Training with My Brothers

I looked over at Edward and sighed "Edward do you think it would be possible to start training me while the kids are still young?"

He looked over at me and smiled "Of course my dear Bella, two months is more than plenty of time. But we'll have to start probably right away." He turned his head and called our brothers to get over here. Jasper who had probably been the closest. Arrived first, he was in a white tank-top and cargo pants. Emmett probably took his time coming, walked in with a 'yo' on his face. I chuckled; leave it to my husband to have me learn to fight from others.

"Bella, Edward what can we do for you this evening." Inquired our dear Jasper?

"Well Jasper, Bella has been now for a while waiting to learn how to fight like us. And seeing as how we're about to have a couple new members of our family joining us. I thought that now would be a great time to teach her how."

Emmett walked forward with a great big grin on his face. "You do realize that we won't be able to hold back if we fight with her, don't you bro?"

I looked over at Edward and he just kept on smiling "I don't think that'll be a problem Jasper."

He then pulled me aside and whispered too low for our brothers to hear him. "Bella do you remember, what I taught you about fighting when we first came here?" I giggled of course I remembered it was one of my first memories were I actually beat Edward at something.

"Alright Bella we're going to go slow on you, seeing as you probably haven't fought anyone except Edward. And no offense but he probably took it easy on you." Said Emmett

I laughed poor Emmett maybe I should take him down first.

"Now Bella we're going to start off fairly simple to see how much Edward has been 'teaching' you."

I just nodded my head "fine but I won't take it easy on you either."

"Bring it on little sis" Emmett roared at me "I'll be your first target"

I smiled at his words, as I remembered how Edward taught me.


"Okay Bella just as we practiced once you bite me you're going to have to concentrate extremely hard on the rose make sure it doesn't appear on my palm." As I got closer to him I had to keep on reminding myself that I didn't leave a mark on him.

As soon as I bit his palm I kept thinking must not leave a mark. And when I looked over at his hand I realized I didn't leave a mark now I laughed. Know hearing Edwards thoughts would be a piece of cake. And if his hypothesis was correct than I would also gain any experience I wanted. All I had to do was concentrate on what I wanted.

Then only mere minutes later I could hear his thoughts. I really hope that this'll work because if it doesn't I don't know what I'll do. I chuckled Edward I can hear you and I know you can now hear me. From where he had been standing Edward jumped in the air with excitement. "Bella this is great now we can test the next part of my hypothesis." And with that I bit his other hand and gained something new. Okay know I looked at how Edward stood and could tell a lot by the way he was standing. I had gained his combat skills.


Emmett growled at me as he began to circle around me "Come on Bella take your best shot at me."

I laughed mercilessly at him "ha ha ha oh no Emmett you come first."

"Very well sis…" with that he lunged at me. Quickly by acting on instinct I rolled under him and kicked up to where his soon would be midriff would be. As I made contact with him he went flying into a tree.

Holy Shit how the hell did she do that, she moves exactly like Edward but quicker. I chuckled at my older brother's thoughts. "What's the matter Emme' did I kick you to hard." He glared at me and ran over at me and once again he lunged this time I wasn't ready. So out of instinct I grabbed his arm in mid air, and using all of my weight I shifted to my side and heard a loud ripping noise.

"Ah what the hell…" I was still in a daze when I realized that I had something in my hands I looked down and there flaring franticly was Emmett's right arm

"Emmett I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to I mean you scared me and I reacted." Oh now I really felt bad, Rose was going to be furious with me. Then Emmett did something I didn't think he would. He started to laugh.

"Nice shot sis, I didn't think you could do that. Where'd you learn to do that?" I laughed with him.

"She learned from Edward, because he's been feeling real smug lately" stated Jasper

"Okay even I could have gone and told you that, but how did she learn so fast?" I chuckled it was going to take him some time so to stop him from hurting himself while he thought. I guess I was just going to have to explain to him.

"Well Emmett now that we know what my ability is, Edward and I had been practicing on controlling it and found out that I can extract what ever I want. At least so far."

"That's what I thought, so you gained Edwards combat skills and his ability to read others thoughts."

I shook my head "that's not entirely correct, first off yes I did get both of those abilities. But also seeing as my gift also amplifies it I don't have to touch someone to know what they've thought or are thinking. So it's like a blend between Aro and Edward. Only mine is more potent."

At this Emmett laughed, "Ha! Leave it to you to go and cheat on training," this was a very funny scene before my eyes. Because not only was our dear brother Jasper babbling, but our other brother was reattaching his right arm that I ripped off.

I just stood their and sighed, "Well I'm not going to get any better if all three of you just sit around and do nothing, now will I," at this both of my brothers and husband lunged at me. I could see each one coming I just had to watch out for Edward's speed.

We continued to rough house for about another two hours before I heard the children crying. I sighed I'll never get use to the fact that in less than two months they'll be full adult vampires. Oh, well I guess my husband and I should get going. Because otherwise Tealk is planning on being temperamental to who ever gets him. And seeing as both my husband and I can read thoughts I think its best if I hurry up and beat him.