Anti-God Parents Epilogue

A/N: Meh, I got the idea for Angelina's parents's names from two Country singer stars: John Michael Montgomery and Reba McEntire. I just changed their last name. And the same rules follow. I only own Angelina and this story. Please, do not use her without my permisson.

Six years had passed since the whole Mr. Bickles and the Mr. Dimmadome incident had occured in the Turner's household and a lot of changes had taken place since then. For starters, Timmy's once shy sister had turned into one of the second most popular girls in Dimmsdale High School, of course the most popular girl was still Trixie Tang. She had developed a serious relationship with Chester and the two have been almost inseperable. Yet she was still Anti-Cosmo's little Angel.

Anti-Cosmo. He had done something an Anti-Fairy would probably never dream of doing: stealing your opposite's wife. Right after the mystery had been solved, Wanda and Anti-Cosmo had finally come clean and confessed their feelings for the other. The two had started thier relationship shortly after the confession, leaving a slightly shocked and very confused green-haired fairy behind. It wasn't really any surprise to Anti-Wanda. She'd been quiet after they revealed the news and said something about having to leave to take care of her father and sister.

That left Cosmo. He'd been spending more and more time with Timmy ever since the divorce, but he wasn't his usual happy go-lucky self. He would smile every now and then when Timmy tried to tell a joke to get some laughter out of him, but none came. After three more tries, Timmy finally gave up and hugged his godfather's arm, resting his head on his shoulder. It was after that moment, certain feelings started to form between the two. Feelings of love.

Angelina had been the unfortunate one to find out first hand about her brother and his godfather's growing relationship. She had peeked her head into his room one night to call him down for supper when she saw a little make-out session going on between Cosmo and Timmy. And well, it was pretty awkward after that, but she'd forgiven him shortly after he explained to her.

What other strange sightings would they come in contact with? They didn't know, but at least they had the comforting thought that their Godparents would be there to guide them along the way. As in the famous words of Angelina's brother, Timothy Thomas Turner..."What could possibly go wrong?"

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