It was Lucky and Sam's wedding day. They were so happy to find love after their breakups with Elizabeth and Jason, who've just recently married themselves. They're good friends Maxie and Cooper had married the day before and they were all going to Hawaii for their honeymoons.

Jason's gotten himself in some trouble, so his boss Sonny suggests he heads out of town for awhile and let things cool down. Jason tells Elizabeth about what's happening. She doesn't want him leaving alone so she suggests they take a honeymoon, some place warm. They are interrupted by Jason's meddling friend Carly who's invites them to come to Hawaii with her and her husband Jax to visit locations for their new hotel. After minutes of pleading on Carly's part, Jason reluctantly agreed, but only if Elizabeth could come. Carly then reluctantly agreed.

It was the next day and everyone was arriving at the airport early so they could go through security and not be rushed. Jason and Elizabeth sit to have a little bit to eat before getting on the plane when Carly interrupts.

"Hey! I'm so glad that you can come Jason." She said with all smiles.

"Well, you pleaded over and over again and would have until I said yes." Jason complains.

"And it works like a charm everytime. " Carly answered as Jax walks up behind them. "And we get to go on Jax's beautiful new jet."

"I have some good news and some bad news." He announces. "Which one do you want to hear first?"

"The bad news." Carly sighed.

"The bad news is the jet still needs some repairs, but the good news is that there's a plane leaving for Hawaii soon and had four tickets left." Jax says.

"That's great, right?" Elizabeth asked.

"Its so awesome, what luck do we have? We should be starting to board soon, Jason you want to help with bags?" Jax asked.

"Sure, why not." Jason agrees.

Carly and Elizabeth exchanged glares before Carly walked away. Elizabeth rolled her eyes and said to herself, "This is going to be the longest whatever."

At the ticket station, there were a group of friends from Salem EJ, Sami, Lucas, Shawn, Belle, John, and Steve who were suppose have been in Hawaii now, but somehow got on the wrong plane in Salem and ended up in Port Charles and now are going to board the Hawaii plane in Port Charles.

"How the hell did we end up in Port Charles?" Sami asked.

"Sounds fishy to me. Maybe something to do with the DiMera's" Lucas answered giving EJ the evil eye. EJ just smiles and says, "It's all fixed now. Shall we head to the plane?" They all grabbed their bags and headed to the plane.

Lucky, Sam, Maxie and Cooper are already on the plane. Cooper and Lucky put the carry on bags in the compartments above before siting down next to their wives. Maxie suggests that they take pictures before the plane gets full. They agreed. Sam gets in the middle of Coop and Lucky as Maxie lines up the camera. "Everyone say Hawaii!" Maxie said. "Oh crap!" she said as the camera flashed. The three turned around and noticed Jason, Elizabeth, Jax, and Carly standing behind them. "Wow, this is going to be so much fun." Jax said sarcastically. Everyone else sighed. The Salem crew walks up behind. "Traffic jam." Steve jokes. Everyone put their carry ons away and took their seats.

Maxie leans over to Sam who was sitting across the aisle from her and whispered, "I can't believe that Jason would bring that bitch to spoil your honeymoon."

"I'm just going to annoy them on the plane and hope that I don't have to run into them after we land." Sam whispered back. They turn their attention back to their husbands. Elizabeth heard the whole thing because she was sitting behind Sam and Lucky in the aisle sit.

"Maybe we should wait for a later flight." Elizabeth suggested to Jason.

"There isn't another one for a couple of days and Carly's not going to want to wait that long. Besides, I need to get out of town today." Jason reminds her.

"Okay, let's just hope we get there really fast." Elizabeth said.

The stewardesses come around to make sure everyone was comfortable before take off. The pilot comes on the intercom and announced that he and his co-pilot are ready to take off. Everyone puts on their seat belts as the plane makes their way down the runway and into the air having no idea what they are about to face.