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Ch. 12 Winter Ball

La Push High's Winter Ball was one of the biggest dances (except for prom) that the school had. Every member of the pack that attended the high school was going. I had always loved dances; the loud music pulsing, the crowd moving to the beat as one. The only time I wasn't awkward and clumsy was on the dance floor.

Penelope's mom dropped us off at the mall in Seattle a few nights before the dance. It was a long drive but worth it, I realized as I took in rack after rack of dresses. Gowns of every size, shape, and color lined the walls of the huge department store. Penelope and I started sifting through a rack of dresses my size.

"How am I supposed to pick just one?" I asked holding a dress up in front of me for inspection.

Penelope laughed, "You have to narrow it down to your favorites then try them on and see which one looks the best on you," she rolled her eyes as if it should've been obvious. "You don't shop much, do you? I thought you lived in L.A."

"I did, but I was raised by an undiscovered artist. I was taught to hate shopping and spending."

"I'll teach you to love it again, don't worry," my friend said as she handed me a black mini dress.

We didn't talk much after that. We were too busy laughing and looking at gowns. We ran off to the dressing rooms with our hands full of dresses. I tried on dress after dress, giggling the whole time, while Penelope critiqued each one. She wasn't like other people I had shopped with. Instead of telling you that all of the dresses look great, Penelope told you which ones looked the best and which didn't. I liked it better that way.

I was so nervous and flustered the night of the dance that I stabbed myself with my earring and burned my skin with a curling iron. I checked myself in the full length mirror one last time, from the elegant pile of blonde curls piled on the top of my head to my strappy black heels and black painted toe nails. I decided to go with the dark purple floor length dress that exposed my almost nonexistent cleavage. It was tighter until my waist where it flowed beautifully to the floor. The surprising thing was, I actually looked great in it.

The doorbell rang then, and my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited I ran to the stairs and tripped over the dress I had forgotten I was wearing. I gathered the long silk in my hand as I made my descent down the stairs.

My father and Embry's eyes widened as they saw me, and I felt my cheeks flush. Embry looked extremely handsome in a tux. His russet skin and black hair clashed with the white shirt. His puppy dog brown eyes stared back at me and I felt lightheaded. Breathe! He smiled at me, and I nearly melted to the floor.

"Hi," I said stupidly.

Embry's smile grew. "Hi." He cleared his throat. "You're…you look, so beautiful." I blushed again. At least I wasn't the only one that had no clue what to do.

In the car, Embry and I went back to our normal selves, no longer nervous and embarrassed. We laughed and talked the whole ride to the restaurant.

Everyone else had already been seated and ordered drinks. Quil whistled when he saw me and said that there was no way Embry could possibly have a girlfriend like me, making me blush even harder. I sat down next to Seth Clearwater, one of my favorite members of the pack (he was one of the nicest people I had ever met and he was about my age).

(Breaking Dawn spoilers ahead! Please ignore how wrong ch. 8 was.)

"Has anyone seen Jake recently? That boy spends too much time with the bloodsuckers," Brady said.

Collin nodded in agreement. "I saw him a couple of days ago, but he reeked of vampire so I left."

"Why didn't he come?" I asked confused. I hadn't seen Jake in so long. He certainly did spend plenty of time with his imprintee Bella's daughter, Renesmee.

"He'd rather be with Renesmee, and she can't go to the dance, so he won't."

"Yeah, but Quil comes. He couldn't leave her for one night to hang with you guys?"

"I agree with you completely, but Embry wouldn't ditch you for us either." He had a point there.

When we walked out the door I was hit by the frigid air. I leaned closer to Embry and he realized that I didn't have a jacket. He put his arm around me and pulled me in close. I laid my head against his side, and he kissed the top of my forehead.

"I love you," he whispered into my hair. I tipped my head back and pressed my lips to his.

"I love you too," I murmured against his lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me off the ground so I didn't have to crane my neck. When we kissed it was easiest to understand imprinting. They were always so perfect, long and slow, deep and passionate. Our bodies pressed together, every curve matched perfectly, and we fit together as one.

A car horn honked, startling us. Embry set me back on our feet and we glared at Quil for interrupting us. "Get a room!" he hollered from his car. I rolled my eyes and flipped him off.

The gym was already packed with people when we arrived. White glittering snowflakes hung from the ceiling and walls. Blue and white balloons crowded the floor. And colored lasers flashed across the hundreds of moving bodies.

Embry grabbed my hand and we soon joined the crowd. We danced for hours, our bodies shaking and thrashing to the beat of the music. My heart pounded along with the bass. For every slow song, he hugged me close and we swayed from side to side.

It was the perfect night.