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The Anti-Fairy God Parents



The young violet-haired colored girl shivered violently as she heard screams and a furious yell from her father cry out from the next bedroom. She pulled her knees closer to her chest and hugged them tight, squeezing her eyes shut. A final scream from her mother could be heard, followed by two loud thuds, then silence. She opened her eyes a little upon hearing footsteps.

"Mama...papa?" Her voice came out shakey as she looked up towards the door.

No. The figure she saw at the door wasn't the familiar image of her father nor her mother. A stranger. She scrambled back into the corner, terrified. She couldn't see his face for it was hidden by a black hat mask. But she could see that he carried a large, metal bat in his hands.

"Mama?" She whispered, tears streaking her face.

"Heh...mommy's not going to help you this time, kid."


The little girl raised her eyes to see two, blue fairy-like figures floating in front of her. "Leave her and get out!" The male hissed out, pointing his wand towards the attacker.

The man blinked, confused under the mask. "And what are you two freaks going to do about it?"

The male Anti-Fairy smirked slyly, rolling his wand around before aiming it at the man. "This!" Dark blue smoke engulfed the stranger, making him vanish from the site.

The two Anti-Fairies then turned back to face the little girl who had been staring up at them in amazement. "Where did he go?" She asked softly, peeking over the male Anti's shoulder.

"Don' worry darlin'. He won' be botherin' ya anymore." The female Anti smiled a toothy grin as she floated down towards the girl, holding her arms out. "I'm Anti-Wanda. What's yer name, sweetie?"

She stared at the outstretched arms for a few minutes. "A-Angelina Chrysillie." She took a shakey step towards the female before running into her arms, hugging her tightly.

"Awe, darlin'..." The female smiled down at her, hugging the shaking girl back. She ran a hand through the girl's hair, patting her back gently with a free hand. "Why don't you tell me and Anti-Cosmo why that man was after ya?"

Angelina rested her head against her chest, clutching onto her as Anti-Cosmo floated closer towards the two. "I don't really know why," she began quietly. "Mama and papa are good friends with Mr. Dimma--door.." She scrunched her face up, unsure if she pronounced the name right.

"You mean, Dimmadome?"

She raised her redish colored eyes to Anti-Cosmo and slowly nodded. "But I don't know why he would harm us for that. He--" She scrambled out of Anti-Wanda's grip suddenly and rushed to the bedroom door. "Mama and Papa!"

Anti-Wanda glanced over at her husband who wore a grim look on his face. It took a few minutes to register, but she got what he was thinking and the two poofed into the next bedroom before Angelina could enter. She gasped upon seeing the two unconscious bodies that could only be the little girls parents. A small pile of blood was forming from under the man's mouth and she poofed it clean as Angelina ran into the room.

"No time to play games! Mama, Papa, wake up! The bad man's gone!"

Anti-Wanda blinked a couple of times, surprised at the girl's calmness. It then dawned on her. She had no idea what had taken place. She gently picked the girl up in her arms. Angelina blinked, confused. "Why aren't they waking up? Did I do something wrong?"

Anti-Cosmo shook his head, patting the child's head lightly. "No, dear girl. It's just...when that man was here, he killed your mother and father.."

Anti-Wanda shot her husband a glare as Angelina stared at him, shocked. "Well don' scare her!" She hugged the girl tightly.

"Mama and Papa are...gone?" Tears sprung her eyes as she snuggled more against Anti-Wanda.

"It's all right, Angel. You have us now. We'll take care of you, that you can count on."


7:41 A.M...

Ten year-old Timmy Turner was still sound asleep in his room. His two gold-fish, who were actually his Fairy God Parents, were just waking up from their well deserved nights sleep.



"Timmy, time to get ready for school!"

Timmy's eyes snapped open upon hearing his mother's call. He wore a wide smile as he climbed out of bed and got dressed. "Gooooddd morning, Dimmsdale!! And what a beautiful morning it is!" Chet U Betcha's voice rang out on the alarm clock.

Timmy grinned and turned it off. Chet was right; Today was going to be a great day. Cosmo and Wanda appeared behind Timmy in their fairy forms. "What's on the agenda today, Sport?" Wanda asked, smiling brightly.

"You mean besides trying to avoid Francis and Tootie? Just the normal average day I always have at school when I'm with you guys," Timmy grinned as he slid down the banister.

Timmy's mother was waiting for him patiently at the foot of the stairs. She placed her left hand on her hip and tapped her foot, a frown on her face as she watched him land safely on the floor. "Timmy Turner! How many times do I have to remind you, never to slide down the banister? You could hurt yourself!" she scolded, wagging her index finger at him in a motherly way.

"Oh, mom, I'm fine! See? No bruise, no serious injury whatsoever!" Timmy grinned as he then added his famous line, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Mrs. Turner rolled her eyes as she turned her back on Timmy and headed towards the kitchen. "Well, just the same, do not slide down the banister ever again. Do I have your word?"

Timmy heaved a sigh as he looked up at Cosmo and Wanda who nodded, agreeingly. "Yes, mom, you have my word."

"Good. Hurry and eat up before you miss the bus!"

Timmy stared down at the raw steak that rested on his plate. "Uh, mom? This isn't even cooked...don't we have any pancakes or waffles?"

"I'm sorry honey. Your father and I were up late last night remodeling the guest room. We didn't have the time to go grocery shopping. I promise you and your new sister will have a better dinner after school."

Timmy appeared confused as he stood from his seat to grab his backpack. "Huh? My new sister? What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Yeah, she's not even showing!" Cosmo joked, afterwards receiving a slap upside the head by Wanda.

"Oh, um, you'll see her at school, I think. This should be her first day. Try to be nice to her, honey. She's new here and we want to make her feel welcome," Mrs. Turner replied, looking rather nervous.


"Oh, look! The bus is here!" Mrs. Turner smiled, shooing Timmy outside, then closing the door. "That was close."


Cosmo and Wanda appeared beside him just as the bus was coming around the corner. "What did she mean by my new sister? How will I know what she looks like?" Timmy asked as the bus neared.

"I guess you'll just have to keep a sharp eye out for her, Sport," Wanda smiled, reassuringly as she and Cosmo transformed themselves into pink and green backpack straps.

Timmy let out another sigh as he boarded the bus. He looked around for Chester and AJ, soon finding them waving him over towards the back of the bus. He and his friends always sat near the back of the bus. Ever since the rich, popular kids took over the front seats, they were forced to sit near the back with the geeks and the nerds.

"Hey, Timmy, what's up? Anything new happen lately?" AJ greeted, scooting over so he could sit down.

"Not really. Unless you count the fact that I'm getting a new sister."

Chester and AJ exchanged looks. "You're mom's pregnant? But she's not even showing!" Chester declared.

"No, it's not that! I'm supposed to be able to meet her during school. My mom said she's new in town and they wanted to make her feel welcome," Timmy explained.

AJ scanned his eyes over the students that were already on the bus. "Haven't seen a new face here yet. Are we just supposed to meet her in class or something?" He asked, still scanning the bus.

Timmy shrugged as the bus made its way towards the school. "I guess so. It's the only logical reason why–" he paused as he stood from his seat."Guys, what's wrong?"

AJ and Chester exchanged looks once again. "Uh, dude, you just said logical. You've never used that word before "

"Yeah, so?" Timmy shrugged off their stares as he climbed off the bus.

AJ and Chester followed silently behind him. "So, he got a change of words in his vocabulary. What could go wrong?" Chester asked, a wide grin on his face as they entered Mr. Crocker's class.

Timmy paused, scanning his eyes over his fellow classmates. No new face...same old classmates. Maybe mom was wrong about having to meet her in school... he thought.

"Take your seats, Turner, Chester and AJ," Mr. Crocker barked at them, making the trio jump.

Timmy and his friends did as they were told and looked up at Mr. Crocker, expectantly. Why did he appear so angry today? 'Something's up...' Timmy mouthed to Cosmo and Wanda who appeared to be a pen and pencil on his desk.

Cosmo and Wanda looked at each other just as Mr. Crocker was about to speak again. "We have a new student joining us today, class. Apparently, she's Timmy Turner's sister." Mr. Crocker paused as he leaned in to glare at Timmy. "Which means I'll have even more fun exposing you for having...FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!" he twitched a little as he said those three words.

The class stared at him blankly. "Mr. Crocker!! Stop scaring the kids and introduce this nice little girl," Principal WaxelPlax scolded from outside the classroom.

"Um...yes...Class, please, give a warm welcome to Angelina Turner."

The class stared as the new girl entered the room, looking as shy as ever. She wore a dark purple dress with a matching dark dress shirt. She had shoulder-length, straight, violet colored hair and red eyes.

Cosmo looked over at Wanda and grinned. "She seems nice."