I tried to hate you.

I tried to hate you for Pete.

I tried to hate you for Kerry.

When you opened a box with his ring in it, it almost shut the door to my heart.

So no one would ever get in again.

When you were so obviously involved with Kerry.

When I had gone over to set free what we had locked in that room.

But I couldn't hate you. I remembered how we put our lives in each others keeping so many times. How you were and are my reason for living. The ice planet. The sinking ship. Our many battles we fought. I would rather die a thousand times rather than lose you in my life.

I couldn't hate you. You were and are my rock to lean on. You made me laugh. Through the years, you were always there for me. When Dad died, you said you always would be. You are my love, my strength, my delight in each day.

Do you remember how I sat with you after we killed the super soldier pursuing you. I wanted to keep you safe in my arms always. So nothing would hurt you again.

Do you remember the touch of my hand on your cheek in the Antarctic outpost as you were frozen inside that wall. I felt frozen inside too, like I would never thaw if I could never feel you holding me again. I wanted to stay with you forever.

So now we can put the battles behind us

We set aside the battle lines drawn that were separating us from each other. The rules, the unspoken words, the looks not acted upon, each one a step backwards instead of forward to the future. Where we are today.

As I stand here with you on your dock, I know that what is in my heart is right. And honest. And will last forever.

As I stand here surrounded by those I love, I am finally at peace.

"I, Jack, take you, Samantha..."