It's been how many years since I began Refuge of Hope? The last review (or private message) I got was within the last couple of days, begging me to finish it. The problem is that I have so little time, and it's HARDER to write fanfiction than it used to be. But now I have something in mind, something that will give me a boost toward finishing it.

The website is hosting a giveaway of the beautifully illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. If galleywampus gets at least 200 new subscribers, twitter followers, and facebook followers, I will finish the last two chapters of Refuge of Hope (one of them is halfway done). C'mon. This is five minutes of your time, and is a chance to win something you know you want to have.

Thanks so much!

Before you think of me as a beggar, or a hopeless advertiser, I spent over a year of my life writing story after story. A lot of you have enjoyed them – hence the followers. There was no pay involved, and it was a labor of love, one that I don't regret. This is just ONE TINY bit of your time that I'm asking for, and I will spend hours and days of my time finishing Albus's journey. Everyone take a look at the latest comment from Anonymous – this is ingratitude and a slap in the face. Thanks for your time!