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"I Promise"

Prt. One: Always Remember

It was a magical night, caught in a hushed silence while the earth was bathed in cool serenity as the moon shone brightly in the cloudless sky. The stars twinkled merrily against their midnight milieu, like greeting an old friend as the warm winds that blew through valleys, hills and trees.

It was a night, much like that night.

Although he couldn't remember much of what had happened that night, he was haunted by the nightmares of it that still occasionally plagued his sleep - even after fourteen years. What happened, he had come to terms with, had been so horrible that his mind had repressed the memories and the years had caused the ones that remained to fade.

Lloyd sighed deeply.

Seating himself on the edge of the balcony that overlooked his foster father's property, he let his legs dangling freely as he leaned his forehead against the railing.

A night like that night…

Reaching into his sleeveless black undershirt, the brown-haired teen withdrew the hidden treasure that hung from a gold chain around his neck. It was an oval locket, its once brilliant luster having been worn away during the years.

Caressing it absently with a thumb, Lloyd popped the clasp and opened the locket.

If you asked him how many times he had done it or for how long he had done it, he wouldn't have been able to give you a proper answer. It had happened innumerable times and was therefore impossible to count. He had never told anyone about the locket - not Genis, not Collette and even Dirk. It was a special memento, aside from his mother's exsphere, that his only link to the past and to what he had lost.

Ever since he had been old enough to comprehend that his parents were never coming back, Lloyd would stare at the small, painted faces inside the locket. His mother, who's grave lay outside the cottage he had called home since the day she died, was beautiful. She had long brown hair with laughing green eyes and smile that could win almost any heart. His father, whose fate remained a mystery to this day, was just as handsome. Dark auburn hair that shadowed brooding but happy russet eyes and a special smile reserved only for the ones he loved.

Lloyd rubbed his eyes, feeling that unbidden sting and the throb inside his heart. His parents - how he wished he could remember then. But he had barely been four years old at the time when they had been attacked and few memories he had of that time before were so few.

Looking up at the stars, his dark amber eyes sought their guidance. As if answering his unspoken need, a bright flash streaked across the sky. Having always been told to make a wish when one sees a shooting star, he asked for the one thing he always wished for.

It vanished soon after, leaving him feeling slightly cheated, but nonetheless satisfied. Wishes took time to grant and other people were making wishes too, so he couldn't properly be selfish. Looking back down at the tiny portrait, he continued the ritual of taking in the detail of his parent's faces.


"I have something for you, Lloyd.

The little boy grinned excitedly, looking up to see what his surprise present was. Dark amber eyes widened as he watched his daddy unclasp something from around his neck, then hold it up to the light so that it shown like a star.

The locket - his daddy was giving him the locket!

"But daddy! That's you're locket! How are me and mommy suppose to be close to your heart if you give it to me?"

His daddy laughed softly, kneeling before him in order to reclasp the chain bearing the treasured charm around the little boy's neck. "Let me tell you secret." he smiled.

"A secret?"

"Yes, a secret - just between you and I. Remember it always and never forget."

The little boy's shock his head wildly, his eyes determined.

"I won't!"

"Good." his daddy's smile widened. "Now as long as you wear this locket, nothing bad can happen to me."


"Of course. I will want it back someday and you have to protect it for me. No matter what happens, if you keep it close, I will always be able to find you."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

With tiny trembling fingers, he lifted the locket resting against his chest and opened it. A portrait of his mommy, daddy and himself rested inside; the picture daddy had gotten painted of them only last month.

Eyes prickling with proud tears, the little boy threw his arms around his daddy's neck and hugged him tight. His daddy trusted him to protect his precious locket and nothing else mattered. Never had he gotten a present so special before.

"I'll protect it for you daddy! I'll never loose it!"

"I love you, Lloyd."

"I love you too, daddy."


Reality returned abruptly, hastening away what little was left of that memory. Numb, the only sound permeating the night was that of Lloyd breathing, which had accelerated in the wake of his vision.

Yes, now her remembered. The locket had been his father's, given to him only days before that night.

"Y-you lied to me..." he whispered softly, a quite sob escaping his lips as he gazed with blurry eyes down at the face of his father. "Daddy… you promised that nothing would happen if I protected it. You promised you'd always find me…"

He was suddenly startled by the sound of footsteps from below. Glancing at the sky and seeing that moon and stars had vanished and the forest shimmered with that silvery predawn hue, the brown-haired teen realized that he had been up for a lot longer then he had intended

"You alright up there Lloyd?" Dirk's voice echoed from the bottom of the stares. "Ah could've sworn ah hear you cry'n."

Snuffling, Lloyd closed the locket and stuffed it back into the shirt, whipping away his tears. Smiling a slightly forced smile; he turned to look back into the cottage.

"No, I'm alright Dad. I… I was just remembering something, that's all."


Thus ends Prt. One!

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