m o o g l e d a i m e asked me if I could upload some more Amuto fics, and because I have a bunch of them saved on my computer, I thought: "Why not?" When my internet isn't working, I usually write, and the outcome is usually a food-related Amuto fan-fiction. I should stop before this turns into a habit…

"Amu-chan. It's getting dark – let's go home now!"

From her place on the swing, Amu Hinamori looked up at the floating figure, no bigger than the palm of her hand, before decisively shaking her head and kicking off from the ground, forcing herself higher up. Ran sighed, and sat on top of the slide alongside her sisters – Miki, who was drawing, and Suu, who was singing one of Utau Hoshina's most recent songs – before pulling herself into the splits. It had been a long day, and Amu, in an attempt to relax had retired to the park.

Ran was beginning to get annoyed – all she wanted was to sleep. Sustaining the position she held, and closing her eyes, she found herself deep in thought – so deep in thought, that she didn't notice the sniggering, that was coming from the approaching figure.

"KYAH!" Ran squealed, as she felt two, small cat's hands reach out and grab her from behind. Meanwhile, Amu, who was still swinging, came to an abrupt halt. Two hands were placed on hers (which had been on the rope that held the swing together), and she fell back, into the arms of the person behind her.

Her first reaction was surprise, and then suddenly, embarrassment.

"I-Ikuto," she stuttered in recognition, unable to bring herself forward, because the awkward position she was in.

"What are you doing here at this time of night?" he asked her bluntly.

For a brief moment, Amu thought he was truly worried about her, but then she remembered - he was an enemy, he had expressed that fact many times before, and misinterpreted his expression and emotionless… uncaring. She avoided his eyes, and made an irritated noise while he furrowed his eyebrows, suddenly, pushing her forward.

"Y-Yoru! That wasn't funny!" Amu heard Ran exclaim.

Uninterested, Amu continued to swing, and noticed out the corner of her eye that Ikuto had joined her, and was now on the parallel swing, watching her every move.

"W-what?" she demanded, blushing.

He threw something at her before he responded with a simple: "Nothing,"

She caught what he had thrown in time – a jellybean – and dropped it in disgust. "Ugh! I hate those!" she yelled stubbornly, turning away and beginning to search for her characters so she could go home, while he continued to throw them.

Getting irritated, Amu bit her lip, trying to stop herself from saying anything, however, that was easier said, than done. She turned abruptly, and noticed that he was closer to her than he was before. Uncomfortably close.

Then, he kissed her.

Shocked, Amu parted her lips in surprise, as he dropped something into her mouth – a single jellybean – before breaking the kiss, smirking.

Spluttering, Amu spat the jellybean onto the ground.

Then, it hit her: Ikuto had just stolen her first kiss.

"You- you idiot, Ikuto!" she yelled, turning to face him. He did not flinch as Amu, bright red and violent began to hit him, almost in tears. Tadase-kun was supposed to be her first kiss! Not Ikuto!

"You really are a thieving cat!" she screamed at him.

He pushed her away.

"You're loud," he complained, with a sigh. "That's it, I'm leaving. C'mon Yoru!"

At first she only watched him sling his violin case over his shoulder, and hold out a hand for Yoru to rest on, but refused to let herself stand around, speechless.


Amu ran to catch up with him, but clumsily slipped, and found herself, for the second time that night, in his arms while he looked down at her with an amused look. Hating that, she pulled away, and turning her back, blushing and looking down at the floor.

"T-tell me… why did you do that, idiot?" she commanded.

At first he didn't answer – the silence was torture for her and she almost thought he was ignoring her, until he grabbed her head, and gently tilted it back so she was looking at him.

"I told you didn't I? I can't stop thinking about you… I'm interested in you."

She let her mind drift to the date she went on with Tadase, but lost track of her thoughts when he turned her around so she was facing him. As if to say 'goodnight', he gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Amu narrowed her eyebrows.

"Thieving cat…" she murmured, with a hint of a smile on her lips.