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"Can you feel it Alec?" A strange look came over his face and he smiled softly at her. "I've always felt it, Maxie." And tears filled her eyes again as she leaned over and kissed him. "Can we go home now?" She nodded to his question and he threw his arm around her.

"So, I can answer any more questions, but can we do it after dinner do you think? Chasing you all over the place has made me famished." He laughed at her and nodded. He was simply amazed by her.

He watched her while she cooked, helped her set the table, while she grabbed a celebratory wine to crack open. He watched her eyes sparkle, watched the happiness radiating off her. "You aren't telling me everything are you?" The happiness was replaced with Mission Max and he instantly regretted it.

"We were married. The day before the third anniversary of the flag raising at TC. Zack gave me away. OC bawled like a baby. You made me wear white." She chuckled quietly, lost in her own reminiscing.

He wanted to find words to tell her that he wanted to be there in that world with her, that there was nothing more that he could imagine wanting than to know their life together, to be able to give it all back to her, that he was just as frustrated with the situation as she was. But like Max, she took the edge off. She threw food at him.

"What the hell?" There was pasta on his face and shirt but when he tried to clean himself up he was met only by her laughter and more pasta to his face and this time it went into his hair. "Okay, that's it." And they commenced in what he thought was the first of many nights like this.

They blurred through the house, chasing and running, in a game of cat and mouse, even taking it outside into the dark. He was faster but she knew the terrain, this was her home. The thought that he felt lost her almost broke her heart. She quit running and he slammed right into her, knockig her over. His exclimations of pain and concern fell on deaf ears. She couldn't keep doing this to herself. For the first time, she wanted him gone. She wanted to be away from all of this. She didn't want to be strong anymore. And those thoughts made her break down wraped in the safety of his arms in the middle of the forest.

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