A story by Songstone

Songstone: Again. Me and my sister were at it AGAIN. XD We were up at four in the morning, talking, when we were supposed to be sleeping and getting ready for school. XD But it seemed fun, and the idea was worth writing. So here we go!

Chapter 1: Just another morning

"Oooh . . . ahhhnn . . . j-just . . . mmfffnnn . . ." The raven hair lay spread out in a thin blanket of silk as the man rolled onto his back. His face was contorted in a look of hazy pleasure and his mouth opened in a light gasp as he arched up off the bed. "Uhhnnn . . ."

"Hey, fuckface, wake up!" A voice suddenly broke through the chain of moans coming from the man on the bed.

"Haa-aah . . ." The other continued, oblivious to the pounding on his bedroom door. He squirmed, moving his hands to rest on either side of his head while his hips twitched up. He moaned again. "Y-yeah . . .aaahhhmmm . . ." He panted out in his dream-induced ecstasy.

"Hey, didn't you hear me the first . . ." The voice trailed off as the door was pushed open. "Bastard." He said rather suddenly. In the next second, the invader of the raven haired man's room peeked his head back out into the hall. "Hey, Deidara! Your turn to wake him up!"

No answer came for a moment, but then another male's voice spoke up from the hall bathroom. "Kind of busy, un. You wake him, Hidan."

The white haired man in the doorway swore under his breath before turning back to the other on the bed. "You owe me one . . ." He grumbled.

"Oh . . . ah . . . aaahhhnnn!" The moaning got increasingly louder as the other moved about the bed, tossing his head back while straightening out and also bending his legs. "Oooh . . . yes." He settled into a position on his side, legs and arms securely holding his pillow against himself. "Mm . . . ahhh . . . uhhhhnnnn!"

"Itachi, stop fucking your pillow and wake up!" Hidan called down to the other. He grabbed a hold of the man's shoulder and shook him roughly from side to side relentlessly until the moans turned into surprised yelps.

"H-Hidan! Stop shaking me!" Itachi shouted up at his friend. He grabbed onto his wrists to make him stop and sat up quickly, eyes wide and hair wild. "What the hell did you do that for?" He demanded to know.

Hidan just raised an eyebrow at him and smirked before pointing downwards. He blinked his eyes a bit, roughly, and wrinkled his nose in spasms, making a light grunting noise. He shook his had and slowly the blinking stopped. "You were at it again, fuckface."

Itachi didn't seem to note the strange behaviour the other had. He only followed Hidan's finger downwards. His black eyes widened in surprise when he saw the white haired man had been indicating his groin. And indeed, there was a building problem growing down there.

"Geez, Itachi. You should at least wear underwear when you go to bed." Hidan laughed down at the other.

Itachi yanked his pillow close to himself and placed it in his lap, his cheeks taking on a light pinkish hue. "Stop staring, freak." He ordered, waving his hand for the other to leave his room.

Hidan sniggered and averted his eyes to appease the other. His eyes began to twitch again and he blinked them rapidly and roughly. His mouth moved slightly, curling his lips down in a pout before bearing his teeth. He grunted lightly and then hissed out the word "Bastard" between his teeth.

Itachi didn't seem to take offense. He just shut his eyes and squirmed a bit, uncomfortable with his friend in the room now. He glanced to the clock, however, and swore lightly. "Why didn't you tell me what time it was? I'm going to be late." He uncovered himself and got to his feet, turning his back to the other as he reached into his closet.

Hidan took a moment, looking over Itachi's bare body. He whistled lightly, but when the raven haired man just flipped him the middle finger, he laughed and left the room to give him some privacy.

However, he was barely down the hall towards his room when Itachi had followed after him. He was still buck naked, but had his clothes and a towel tucked under his arm. "Deidara." He called into the bathroom when he saw that it was occupied. "Hurry up. I need a bath."

On the other side of the door, there was silence and then a shuffling sound as Itachi's second roommate moved about. "Just . . . just a minute, un." Deidara called out to Itachi. The toilet flushed and water ran in the sink for a while. Everything was quiet, and the noises coming from the restroom indicated that the man in there was brushing his teeth.

"Hurry up, I said." The onyx eyes man ordered as he knocked again on the door.

"Wait up!" Deidara called back after a moment. "If you're in that much of a hurry, then go take a shower in Hidan's room, un."

Itachi rolled his eyes. Of course Hidan had wanted the master bedroom when the first moved into their home. The one room with a separate bathroom. The selfish jerk. "I can't. The drain is plugged up, remember? The dummy didn't fix it yet."

Finally, the water stopped running and the fan inside whirled to life as Deidara hit the switch. He unlocked the door and pulled it open after another moment. He was untying his hair from a long ponytail, his bangs falling over the left side of his face when he finally got the tie out.

"Oh God . . . Itachi, un." The blond quickly averted his gaze when he saw that the other as naked and he inched away from him as he made his way out of the restroom. "Quit walking around like that!"

The raven haired man only watched his friend's reaction before his eyes seemed to gleam and he turned to walk into the restroom. He bent over, scooping up some towels lying scattered on the floor, giving the other a rather good view of his behind. "You know you like what you see." He said in a low tone, smirking over his shoulder at Deidara.

Deidara only turned a deep shade of red and squeaked something out before he hurried away, down the hall, two doors down to his bedroom.

"Shake it, baby." Hidan laughed as he passed the open restroom door. "Bastard." He added a second later. "Whoops. Sorry." He called back at Itachi as he made his way to the kitchen to get something to eat before they all headed of to school together.

Itachi snorted, used to Hidan's insult by then. He couldn't really blame the man for his Tourette Syndrome even if he wanted to. He knew it was something he couldn't stop easily, so what was the point of making a huge deal out of nothing?

Turning the water on, Itachi didn't even bother to shut the restroom door while he bathed. He liked to put on that sort of display for his roommates every now and then. He smirked and began to run his hands up and down his chest and stomach when he saw Deidara coming from down the hall.

"Guh . . . pervert, un." The blond said, covering his eyes as he hurried passed the room. Once safely in the kitchen, he sighed and took a seat at the table, setting his book bag onto the floor besides himself.

"Hey, Dei." Hidan said when he spotted the other. He was busily munching down on a piece of toast and held out another slice for his friend to take.

Deidara shook his head and held up his hand. "No thanks. I ate earlier, un." He said, leaning on his elbows against the table.

Hidan began to blink again as he took a seat opposite the other. "Damn annoying tics." He hissed at the unintentional blinking he'd started. They went away a second later, and he sighed in relief. "You oughta eat more, blondie. You're looking really pale lately."

Deidara looked up at hearing that and absently tucked some hair behind his ear, feeling his own face. "Really? Hm. Guess I need to go out and exercise a bit more. Get some sun, un." He mused.

Hidan snorted. "You're always running, Deidara. It's not the exercise since you're in damn fine shape." He wiggled his eyebrows to prove that point.

"You're as bas as Itachi!" Deidara accused, shaking his head with a light groan.

Hidan barked in laughter. "Me? Nah." He waved a hand. "Don't compare me to that hyper sexual prick, Dei-chan." He sniggered around another tic that moved his mouth in an odd 'o' shape.

The blond rolled his blue eyes and began to scratch the surface of their kitchen table in a bored fashion. "I hope Itachi doesn't make us late, un."

"He probably will. It might take him a good twenty minutes to get ready. Ten to shower. Ten to jack off and get rid of the little problem between his legs." He laughed at the red colour Deidara's face turned at that. He held out the piece of toast to the man again. "C'mon. Eat something Deidara."

Still blushing, Deidara shook his head. "No. I told you I already ate, un." He refused.

"Just eat the damn . . ." Hidan's eyes twitched again and he blinked them hard. "Bastard." He blurted out. "Sorry." He shook his head, though his eyes and mouth continued to move for a while. "Just eat something before school. You're going to faint again if you don't."

"Will not. I feel fine, un." The younger pouted and shook his head to the offered food. "I'll eat at lunch." He promised, to make Hidan stop glaring at him in that irritated fashion.

"Yeah, you'll eat. But I want you to eat something and not throw it up ten minutes later." Hidan said in a bored tone.

"Shut up." Was all Deidara said to that. His friends knew he was bulemic, and it was rare for either of them to try and force him to eat. It got on his nerves a lot and he usually never listened, so they didn't try as hard as they did when they were in middle school and high school.

But with those piercing pink eyes boring holes into his head, Deidara finally gave a sigh and reached out. "Give me that." He ordered, snatching the toast out from Hidan's hand. He rolled his eyes and bit into it, chewing and giving his house mate a 'you'd better be happy' look.

It seemed that he was. Hidan grinned and reached out, petting Deidara's hair lightly. "Atta boy." He chuckled, narrowly avoiding a punch the blond tossed at him for messing up his hair.

"Are we ready here?" Itachi's voice suddenly came from the doorway as he watched the two. He was still dressing it seemed. He was pulling his shirt on, and his pants were open in the front, slowly sliding down his hips.

"Oh? Finished that quick?" Hidan laughed, lightly ticking, though not expelling any words this time.

"I wasn't doing what you think I was." Itachi said flatly, fixing himself up until he was properly dressed. "Deidara wasted all of the water again, so my shower had to be a cold one." He didn't seem to pleased about that fact, since he glared at the blond lightly.

"Excuse me." Deidara said sarcastically as he pushed himself away from the table and picked up his bag, still nibbling on the toast. "Let's get going then, guys. Un." He said.

Hidan gave a nod to that and grabbed the keys from the counter before Deidara could, sneering and waving them in front of himself proudly. "I'm driving today, pretty boy. You nearly crashed last time."

"But it's my car, un!" Deidara protested, still trying to snatch the from his friend.

"Tough luck, blondie." Hidan chuckled.

Itachi, however, had other things in mind. He took the keys off of the white haired man's finger and twirled them on his own before holding them safely in his palm. "I'm driving." He clarified. "Hidan, your tics are bad today. Deidara, you look ready to keel over. I'll be the designated driver out of our little freak show. Come on."

Without leaving room for argument, Itachi simply grabbed his things and left the house, leaving the door open for the others to follow him.

Deidara exchanged looked with Hidan before they both shrugged. Hidan gathered his things together and quickly hurried after the blond, shutting and locking the door after himself. He raced into the car, cursing at Deidara for calling shotgun before him, and then they were headed towards the campus grounds.

It was just another typical morning. No big deal.

Songstone: ...Are we going to hell for this? o3o;; I hope not! XD I'm having fun writing for Hidan. Look up the disorders if you want a better explanation of what they are, since I'm sure I didn't do a good job explaining. Anyway, please review and tell me what you thought! R&R!