A/N: Ok, so those poems were the feelings that Jack, Will, and Elizabeth had after AWE. Now, a small story, as a continuation of those little poems in which Jack and Elizabeth meet and there's a threat to Will's safety. (May be a one-shot, depending on the feedback I get, though I am considering making another little series. Let me know!!!)

Disclaimer: POTC belongs to Disney

Elizabeth never got to tell Jack how she felt. It hurt her to know that they had parted on uneasy terms, seeing as they never formally resolved the whole 'she killed him' issue. She never even apologized and she truly was so, so, so sorry. About everything. Except kissing him, of course. She had no regrets about doing that. She wondered silently if he had gotten her letter. On that note, she went to sleep, peacefully praying that he did. The next morning as she was walking on the beach, admiring the horizon, she saw someone. Someone… else. On the island. With her. And even from where she was, she could tell it was him. It was Jack. He came. She ran to him with all haste and threw her arms around her, startling him and herself as well.

"Oh, Jack! You came! You must've gotten my letter!"

"Nice to see you too, Luv. A letter, you say?"

"Yes. And a package. You did get them right? That's why you're here?"

"I've nothing from ye, Lizzie. (Gulp) Where exactly did ye send it to?"

"At first, I was thinking Tortuga but then I sent it to the Black Pearl on a merchant vessel that stopped by a few weeks ago. By the way, where is the Pearl? Is she offshore?" she said, scanning the horizon for Jack's beloved ship.

"About that… the Pearl's not exactly… in my possession… anymore" he said, eyes narrowed.

"You mean… Barbossa stole it? Again?" she said, furrowing her eyebrows.

"I'm afraid so, Darling."

"Jack! This is horrible! Do you have any idea…?! Now he has…"

"Calm down, Elizabeth. What was inside the package?"

"Will's heart." She replied blankly.

"What?! Why would you send me the bloody thump-thump?"

"I couldn't sleep at night! It was driving me crazy! I thought… you are the only one I trusted that would keep it safe and take good care of it! We have to get it back."

"And how do you propose we do that? Luv, we have no earthly idea where they are and we're equipped with but a dinghy. Need I say more?"

"Perhaps… everything will be fine. I mean the only reason to harm the heart would be for immortality. And Barbossa has no need to do that because he has the charts to the Fountain of Youth. So Will's heart is of no importance to him, right? He'll be fine!"

Jack smiled inwardly, at least she's not angry with you, mate. No need to tell her that Mr. Scraggly Beard had the charts and no longer does. No need to say that Will's life is in grave danger and that Barbossa more than likely will stab it because it's his only way to get immortality. No, mate.

No need at all.

Why, you say?

'Cause Lizzie's in me arms.

And that's where she'll stay.

"Of course, Luv. Ol' Will's going to be just fine, savvy?" He said, patting her back and holding her close.

"Thank you, Jack."

"Don't thank me, Luv."

"Why not? You're a good man."

"I'm a pirate."

"And a good man." She insisted.

"And how exactly would ye be wanting to thank me?"

"Like this." She smiled and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

That kiss made him feel rather guilty about lying to her about the safety, or lack thereof, of William's heart.

"Alright! Alright! Will's heart isn't safe because I stole Barbossa's charts!"

She just smiled even more, which confused him greatly.

"I know." She said, kissing him again.

And he kissed her back.

Because he had done his good man deed

Telling her the truth.

Now it was time to fulfill his pirate need.

Kiss his way to the Fountain of Youth.