Title: 7th Year Potions with Fred and George
Author: Raven Dancer
disclaimer: All characters belong to Rowling except for the Drs. Barnes. I receive no monetary compensation for these works.

Chapter 5 Potions and Consequences

Snape woke to a sharp prick. He rolled over and groggily looked up. Dr. Jeffrey Barnes was preparing a second injection.
Good morning, Severus! he said cheerfully as he slipped the second injection into the semi-somnolent man's arm.
What was that? Snape yawned unconcerned. He was getting used to this type of wake-up. He trusted the young doctor.
Just some stuff to help you heal. You'll be pretty sleepy
for awhile, cautioned the man.
Blinking, Snape tried to sit up but failed miserably.
I have students to discipline, Barnes, he leaned back on the pillows starting to fight the medicine. The doctor sat by him and ran a soothing hand over his torso.
I know. This will wear off after lunch. Let's get you into
the loo and back before you get more lethargic.
Together they went into the lavatory. Snape stumbled several times muttering about the drugs and his muscles. Washing up created quite a mess. *At least he hit the toilet* Barnes groused to himself as he managed to get the limp man back to the bed.
I'm going to clean up your mess, Severus, Barnes chided.
Snape mumbled something incoherent.
Barnes disappeared. Snape lounged back, staring dully about him. A movement at the door drew his attention and he watch Dr. James Barnes come in the room. The older doctor smiled apologetically.
Sorry, Severus, I should have been here earlier, he began to set out vials and syringes. Snape watched certain he should remember something, but not exactly sure what.
I think I already had some shots, he said finally. The older man smiled at him.
You've had a lot of shots during the past week, Severus, he said soothingly. These will help you heal.
I'm pretty sure I already had a shot this morning, he licked his drying lips trying to remember.
Yes, Jeffrey was here, he said.
James Barnes just smiled. He'd found the note from his son on the counter. Since he hadn't found Jeffrey here he was certain Snape hadn't had any injections. Jeff would not leave the man alone given his condition. He swabbed down Snape's arm and smoothly injected the energy boost.
That hurt, Snape complained. Barnes rubbed the injection site sending in a little energy to heal the puncture. He picked up the second syringe.
Jeffrey came into the room as the needle was poised above the limp man's arm.
he yelled and his father let the arm drop.
What's wrong, Jeff?
I've given him his shots! Why are you here? he asked.
I got your note by the tea kettle, James replied, watching his son slap his forehead.
I forgot that! I meant to grab it when I Ieft. What did you
give him?
The energy boost, he replied, I was about to give him
a tranquilizer.
A muffled giggle drew their attention back to Snape.
Oh gods, double the pleasure, he managed to get out as he curled around his pillow in obvious discomfort. The other injection was capped off for the time being as Jeffrey began to scan the immediate effects in his patient's body.
Not too bad, physically. Heart and respiration were close to normal. Mentally, though, Snape was upset with the emotions coursing through him, unable to control the nervous giggle. Jeffrey pulled him up climbing on the bed to hold him in his lap. He continued to manipulate his systems, taking firm control. He stimulated Snape's endorphin production and felt the body in his arms slowly relax.
There now Severus, that should feel a bit better, he felt a tight nod against his chest.
I'll just stay right here for awhile, monitor you and assist
you until the side effects become manageable for you.
Oh goody, my own personal regulator, sighed Snape shivering as he clung to the doctor.
Jeff, I'll go inform the Headmaster about Severus's
condition. Will you need anything else? his father asked.
No, I'm going to be tied up for a few hours but it
shouldn't be too hard, he smiled slightly, adjusting his patient against him. The elder Barnes picked up his bag and went to break the news to Dumbledore.

The Headmaster was not pleased, although he did his best to contain himself. He was assured Snape would be fine by that evening, but he couldn't see the twins until the following day. At least Jeffrey Barnes would sit with him and explain Snape's condition. Dumbledore split his time between responding to his correspondence and sitting with with his friend.
Harry wandered up in the late afternoon. He had decided to see if Snape needed calming. He found the Potions Master curled up on his side semi-conscious humming tunelessly as Dr. Barnes read through a medical journal. He looked up and smiled sheepishly at the student.
He received a rather high dose of energy potion this
morning. It radically alters his mood, even with the
tranquilizers, Barnes explained. Harry tried hard not to gape. The professor was totally dithering.
he sat by the wizard and reached for his hand.
Severus? How are you? he watched as two vacant eyes began to focus and turned toward him.
Hi Harry, Snape managed; his mouth was incredibly dry. Barnes handed the student a glass of juice with a straw.
Have a cool drink, he coaxed the man, tucking the straw between his lips. Snape suckled contentedly for a moment before releasing the straw.
he murmured, feels good. He held onto Harry's hand, a line to sanity.
Harry, do you mind sitting with Severus for awhile? I'm
going to join the Headmaster when the Weasleys
arrive and he can't be left alone, Barnes looked at the youth wondering if he'd be comfortable with this.
You'll be out in the office? Harry queried.
Yes, you'd just have to open the door and call for me.
Then, yes, I can stay in here with Severus, he looked at the professor as he tried to relax. You seem so uncomfortable,
Severus, he continued, smoothing hair out of the man's mouth and eyes.
Doesn't hurt, Snape managed, just annoying. Bouncing
on the ceiling. Disgusting.
Harry chuckled. It would be disgusting to a man who was always in absolute control of his emotions. They sat in companionable silence, Snape occasionally sipping juice.

Dumbledore sat stiffly behind his desk, Dr. Barnes next to him. On the other side of the desk sat Fred and George Weasley, studiously studying their fingers and feet. Their parents flanked them, looking stern.
They were both ill for the best part of the week, Mrs. Weasley was saying. We kept them busy reading when
they weren't doing housework.
We've had many discussions about experimenting, Mr. Weasley added. I've brought home the regulations and
laws from the Ministry for them to read and discuss.
A long moment passed as Dumbledore looked at the boys sternly, sizing them up.
What have we learned, gentlemen, about inappropriate
and reckless mixtures? the Headmaster asked tersely. The twins shuffled in unison.
That it's against the law to mix certain items, that it's
dangerous and that we shouldn't experiment unless
we've thoroughly checked out possible volatile or
dangerous effects, George began, barely lifting his head. Fred raised up and looked directly at the Headmaster, trying to keep eye contact.
How is Professor Snape? he asked, voice trembling slightly. He and George (and their parents) were startled and very worried when they did not see the Potions Master in the room.
Dumbledore passed the question over to him.
The main effects of the potion dissipated by the fifth day, Barnes began looking grave.
Unfortunately, there is a residual combination including the
foxglove still affecting his muscles; He collapses when
he over-exerts himself. We're trying a new potion today
and had hoped he'd be able to attend to you two, but
he could not.
You will return tomorrow at lunch, Dumbledore took up the discussion, and will speak with Professor Snape then. He looked at Mr. Weasley, then Mrs. Weasley.
I know you'd like it resolved today, but we all feel that
the Professor should handle the discipline. Fred and George shrank into their chairs. This would be bad, very bad. They had hoped the 500 points and the loss of the quidditch game would have sufficed. Neither brought that particular point up.
You will find, Dumbledore continued unruffled, that 400
of the house points have been restored to Gryffindor.
Fred glanced over to George.
And the quidditch game has been reinstated for later
this month. You may thank Professor Snape; he felt
that was much too harsh and not appropriate for the
Both boys were stunned, to say the least. They wondered separately what appropriate' would be, but neither asked.
If that's what you feel is right, then we will support
that decision, said Mr. Weasley.
Until then, you will remain in your room unless at meals
or in class, do I make my self clear?
Yes Headmaster, the boys chorused.
You may go, Dumbledore nodded to the door. The boys wasted no time in leaving seeking the sanctuary of their room.
All four adults watched them until the door shut and they were sure they were down the stairs. Mr. Weasley moved to the chair next to his wife.
We are so sorry our sons have caused so much pain and
grief for you and especially Professor Snape, began Mrs. Weasley. Dumbledore smiled tightly.
Well, they have been quite a challenge, the Headmaster allowed.
May we have a word with Professor Snape before we
leave? asked Mr. Weasley. Dumbledore glanced at the doctor.
He's pretty groggy right now, he began apologetically,
and he's not thrilled about the side effects of the potion
I administered this morning. He left out the part about his father giving him the double dose.
You could come back later in the week? He'll be resting
most of the time here. I don't anticipate him being
released for teaching for several days at least, Barnes added.
I'll come back Tuesday morning, around 10, said Mrs. Weasley. I just want to discuss his detention for the boys.
I think you'll find he's put a lot of thought into it, commented Dumbledore.
Well, he's had all week to think about it! Barnes added.
Good. Those two need something to keep them
occupied, said Mr. Weasley. The Headmaster looked up at the muggle clock.
It's nearly dinner and I believe Bill wished to see you. If
you'd like I can walk you down to his rooms? he asked pleasantly.
Oh, no, that's ok Headmaster. Molly and I know the way
down to the dungeons better than most students, Mr. Weasley smiled sheepishly.
I suppose you do, Dumbledore smiled, too. They stood and shook hands, Barnes walked them to the door. Saying goodbye they left.

Somehow Harry convinced Snape to try sitting up for a while and when the other two adults came into the room they found the wizard sitting with plenty of pillows tucked around him. Harry was reading from a book, another Hillerman mystery Dumbledore had secured earlier that week. Good thing the author had a lot of books out in paperback.
It was easy to see some of the side effects had lessened greatly, Snape's eyes were focussed on Harry and he was following the story. He was no longer trembling or humming, another good sign. Barnes came closer and was rewarded with a sneer.
Ah, the healer has returned, Snape growled, Harry chuckled.
and the Headmaster. I suppose I just missed the
Weasley contingent? he asked.
Yes, we've sent them all away. The twins will present
themselves at lunch tomorrow for your pleasure, Dumbledore smiled at his friend.
I'm looking forward to discussing their detentions, his face now sporting a feral smile. Barnes shivered.
How about some dinner, Professor? You haven't eaten
today, he changed subjects.
Can I have breakfast? he asked, I missed my breakfast.
You missed lunch and tea, too, although I doubt you
could tuck away that much food, commented Dumbledore.
Just breakfast, the man said firmly.
Dobby would probably cook just about anything you
wanted if you ask him, the older man said.
I think I'll go down to the great hall, said Harry.
I told Ron and Hermione I'd meet them for dinner.
Dumbledore sent him off. He and Barnes took a moment to convince a reluctant Snape to get out of bed walk out to eat at the table.
Well, that was better, Barnes said cheerfully. Snape merely grunted, feeling a bit dizzy. He sat at the table and closed his eyes waiting for the world to become stationary again. He thought the doctor was crazy even though his body did manage to get to the table without collapsing. He was pessimistic about success.
He felt better after eating, was much steadier walking into the washroom and then back to the bed. So much so his earlier reluctance started to dissipate. He crawled back into bed and fell asleep easily.

Morning activities included bathing and breakfast, both of which were monitored closely. Snape made it through bathing with a minimum of help. Dressed and moved onto the couch for the morning, alternating dozing and reading. Dumbledore and Barnes were conservatively pleased with the improvement.
Barnes wanted to administer a single dose of the energy potion the next day and Snape tentatively agreed (if you could call a snarl and glare agreement).
At promptly 11:30 there was a tentative knock on the door and the Weasley twins were escorted into the living area of Dumbledore's rooms. Snape was sitting in a straight-back chair, leaning on his palm. He watched the young men cross the room, his black eyes showing no emotion whatsoever.
Professor Snape, George nodded by way of greeting.
Good morning, Professor Snape, Fred added. They sat down on the couch together. Snape observed them for a long minute, noting the mounting tension as time crept forward. If he hung on, they'd start sweating. He moved his hand away from his face and let it lie in his lap.
he said quietly. He wondered how long he should leave them there. He finally relented when he realized Dumbledore was pretending not to be listening across the room.
Have you had enough time to think about what you've
accomplished? he began. They both nodded without blinking.
Ah, that is good. Now, tell me, what do you think would
be an adequate detention? he never removed his eyes from the twins, watching them intently as they fidgeted on the couch.
I guess you've decided taking away points and the
quidditch match weren't enough, George hesitantly observed.
No, it wasn't the correct punishment. It punished
other students who had done nothing to deserve
such a loss. he shifted slightly and intensified his gaze.
You have caused me intense pain and suffering, as
well as hurting my friend, he said this slowly, each word took on great importance and the students shrank slightly.
Whereas I expect to sometimes to experience some
difficulties with student accidents, I will not allow my
friends to be hurt by them, He was simmering now, thinking of how much Albus had suffered. His own pain was nothing compared to that; he loved the Headmaster too much.
We, we were reckless, Professor; we are very sorry, Fred said, miserable.
I suppose you are sorry, but there is the matter of the
detention. What do you propose you should do? he asked them again. Now there was sweat.
I should state here I do not advocate corporal punishment,
no matter what you may have heard or thought, he added, just to make it more interesting.
Removing us from the quidditch team? George said very quietly. Snape's eyes flashed as he quelled his anger.
he growled, no, you have an obligation to your
house. You will play the remainder of the year. He did not add he felt if they didn't have the practice and games they'd just get into more trouble.
Uh, assist you in the dungeons? Fred attempted.
Ah, yes, you are getting closer. You'll be cleaning
and organizing for me for a long while, he watched them intently as they squirmed uncomfortably.
Also, I will not allow you to participate in potions with
the 7th years; no collaborations with other students, he saw the panic rise and he continued.
You will have private sessions with me weekly, in the
evening after dinner starting next Tuesday.
The twins glanced at one another considering this.
You will write out your proposed potions in advance and
you will research all the possible complications you can
find, he reached by his side and pulled the copies of An Herbalist's Diary out.
This will be a good resource. Do not loose it. I expect
your plans ready to be discussed the morning before our
session. 7:30 am Tuesday, Snape gave a tight, evil smile.
We will become great friends by June, gentlemen.
Ok, now they were really sweating. Snape all the rest of the year their special advisor and task master. Azkaban was sounding almost nice.
Any questions gentlemen? he hissed pleasantly, enjoying the panic that spread on their faces.
What about this Friday? Fred tried not to squeak.
You may use that period to research and prepare for
Tuesday morning, he said pleasantly.
I expect you to report to Professor Weasley this
afternoon immediately after your last class to assist in
cleaning the labs for tomorrow. You will report to him
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons and Saturday
morning at 10 am this week. Monday morning we will discuss
the schedule for next week, he sneered at them.
Yes sir, was all they could think to reply.
he drawled. You may go to lunch.
Without a sound they rose and slunk to the door. Dumbledore simply glared at them when they made eye contact. He was of the opinion they got off rather lightly. But then he'd also like the idea of Filch's manacles.
Walking across the room, Dumbledore slowly sat down on the couch and looked at Snape. Eyes closed, the wizard was tapping on the chair's arm concentrating.
the Headmaster asked, knowing his friend was agitated.
We'll never get the cup back til I'm rid of those boys, he groused. Dumbledore snorted.
That's all? I thought you'd be more concerned with
living through the end of term, he teased.
Snape began silkily, have you every tried
a lemon canary cream? and he offered a small plate of chocolate covered sweets to his soon to be feathered friend.