DoReMi Fanfic

It was a quiet and nice day for flying in the lunaverse. The queen's gardeners had been waiting for a baby to be born from the Queen's rose in the garden that gave birth to magical babies. It was April 1st in the lunaverse when a baby was born from the rose in a navy blue rose bulb. The gardeners and Majoheart helped to deliver the baby. Majoheart had delivered a baby boy. "What screamed Majoheart and the gardeners this is a baby boy." Majoheart cleaned the baby and in her arms quickly flew to the palace and demanded an audience with the queen. Ameretta rushed out to say "Queen Lumena is on her way and what is the big emergency."

"The queen must hear my news first" said Majoheart comforting the baby in her arms as it cried. Queen Lumena looked beautiful as always. She came out from behind the throne very tired saying "What is so important to wake me at this hour" "well the baby from the queen's rose has been born" said Majoheart. "And what is so special about this baby to wake now" replied Lumena. "well your majesty the baby" said Majoheart. "The baby is what spit it out already" said the queen. "Well the baby is a boy" said Majoheart. "A what... A boy" said the queen. "Who should I assign the baby to your majesty" asked Majoheart in the faint voice she had when she was afraid. "well this has never happened before, we can't give him to just anyone and he is no wizard if he is born from the rose so I guess" that leaves me with only one choice" Said the queen. "And what is that my queen" asked Majoheart. "I will raise the baby myself we must see how this goes" said Queen Lumena. "What... you want to raise the baby" asked Majoheart.

"Do you have a problem with your queen's decision" asked Queen Lumena.

"No" said Majoheart and gave the baby to the queen and handed here the report book that would hold wither the queen passed the baby tested . At first the queen did not understand but than knew as a mother witch she would not be treated much if any differently. Than the queen left to make the palace ready for it's new Prince. His name the queen told Ameretta is "Nikko." Said Queen Lumena and went to bed.

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