Chocolate Sundaes

I wrote this for my friend, but decided to put it up on this website, because Amuto is very unloved on I based it on another fan-fiction I wrote, with a very similar storyline, called Jellybeans. I think most of my Amuto fics will be about food. God, Ikuto always has sweets! Anyway, enjoy!

"Ugh… it's so hot…" Amu sighed, sitting down on the bench. It was practically empty in the park, compared to the busy streets she had to walk through to get here. Everyone seemed to be busy, doing this or that with their families – Nadeshiko was dancing, Kukai was at the beach, Yaya was babysitting her little brother and Tadase, for all she cared was trying to think up a way to take over the world. Even her characters were absent – all she had was a chocolate ice-cream sundae for company, and it looked far too good to eat.

Of course, it was also too good to waste, so she took the cherry off the top and lifted it to her mouth. It was gone within seconds. Now she was left with layer after layer of ice-cream, chocolate sauce and whatever else they had managed to fit in there.

"Are you gonna eat it or stare at it?" a voice suddenly asked her.

Surprised, Amu jumped up, recognising the voice, and came face to face with him – Ikuto. He was obviously unaffected by the heat, and somewhat jealously, Amu stared right back at him, narrowing her eyes as if to tell him to "go away".

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ikuto asked in a bored voice. "If we're gonna have an argument, I might as well just go now. I'm not looking for trouble."

Amu's face softened a little, and she returned to the bench, without speaking a word. Taking a hint, he sat down next to her, as she began to eat the ice-cream, savouring every bite. Every now and again she would peer out of the corner of her eye and see him sitting there, apparently playing with Yoru, who had previously been on his shoulder. Neither Ikuto nor Yoru seemed to acknowledge, or even care that she was there and continued to do what they would have done anyway whether Amu was with them or not.

But… even though he was the enemy, the silence was slight… unbearable.

"Um… I haven't seen you in her while," she told him, trying to make conversation, as she put the plastic spoon down for a second.

He turned to look at her briefly for a few seconds, with his eyebrows raised, and then responded, without failing to smirk as he said: "Did you miss me?"

Amu blushed, and shook her head. "No!"

"Then… why are you blushing?"

"I'm not! It's just hot out today…"

"I'm not denying that," he said, smiling. "Anyway, is that ice-cream?"

"It's not!"

Amu hid the ice-cream sundae behind her, recalling the last time she had eaten ice-cream in front of him. She didn't want that again, and not to mention that Tadase was there, too.

"Why are you hiding it from me?" Ikuto asked her. From the tone in his voice, Amu knew that he was grinning even more than ever. What was she? His toy? Actually, that was very likely, but she refused to let that bother her, and instead concentrated on keeping him away from her ice-cream sundae.

And it was working, until he reached over and took it – just like that.

"H-hey! That's not fair! You're taller than me – you have longer arms!" she protested.

"Say 'ahhhh'," he teased, taking a spoonful and putting it near her mouth.

Amu turned away stubbornly, half embarrassed, and half mourning the loss of her sundae, murmuring nonsense under her breath.

"You know, if you don't take any, you're not having it back," he told her.

"I don't care!"

"You're lying."

"Just leave me alone!"

Then he was silent for a while. Turning around curiously, Amu focused her attention on the spoon he was still offering her.

"God… this is so embarrassing…" she whispered to him. "What if someone comes…?"

"Who cares? Just take it."

She closed her eyes and parted her mouth slightly, and then heard him snigger. "What?!" she demanded opening her eyes. He took the spoon from in front of her, and ate it himself.

"I-Ikuto!" she exclaimed in surprise. "That-that's a-"

"What? An indirect kiss? So? Does something like that still bother you?" Ikuto sighed as he said it. "Grow up… I was only messing around."

He handed her the ice-cream sundae, and stood up. "C'mon Yoru, lets go-"

"Ikuto, if you leave right now, I am going to kill you," Amu threatened, pulling his shirt, and begging him to sit down again.

"Huh? Why?"


There was another brief pause, in which he looked down at her, and she stared at the floor. "I see," he murmured.

"Eh?" she looked up.

Ikuto then tucked his fingers under chin, and bent down, forcing her into a kiss. It didn't last long, and he didn't intend it to either. They broke apart within seconds, and she stared at him in wonder for a while.

"T-t-that wasn't why I wanted you to stay," she told him.

He chuckled. "I know."

And then he left, leaving her staring at the ice-cream in front of her, not quite knowing how to react.

The hot weather really was getting to her head.