings thing. This was her version of a heart to heart. Tell the plan facts no matter how much it hurts.

Rachel looked me right in the eyes. "This is just a quick fix. If we win this war we can come back out." The word if stood out to me. It was always when. Every time we talked about winning no matter whom was talking they always said when. The word if meant Rachel was willing to say we might not win. The Andalites aren't coming why do we have a shot?

"What if we don't win?" The question had to be asked. There was a chance we wouldn't win.

"Then let's hope our deaths are quick and painless." The words came out of her mouth like she was asking how the weather was. She turned away and started to walk to the door. She stopped before leaving. She didn't turn to face me. "Cassie, the blue box is in the valley right? We can take care of it after we are done with this."

"I put it there yesterday. Toby said she would hide it." I told her thinking of the people I would soon be living with. The Hork-Bajir are nice people, but Toby was the only who you were really able to talk to. She's what her people call a seer. It just means she's smarter then a two-year-old while the rest were pretty dumb. Toby was named after Tobias.

I saw her nod. She turned back to look at me. "The people we were. The people we would have become died five years ago. It's only right Cassie, Rachel, Jake, and Marco get buried. They've been dead for so long." The way she said it made me freeze. She was talking about her self in the third person. She talked about me as if I wasn't even there. The way she said it was like someone who just didn't care. It made me wonder how far away Rachel really was. Is she really insane?

Rachel had left as soon as she finished talking. I froze there for a minute. Then I went upstairs into my room to look around. The room had my old toys in it. I never bothered cleaning them out. It was painted a bright pink. It had everything I had felt the need for or liked before Prince Elfangor.

I looked at a picture I kept on my nightstand. It was of Rachel and me taken probably a week before Elfangor. Truthfully if we put on the same clothes and stood in the same place to take a picture it would probably look like the same picture. There was something about this picture that seemed foreign though. Looking at it long enough I realized the innocent. The huge smile on Rachel's face. She had been laughing when the picture was taken. Her eyes showed none of the cold warrior I had come to know. Then there was me. I was smiling too and just seemed way to innocent.

Rachel's words played in my head again. I realized she was right. That she wasn't insane. She was just truthful and to the point. Cassie was dead. Why shouldn't she be buried? There was one question I had to ask. If Cassie was dead who the hell was I? Someone who had been born inside Cassie the day she died. Someone who took control of the body and had Cassies' memories. Someone who could fool everyone she was Cassie, but never would be Cassie.

I heard my parents come home or was it Cassies' parents now. I put the picture down. If I only had two days left with the people I loved I would make the most of it. The question of who I was can be answered after the crash.

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