-Rachel's POV-

Chapter 6: No Going Back

I looked with my bold eagle eyes at the stage. Andalites and humans were there talking. The Andalites wanted to meet the morph capable humans and the humans were shocked that their savors were humans.

(Anyone realized what date it is?) Nature who used to be Cassie asked. The reply came back as no. (It's the day we died. Can you believe we actually did it.)

(Took us 25 years,) Giggles who used to be Marco said. It was actually funny he started calling himself Giggles. It was probably the one good joke he ever made.

(I thought it was 30,) Cappy who used to be Jake said. The named started out as a joke. We were calling him Captain and then it was shorten to Cappy. (Xena you okay?)

(Tobias is long gone Cappy. I can deal.) Tobias died years ago. He didn't live forever in his hawk body. He died of old age and our look out was gone. Ax was an old Andalite now, too old to continue and too wise not to know that he was never going home. The Andalites wouldn't take him back and he was okay with it. He called Earth his home and us his family. I always went in first nowadays when it came to the fights. We were treating the Andalites no different.

I flew in and landed on Tom's broken on. Well I had broken it. Tom's lucky he's still alive. (You looking for me?) I asked in open thought speech. The Andalites used one of their weird Andalite's smiles I was so use to seeing.

(Yes where are your other teammates.)

(The rest of the Animorphs are around.) I stared at him with my eyes. (Was there something you needed?)

(Will you demorph?)

(Do it,) Cappy ordered. I got on the floor and began to demorph. I was done in a minute or so. Some people were shocked to see me. Mainly people I used to know.

I got off the floor and looked at the Andalite. "I don't think you gave your name." I looked at him.

(You first.)

"You first? What are we five?" I rolled my eyes. "Fine, I'm Xena." Everyone looked at me when I said the name. The Andalites didn't seem to notice the way people acted.

(I am Prince Paliment. Are you leader of your group?)

"Nope, but I'm the best warrior and my leader told me to talk you. So I repeat was there something you needed?" I was loosing my temper and if this guy knew what was good for him he would start talking.

The Andalite took a step closer so I took a step back. (Just wanted to meet the team who took down the Yeerk Empire and ask for the morphing cube back.)

The morphing cube? That's what this was about. It was just too funny. I started laughing. The Andalites and humans looked at me strangely. "Sorry to disappoint you, but the blue box is gone. We destroyed it after we faked our deaths." I don't know weather the Andalites were happy, sad, or angry.

(Why?) I laughed harder. This was just too funny. I finally regained control enough that I calmed down.

"Thanks for the good laugh. Hadn't had one since before I meet Prince Elfangor" I smiled. "I'll give you a clue. You see Tom here." I pointed to Tom. "I'm only about 2 or 3 years younger then him. At least I was before I was able to morph. You get the picture." The Andalites looked confused.

(Aging,) one Andalite finally shouted. (You do not age.)

I heard clapping and saw Giggles come up. He had a huge smile on his face. "We have a winner. Xena tell him what he won." Giggles said using one of those voices they would use on TV when saying that.

"He won the chance to see me beat you up if you don't shut up." I said in a calm voice and Giggles knew I wasn't kidding. "Giggles, where are the others?"

"Right here." I heard Cappy say and both him and Nature walk up. "I'm leader here and I think you have no business here. Unless you want to fight." He looked at me "I'm sure Xena wouldn't mind taking you out. She's the best fighter as she said. She's the one who killed Visser Three."

The Andalite's started to move. (It was good meeting you.)

"Wish I could say the same, but it would be a lie." The Andalites left and we looked out at the crowd of people who just watched. Our old parents stepped up and looked at us. Rachel's mom and Marco's dad were sitting next to each other. They were married. That was clear. We didn't know if they had kids or if they adopted or anything, but we didn't really care.

Cassie's parents or should I say parent. Only her mother was there. Don't know what happened to her father. Jake's parents also looked at us. Jordan and Sara were there with families of their own. They had their own kids. I could picture the kids Tobias and me could have had if this hadn't happened.

"Nature," I said and Nature looked at me. "It wasn't a quick fix. There is no going back."

"I know Xena," Nature said.

"Come on Animorphs, let's go home." Cappy told us.

"Sir, yes sir," Giggles shouted and I punched him. "Oh, that wasn't nice Xena."

"Who cares." We all started our morphs and left before anyone could stop us. They did try. I said something in thought speech before we left.

(Rachel, Jake, Cassie, and Marco are long dead. There is no going back.) We flew away and went back to our home. Ax and the hork-bajir were waiting there.

We demorphed and nodded to Ax. Our friend nodded back and we went on with our lives. We would never see our families again and it didn't bother us. We are the Animorphs.


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