Coop made it to the hospital and saw Sam sitting waiting for Lucky to come back from X-Ray. He looked at for a bit before walking over to her.

"Hey Sam, how's Lucky?" he asked.

"He's getting some X-Ray's done." She told him. "Are you going to let them take a look at your arm?"

"Later. I had to tell Mac about Maxie over the phone. I hated telling him like that." He tells her.

"It was better that he heard it from you and not the news even though it was over the phone." She tells him.

"Would it be okay if I sit with you and wait?" he asked her.

"I would love that." She says to him. They sit together wait for news on Lucky. The cops bring in Phillip to get looked at before locking him up. He's resistant, but the cops throw him down and handcuff him to a chair. Belle and Shawn are nearby. They look at him then turn away. Phillip notices.

"Come on I know you want to say something." Phillip says to them.

"Yeah there is something I would like to say." Shawn confesses.

"And what is that?" Phillip asked. Shawn walked up and punched Phillip in the face. "That!" Shawn says. Belle watches in amusement.

"Wow, that's exactly what I was thinking hun." She tells Shawn with a smile.

"That's why we're so perfect for each other." He says wrapping his arm around her. She reaches over and gives him a kiss on the lips as Phillip looks on in disgust.

"Why don't we go check on Sami and Lucas? They are trying to get a plane back to Salem for us." Belle suggested.

"Let's go." Shawn agrees.

Jason, Elizabeth, Steve, and John arrived at the hospital. Jason pulls Elizabeth aside.

"I'm going to talk with John and Steve for a bit." He tells her.

"That's cool. I wanted to check on Sam and Coop anyways. Hopefully they have some news on Lucky." Elizabeth says to him.

"That's fine, just keep a look out." He tells her. She gives him a kiss and says, "I love you." "I love you too." She tells her as she walks over to Sam and Coop. Jason walks over to Steve and John who already started talking.

"What's up?" Steve asked.

"We need to figure out who's behind this and why they were after all of us." Jason says.

"What does it matter? They're dead, let's move on." Steve says.

"I don't think this is over. There's more to this and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. I would like to use you guys because you're good and I thought you guys would want to protect your friends that were on the plane and yourselves." Jason said.

"He's got a point. Those guys wanted something. They were working with someone else." John says.

"Or working for someone else." Jason adds.

"Maybe there's a connection with the murders as well." John says.

"And the fact they used people we knew to do the job." Steve points out.

"Everyone knew everyone except Mr. Craig. Who is he?" Jason says.

"Well we knew Ava and Phillip." Steve says.

"But I only knew Skye." Jason says.

"You probably know Mr. Craig or at least the person he was working for." John says just as Jason's cell rings. Jason got it out of his pocket, it was Sonny. "Sorry, I need to take this." Jason says. "Go right a head." Steve says as he turns to talk to John. Jason moves away from them and answers. "Hey Sonny."

"Jason? I heard what happened is everyone alright?" Sonny asked.

"Carly was shot in the leg and Coop was shot in the arm, but they're okay. Unfortunately, Maxie was shot and died." Jason informed Sonny.

"I've already got some men on the case. They said something about a Mr. Craig?" Sonny says.

"He's the one that killed Maxie and he killed another guy named EJ DiMera." He says.

"Okay, I'll let them know about EJ DiMera. Maybe there's some kind of connection here. But until we can figure out what's going on, I advise you to stay in Louisiana and tell the others that as well. Stay together." Sonny says.

"I was thinking the same thing. I don't want to bring whatever this is to Port Charles. It's bad enough that everyone's that's involved is involved. I've got two men that are going to help me here." Jason says.

"Can you trust them?" Sonny asked.

"Yeah, they were on the plane with me." Jason tells him.

"Okay, keep in touch." Sonny says before hanging up. Jason walks back over toward John and Steve.

"Okay, my boss already has some guys looking into this, but maybe we can figure some stuff out ourselves." Jason says. "John, you said that maybe the murders had something in common. What can guys tell me about EJ DiMera?"

"He's a DiMera. They're evil. They'll kill whoever they want and control whoever they want. The head man Stefano, has an obsession with the Brady's because of my mother Colleen. She had an affair with Stefano's father, Santos." John explains.

"John, Sami, Belle, and Shawn are Brady's. I married a Brady." Steve points out.

"But if this is a DiMera connection, why kill one of their own?" Jason asked.

"Like I said, they would kill anyone." John repeats.

"So EJ had something on them that they didn't want him to give out. We need to get to his stuff." Jason says.

"What about blonde that died?" John asked.

"I don't get Maxie. Maybe it had something to deal with her friendship with Sam or maybe something with her husband Coop." Jason says.

"The feisty brunette, what about her?" Steve asked.

"Sam and I use to be engaged." Jason admits as Sam walks over to them.

"Sorry, don't mean to interrupt." Sam says.

"What is it?" Jason asked.

"It's Lucky, he has something to tell you." Sam says.

"Take me to him." Jason says. He follows her as she leads the way to Lucky's room where Elizabeth was sitting talking with him. Next door was Sami, Lucas, Belle, and Shawn. On the other side of them was Coop getting treated for his bullet wound. And next to him was Carly and Jax. He was helping her walk around. Sam and Jason were approaching Lucky's room as Steve and John look on when all of a sudden the rooms explode throwing Jason and Sam backwards before they hit the ground. Steve and John hit the ground to protect themselves from the flying glass and other objects. Jason was the first one up. He looks into what's left of Lucky's room and could see Elizabeth's left hand sticking out from underneath the rumble. He crawls over to her and lifts up her head and places it in his lap.

"Elizabeth!" he cries, but he doesn't get a response. He starts to shake her hoping that she would awake, but she lies still. He stares at her a bit before looking up at a still Sam then back at a still Lucky. He looks all around him and notices he's alone and more angry than he's ever been before.